Braided hairstyles

by SheKnows
Mar 7, 2011 at 3:20 p.m. ET
Willow Smith rocked this fun, braided hairstyle when she attended the Never Say Never premiere in downtown LA with her family. She wore a high ponytail that was a combination of braids and curls. She accessorized the hairdo with jewelry for a super sassy look.

1 /170: Heather Morris' braided, updo hairstyle

1/170 :Heather Morris' braided, updo hairstyle

Glee star Heather Morris wowed on the blue carpet at the Teen Choice Awards with this braided, upswept hairstyle. Her hair was pulled into a stylish, curly bun with a braided headband up front. Her short, wispy bangs were the perfect touch.

2 /170: Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

2/170 :Aisleyne Horgan Wallace

Aisleyne Horgan Wallace puts her long blonde hair into a thick side braid to get this stunning hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

3 /170: Alexandra Burke

3/170 :Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke starts her braid high on her head for a long dramatic hairstyle that's still cute and quick. Photo courtesy WENN

4 /170: Beyonce

4/170 :Beyonce

There isn't a hairstyle that doesn't look good on Beyonce, and this beautiful side braid is no exception. Photo courtesy WENN

5 /170: Chloe Green

5/170 :Chloe Green

Chloe Green shows off her bright blue eyes by braiding back her bangs. Photo courtesy WENN

6 /170: Daisy Lowe

6/170 :Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe stays low maintenance and cute with this double braided hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

7 /170: Diana Agron

7/170 :Diana Agron

Diana Agron uses her braided hair as a headband for this perfect red carpet updo. Photo courtesy WENN

8 /170: Fiona Phillips

8/170 :Fiona Phillips

Fiona Phillips shows off a different style of braid at this midday luncheon. Photo courtesy WENN.

9 /170: Korrina Rico

9/170 :Korrina Rico

Korrina Rico puts her red hair in a messy braid for this perfect daytime hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

10 /170: Kristolyn Lloyd

10/170 :Kristolyn Lloyd

Kristolyn Lloyd pulls her short braids back to show off her beautiful round face. Photo courtesy WENN

11 /170: Linsey Godfrey

11/170 :Linsey Godfrey

Linsey Godfrey stays casual in this loose updo and braided bangs. Photo courtesy WENN

12 /170: Nicola McLean

12/170 :Nicola McLean

Nichola McLean gives herself a summer hairstyle with this side braid. Photo courtesy WENN

13 /170: Peaches Geldof

13/170 :Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof lets her hair fall naturally, but braids her bangs to add detail to her style. Photo courtesy WENN

14 /170: Perrie Edwards

14/170 :Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards braids her blonde hair into big messy braids for this beautiful updo. Photo courtesy WENN

15 /170: Rebecca Dayan

15/170 :Rebecca Dayan

Rebecca Dayan contrasts her hair with a single skinny braid on the side of her head for this interesting hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

16 /170: Annalynne Mccord's braided, updo hairstyle

16/170 :Annalynne Mccord's braided, updo hairstyle

Annalynne Mccord showed off this braided hairstyle twisted into a bun on top of her head. She achieved a cool and glamorous look by showing off her braid in her super high bun.

17 /170: Blake Lively

17/170 :Blake Lively

Blake Lively is a combination of messy and put together with this braid and ponytail bundle that looks completely bohemian chic. Photo courtesy WENN.

18 /170: B. Smith

18/170 :B. Smith

B. Smith pulls back her fully braided hair into this updo hairstyle that works great for her hair type. Photo courtesy WENN.

19 /170: Adriana Karembeu

19/170 :Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu crimps up her hair, then adds a long side braid into the mix, giving her an edgy and updated style. Photo courtesy WENN.

20 /170: Isabella Castillo

20/170 :Isabella Castillo

Isabella Castillo adds detail to an otherwise casual hairstyle with this tight side braid. Photo courtesy WENN

21 /170: Demi Lovato

21/170 :Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato braids her bangs to the side in this casual hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

22 /170: Alesha Dixon

22/170 :Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon braids the crown of her hair for this casual hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

23 /170: Billi Mucklow

23/170 :Billi Mucklow

Billi Mucklow braids her blond hair into a low bun. Photo courtesy WENN

24 /170: Blake Lively

24/170 :Blake Lively

Blake Lively shines with her long blond hair in a single braided ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

25 /170: Cheryl Burke

25/170 :Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke braids her brown hair into a side ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

26 /170: Clare Bowen

26/170 :Clare Bowen

Clare Bowen braids one side of her blond hair for this eclectic summer style. Photo courtesy WENN

27 /170: Crystal Reed

27/170 :Crystal Reed

Crystal Reed braids her red hair into a headband for this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

28 /170: Dominique Miller

28/170 :Dominique Miller

Dominique Miller braids her black hair into a single ponytail hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

29 /170: Freida Pinto

29/170 :Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto braids her hair into a side ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

30 /170: Lala Anthony

30/170 :Lala Anthony

Lala Anthony braids her hair into a simple braided ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

31 /170: Magda Lenabrzeska

31/170 :Magda Lenabrzeska

Magda Lenabrzeska braids her bangs into a headband in this summer style. Photo courtesy WENN

32 /170: Paulette Ivory

32/170 :Paulette Ivory

Paulette Ivory braids her hair into a single ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

33 /170: Tess Daly

33/170 :Tess Daly

Tess Daly braids her blond hair into a side ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

34 /170: Ariel Winter

34/170 :Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter braids her hair into a headband in this braided hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

35 /170: Bonnie Wright

35/170 :Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright braids her red hair into a side ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

36 /170: Candice Swanepoel

36/170 :Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel braids her blond hair into a thick headband braid for this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

37 /170: Emily Hampshire

37/170 :Emily Hampshire

Emily Hampshire braids her black hair into a thick side braid. Photo courtesy WENN

38 /170: Jacqui Ainsley

38/170 :Jacqui Ainsley

Jacqui Ainsley styles her blond hair with a headband braid. Photo courtesy WENN

39 /170: Joanna Newsom

39/170 :Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom braids her hair into an intricate updo. Photo courtesy WENN

40 /170: Whitney Port

40/170 :Whitney Port

Whitney Port looks beautiful with her blond hair braided into a loose side braid. Photo courtesy WENN

41 /170: Florence Welch

41/170 :Florence Welch

Florence Welch braids her beautiful red hair into a head band for this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

42 /170: Guest

42/170 :Guest

This guest wears her twisted braids in a loose ponytail on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

43 /170: Kate Lawler

43/170 :Kate Lawler

Kate Lawler looks summertime casual with her hair in a simple side braid. Photo courtesy WENN

44 /170: Lea Michele

44/170 :Lea Michele

Lea Michele braids her hair into a headband and a bun for the Fox Upfronts. Photo courtesy WENN

45 /170: Jessica Alba

45/170 :Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba braids her brown hair in a side braid for her day of errands. Photo courtesy WENN

46 /170: Julie Bowen

46/170 :Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen looks young and casual with her pig tail braids. Photo courtesy WENN

47 /170: Lena Dunham

47/170 :Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham braids her hair into a headband for her red carpet look. Photo courtesy WENN

48 /170: Miranda Kerr

48/170 :Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr looks cute and casual with a loose braided ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

49 /170: Nicky Hilton

49/170 :Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton accessorizes her side braid with a fashionable hat on a day out. Photo courtesy WENN

50 /170: Tori Spelling

50/170 :Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling braids her bangs to add detail to her otherwise straight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

51 /170: Alexandra Burke

51/170 :Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke looks high fashion and sexy with this sleek side braid, paired with a classy white jacket. Photo courtesy WENN.

52 /170: Brooke Kinsella

52/170 :Brooke Kinsella

Brooke Kinsella tucks two braids behind her ears, pinning them for pixie perfection. Photo courtesy WENN.

53 /170: Caroline Flack

53/170 :Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack tucks a single braid behind her right ear for a look that's pretty and bohemian. Photo courtesy WENN.

54 /170: Chloe Green

54/170 :Chloe Green

Chloe Green looks romantic and comfortable with this all-around braided updo hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

55 /170: Eva Mendes

55/170 :Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes looks like a princess from the middle ages with this updo braid that's fun and funky. Photo courtesy WENN.

56 /170: Tori Spelling

56/170 :Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling pins her braids up on the sides of her head for a fun and functional look. Photo courtesy WENN.

57 /170: Fergie

57/170 :Fergie

Fergie builds braids on top of braids with this urban look. Photo courtesy WENN.

58 /170: Jessica Szohr

58/170 :Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr rocks this dark black side braid in style with some side swept bangs as an accessory. Photo courtesy WENN.

59 /170: Katie Price

59/170 :Katie Price

Katie Price uses a frontal blonde braid as a headband for this sultry look. Photo courtesy WENN.

60 /170: Mary J Blige

60/170 :Mary J Blige

Mary J Blige looks like the sophisticated songstress she is with this romantic, middle ages-inspired look. Photo courtesy WENN.

61 /170: Nicola McLean

61/170 :Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean adds a simple braid to her ponytailed look for a bit of added interest. Photo courtesy WENN.

62 /170: Rachel Bilson

62/170 :Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson braids her naturally straight hair into this side swept look for a day out shopping. Photo courtesy WENN.

63 /170: Stacey Solomon

63/170 :Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon creates a headband of hair with this front-braided hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

64 /170: Nicola McLean

64/170 :Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean is twisted and braided into bohemian perfection with this all-about-braids look. Photo courtesy WENN.

65 /170: Christina Aguilera

65/170 :Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is fully braided with this Jamaican-inspired hairstyle that she rocked in her earlier years. Photo courtesy WENN.

66 /170: Danielle Lloyd

66/170 :Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd looks simply stunning as she DJs a dance event. She simply makes a braid her "crown" around her head. Photo courtesy WENN.

67 /170: Elle Macpherson

67/170 :Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson surrounds her thick ponytail with a braid, which acts as a ponytail holder to her entire look. Photo courtesy WENN.

68 /170: Jessica Alba

68/170 :Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba looks adorable with this braided updo that keeps her hair out of her face during that day. Photo courtesy WENN.

69 /170: Karen Gillan

69/170 :Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan looks like she just stepped off the opera stage with this pretty braided updo that's perfect with her red hair. Photo courtesy WENN.

70 /170: Kim Kardashian

70/170 :Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is braided into this seductive, Egyptian-inspired side braid that looks sexy and fun. Photo courtesy WENN.

71 /170: Kourtney Kardashian

71/170 :Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian looks simple and sleek with this side braided hairstyle that's easy to manage. Photo courtesy WENN.

72 /170: Liz McClarnon

72/170 :Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon looks pretty with a simple side braid and dangling strands up front that give her a casual look. Photo courtesy WENN.

73 /170: Michelle Dewberry

73/170 :Michelle Dewberry

Michelle Dewberry adorns her head with a braided "crown," complemented by wispy strands in back. Photo courtesy WENN.

74 /170: Nicole Richie

74/170 :Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie takes her braided updo hairstyle to the streets with this adorable look, perfect for a casual day shopping. Photo courtesy WENN.

75 /170: Rachel Stevens

75/170 :Rachel Stevens

Rachel Stevens goes with a simple braid down the back of her head for this red carpet event. It never goes out of style. Photo courtesy WENN.

76 /170: Tess Daly

76/170 :Tess Daly

Tess Daly takes a single braided strand and twists it around her head for a sophisticated updo. Photo courtesy WENN.

77 /170: Cheryl Cole

77/170 :Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole rocks an adorable side braid under a hat as she runs her daily errands. Photo courtesy WENN.

78 /170: Tess Daly

78/170 :Tess Daly

Tess Daly parts her hair down the middle and adds two thick braids to the side of her head, showin off her pretty face. Photo courtesy WENN.

79 /170: Carley Stenson

79/170 :Carley Stenson

Carley Stenson looks adorable and causal with this at-the-base braid that frames her face and gives her youthful appeal. Photo courtesy WENN.

80 /170: Fan Bingbing

80/170 :Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing looks like she just stepped off the opera stage with this roundabout braid that's shown off by pinning the rest of her hair back into a bun. Photo courtesy WENN.

81 /170: Laura Whitmore

81/170 :Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore elaborates on her pretty look with this super small, loose braid, accentuated by a super cute feather extension at the tip. Photo courtesy WENN.

82 /170: Kat Von D

82/170 :Kat Von D

Kat Von D takes a new twist on her typically hard-edged look with this side braid that's a bit more bohemian than normal for the tattoo artist. Photo courtesy WENN.

83 /170: Lea Seydoux

83/170 :Lea Seydoux

Lea Seydoux is messy and pretty with this gorgeous side braid that allows her to show off her face without looking too kempt. Photo courtesy WENN.

84 /170: Adriana Karembeu

84/170 :Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu is crimped, curled and braided with this tight side braid that looks pretty combined with her bright blonde hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

85 /170: Preeya Kalida

85/170 :Preeya Kalida

Preeya Kalida takes her braid to the side for a little bohemian impact to an otherwise traditional hairstyle. She adds a bit of poof to the top of her hair for new dimension. Photo courtesy WENN.

86 /170: Sheila E

86/170 :Sheila E

Sheila E is a combination of island and pretty with these up tops braids, which lead into girly, tight curls. Photo courtesy WENN.

87 /170: Leona Lewis

87/170 :Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis is simply stunning with this blonde-tinted side braid that shows off her face and gorgeous caramel skin tone. Photo courtesy WENN.

88 /170: Liz McClarnon

88/170 :Liz McClarnon

Liz McClarnon's hair is super long. In order to keep it manageable, this adorable side braid gets the long strands out of her face while still showing off her healthy locks. Photo courtesy WENN.

89 /170: Deborah Cox

89/170 :Deborah Cox

Deborah Cox keeps her hair in check with these super tight braids, which allow her to wake up and go at a moment's notice. Photo courtesy WENN.

90 /170: Tamara Beckwith

90/170 :Tamara Beckwith

Tamara Beckwith is youthful and cute with this tiny side braid that's a sassy addition to any short hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

91 /170: Miley Cyrus

91/170 :Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus looks gorgeous with this super long, super thick braid that allows her to show off the top of her gown. Photo courtesy WENN.

92 /170: Nikki Reed

92/170 :Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed braids a super tight plait into this "crown" hairstyle. It's a pretty addition to an otherwise simplistic style. Photo courtesy WENN.

93 /170: Emily Blunt rocks a braided updo

93/170 :Emily Blunt rocks a braided updo

Emily Blunt looked sensational with her chic, updo hairstyle during the Gnomeo and Juliet premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. One braid trailed behind her ear into a braided bun, turning a classic updo into a braided wonder.

94 /170: Brandy's braided, updo hairstyle

94/170 :Brandy's braided, updo hairstyle

Brandy wowed with her sleek braids when she celebrated her brother Ray J?s 30th birthday at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas. Her braids were pulled back into a low updo for a very sophisticated look. She wore a middle part and earring that made her dazzle.

95 /170: Hailee Seinfeld's braided, brunette hairstyle

95/170 :Hailee Seinfeld's braided, brunette hairstyle

True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld sported this fresh, youthful hairstyle during the 2011 BAFTA Los Angeles award season tea party at the Four Seasons Hotel. She wore her super long hair in a braid hanging on one side.

96 /170: Jessica Lowndes? long, braided hairstyle

96/170 :Jessica Lowndes? long, braided hairstyle

90210 star Jessica Lowndes changed up her look with a fun, flirty hairstyle during the 2011 BAFTA Los Angeles award season tea party at the Four Seasons Hotel. The braided hairstyle was styled into a side ponytail with a few pieces hanging out. She created a casual yet fancy look.

97 /170: Kim Kardashian rocks cornrows!

97/170 :Kim Kardashian rocks cornrows!

Kim Kardashian has been lighting up the Internet with her new cornrows which she modeled in Los Angeles. It's not what you expect to see the Kardashian sister wearing, but she rocked the look for a video shoot and pulled it off well.

98 /170: Erykah Badu's long, braided hairstyle

98/170 :Erykah Badu's long, braided hairstyle

While dropping the beat at the PM Lounge in Dallas, Texas, Erykah Badu changed up her style with super long braids. The two long braids framed her face and the look was complete with a hat.

99 /170: Christina Aguilera's pink, braided hairstyle

99/170 :Christina Aguilera's pink, braided hairstyle

During a Burlesque photocall in Berlin, Christina Aguilera changed up her look with this braided headband hairdo. She created a girly look by adding pink into her braided headband to match her red lips.

100 /170: Shannon Elizabeth's brunette, braided hairstyle

100/170 :Shannon Elizabeth's brunette, braided hairstyle

At the 3rd Annual All in for CP Charity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, Shannon Elizabeth created this cool and chic look with her braided hairstyle. Her braid was styled into a low ponytail and completed with knit hat.

101 /170: Joy Bryant's braided, pulled-back hairstyle

101/170 :Joy Bryant's braided, pulled-back hairstyle

When she arrived at the William Rast for Target VIP shopping party, Joy Bryant showed off her cool braided hairstyle and military-chic jacket. She wore a middle part and her braided hair was pulled back into a low bun.

102 /170: Elle Fanning rocks a braided hairstyle!

102/170 :Elle Fanning rocks a braided hairstyle!

Twelve-year-old Elle Fanning won raves for her chic dress and lovely, braided hairstyle during the Somewhere premiere in Los Angeles. Her platinum blonde lock were styled into one large braid that acted as a headband.

103 /170: Whitney Port rocks a braided updo!

103/170 :Whitney Port rocks a braided updo!

Whitney Port dazzled with this blonde, updo hairstyle. Her always-fabulous hair was braided on either side of her middle part and pulled into a low bun.

104 /170: Blake Lively's blonde, braided hairstyle

104/170 :Blake Lively's blonde, braided hairstyle

Blake Lively showed off her fun hairstyle as she unveiled the Swarovski Star in Rockefeller Center. Her blonde hair was styled into a ponytail with a twist, literally!

105 /170: Vanessa Carlton's long, brunette hairstyle

105/170 :Vanessa Carlton's long, brunette hairstyle

Singer Vanessa Carlton showed off her long, chocolate-colored hairstyle at the NYC premiere of 127 hours. She gave the hairdo a little extra umph with a subtle braid on one side.

106 /170: Whitney Ports French-braided hairstyle

106/170 :Whitney Ports French-braided hairstyle

The City star Whitney Port showed off her braided hairstyle when she hosted the Bowl for a Better LA Benefit at Lucky Strike Lanes in Los Angeles. Her blonde hair was styled straight in a half up half down hairdo with a braid on her crown.

107 /170: Taylor Swift's London hairstyles

107/170 :Taylor Swift's London hairstyles

Country crooner and budding fashionista Taylor Swift traveled through London sporting some seriously cool hairstyles. This one was complete with knit hat covering her curly blonde hair pulled into a low, braided ponytail on one side.

108 /170: Ava Sambora's braided hairstyle

108/170 :Ava Sambora's braided hairstyle

Ava Sambora, the 13-year-old daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear, strutted her stuff on the runway with this funky braided hairstyle. Fun colors were twisted into her super long braids pulled into one side.

109 /170: Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video hairstyle

109/170 :Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video hairstyle

As the queen of whipping her hair, Willow Smith showed off her latest amazing ?do in her Whip My Hair video with this sculpted, braided, heart hairstyle. In her video she dips her hair in colors a whips it all around. That makes this a fun and functional hairstyle for Willow!

110 /170: Joy Bryant's long, wavy hairstyle

110/170 :Joy Bryant's long, wavy hairstyle

Joy Bryant arrived in style with her long, brunette hairdo at the Hennessy Artistry 2010 Halo Event held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. Braids at her crown meshed into her super long hair in subtle, natural waves.

111 /170: Mel B's wavy hairstyle with highlights

111/170 :Mel B's wavy hairstyle with highlights

During a visit to London to promote her newest reality show, It's A Scary World, Mel B modeled her latest hairstyle and color. She wore a French braid on one side that trailed into her long wavy hair. Her recent highlights spiced up the look.

112 /170: Julie Bowen's blonde, wavy hairstyle

112/170 :Julie Bowen's blonde, wavy hairstyle

For the Les Girls 10th anniversary charity cabaret in Los Angeles, Modern Family star Julie Bowen looked glamorous with her wavy, blonde hairstyle just brushing her shoulders. One, subtle French braid blended into her glamorous waves.

113 /170: Ricki Lake's side-swept hairstyle

113/170 :Ricki Lake's side-swept hairstyle

For the 2nd Annual Variety Power of Women Luncheon in Beverly Hills, Ricki Lake wore a fun yet chic hairstyle with her side-swept hairdo. Her blue dress complimented her dark brunette hair.

114 /170: Nicky Hilton's bun hairstyle with braids

114/170 :Nicky Hilton's bun hairstyle with braids

Nicky Hilton added a fun twist to her dark blonde, bun hairstyle. What was the twist? A braid of course!

115 /170: Gwen Stefani's braided, updo hairstyle

115/170 :Gwen Stefani's braided, updo hairstyle

During Fashion's Night Out in New York City, Gwen Stefani's unique style was on full display with her funky hairdo. She managed to mix funky and stylish in the best way with a small braided bun on one side and another trailing into her updo.

116 /170: Ke$ha's crazy long braid at the 2010 VMAs

116/170 :Ke$ha's crazy long braid at the 2010 VMAs

In true Ke$ha style, the singer showed off a braid that was as long as her homemade garbage bag dress at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. She wore a extra large poof with an extra long braid. Her braid incorporated a black ribbon for a super funky look.

117 /170: Ashlee Simpson's super long hairstyle

117/170 :Ashlee Simpson's super long hairstyle

When she attended the US Open with her hubby Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson modeled the latest trend in celebrity hair? ombre coloring, which is darker at the roots with a gradual, lighter shade toward the ends. She wore a cute, small braid on one side to complete the look.

118 /170: Gwen Stefani's platinum blonde hairstyle

118/170 :Gwen Stefani's platinum blonde hairstyle

As Gwen Stefani watched the US Open, she modeled her casual, platinum blonde hairstyle. Her bangs were styled into a short braid to keep her platinum blonde locks out of her face.

119 /170: Kaley Cuoco's long, braided hairstyle

119/170 :Kaley Cuoco's long, braided hairstyle

The Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco, modeled a unique look when she stepped out for the Entertainment Weekly and Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party in West Hollywood. She let a lot hang down in the front and threw her braid over one shoulder, all stemming from a classy middle part.

120 /170: Karissa Shannon's blonde, braided hairstyle

120/170 :Karissa Shannon's blonde, braided hairstyle

When Karissa Shannon stepped out to Trousdale lounge in West Hollywood, she wore this blonde updo hairstyle. She sported a French braid on one side that meshed with the rest of her platinum blonde locks in a low bun.

121 /170: Jennifer Stone's braided hairstyle

121/170 :Jennifer Stone's braided hairstyle

Wizards of Waverly Place star Jennifer Stone wore this braided hairstyle to the Going the Distance premiere in Hollywood. She rocked a fishtail braid in a messy fashion, hung over one shoulder. Her red color made for a fun and chic hairstyle.

122 /170: Drew Barrymore's braided and wavy hairstyle

122/170 :Drew Barrymore's braided and wavy hairstyle

Love it or hate it? Drew Barrymore wore this unique wavy hairstyle with scattered braids throughout to the worldwide premiere of Going the Distance in London. Her roots and then some were darker than the rest of her long hair and the waves and sporadic braids added to the messy, yet stylish look.

123 /170: Paris Hilton's braided headband hairstyle

123/170 :Paris Hilton's braided headband hairstyle

In Las Vegas, Paris Hilton tried out this cute, trendy hairstyle at the launch of her latest perfume and shoe line. She rocked a braided headband in a glamorous hairstyle with large curls dangling behind. Her usual platinum blonde accentuated her skin and pale lips.

124 /170: Catt Sadler's side swept braid hairstyle

124/170 :Catt Sadler's side swept braid hairstyle

Catt Sadler, who hosts The Daily Ten on E, wore this trendy fishtail braid to the Comcast party. Her dark locks were sleek and rocked a deep side part with the braid swept to one side.

125 /170: Jaime King's French braided updo hairstyle

125/170 :Jaime King's French braided updo hairstyle

Jaime King wowed with this French braided upswept hairstyle at the ABC Disney Television Group All Star Mixer. Her red lips accentuated her electric blue dress resulting in a super glamorous look.

126 /170: Kaley Cuoco's braided hairstyle

126/170 :Kaley Cuoco's braided hairstyle

Kaley Cuoco attended the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Installation Luncheon wearing this perfect French braided summer hairstyle. Her hair was pulled out of her face and styled into a low ponytail with sporadic braids.

127 /170: Charlotte Ross's versatile hairstyle

127/170 :Charlotte Ross's versatile hairstyle

Actress Charlotte Ross wore two different versions of a similar hairstyle when she attended two Los Angeles events over one weekend. It consisted of two French braids stemming from a middle part. They meshed with the rest of her long blonde hair which she wore down in very subtle waves.

128 /170: Natasha Bedingfield's braided updo hairstyle

128/170 :Natasha Bedingfield's braided updo hairstyle

Natasha Bedingfield sported this super adorable braided headband hairstyle when she performed at the 2010 Do Something Awards show. She took the braided headband to a whole new level by sporting not one, but numerous braids across the top of her head. Her style was unique and creative.

129 /170: Kristen Bell's braided hairstyle

129/170 :Kristen Bell's braided hairstyle

Actress Kristen Bell showed off this fun braided hairstyle when she attended the Darker Side of Green debate in West Hollywood. She wore a loose French braid off to one side and left a wisp or two hanging down. Her blonde hairdo was a simple success!

130 /170: Kristen Stewart's braided, messy updo hairstyle

130/170 :Kristen Stewart's braided, messy updo hairstyle

Kristen Stewart shined in this romantic, braided updo hairstyle at a special screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in New York City. Her brassy, luxurious locks were styled into French braid updo very appropriate for her role on the Twilight films.

131 /170: Garcelle Beauvais' fun, braided hairstyle

131/170 :Garcelle Beauvais' fun, braided hairstyle

In Los Angeles, Garcelle Beauvais wore this playful, braided hairstyle to the Disney/Pixar 'World Of Cars' online launch event. Her casual side swept braid was short and fun, allowing her face to shine!

132 /170: Hailee Seinfeld's long hairstyle and fun braid

132/170 :Hailee Seinfeld's long hairstyle and fun braid

Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld rocked a fun, fresh hairstyle while attending a press conference for True Grit in Tokyo, Japan. She wore her super long brunette hair all down with one simple, fun braid to one side. Her look was youthful yet sophisticated.

133 /170: Nicky Hilton's bun hairstyle with braids

133/170 :Nicky Hilton's bun hairstyle with braids

For the LACMA Presents 'Unmasking': The Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Gala in Los Angeles, Nicky Hilton added a fun twist to her dark blonde, bun hairstyle. A single braid trailed back into, and around, her low bun hairstyle. The look was sleek and fancy in a simple way.

134 /170: Brittany Snow's blonde, updo hairstyle

134/170 :Brittany Snow's blonde, updo hairstyle

During the 'Love is Louder' Valentine's event at Rock & Republic in Beverly Hills, host Brittany Snow rocked a fun and fresh hairstyle to complement her chic, white dress. She wore her blonde locks in a braided headband with the rest of her hair pulled back into a wispy bun.

135 /170: Solange Knowles' long, braided hairstyle

135/170 :Solange Knowles' long, braided hairstyle

Beyonce's sister Solange showed off her own unique brand of style with her braided hairdo and crocheted mini-dress. Her super long hairstyle was all braids and lined the end of her dress in length for a unique look.

136 /170: Holly Madison's partial updo hairstyle

136/170 :Holly Madison's partial updo hairstyle

During the second annual 'Hollybowl' event at Lavo nightclub in Las Vegas, Holly Madison rocked this half up, half down hairstyle paired with a sexy, flirty dress. Her platinum blonde hair was swept to one side as she grinned at the camera over her shoulder.

137 /170: Diane Kruger's braided updo

137/170 :Diane Kruger's braided updo

Diane Kruger modeled her elegant updo when she attended the Chanel Fashion Show during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. Her hair was pulled back in a sleek fashion by braids and her blonde hairdo looked simple and sophisticated.

138 /170: Minka Kelly's fishtail braid hairstyle

138/170 :Minka Kelly's fishtail braid hairstyle

Actress Minka Kelly changed up her look with a trendy, fun hairstyle while attending a special screening of The Roommate in Los Angeles. The fishtail styled braid allowed for a some of brunette locks to hang look. This made for a fun and casual look.

139 /170: Jessica Alba's braided updo

139/170 :Jessica Alba's braided updo

During the BAFTA awards at London's Royal Opera House, Jessica Alba dazzled with her electric blue gown and stunning updo. Some of her locks acted as two headbands braided into her very sleek, pulled back hairstyle.

140 /170: Brooke Vincent

140/170 :Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent looks sweet, approachable and adorable with these two front braids running down the front of her pretty red hair. She simply pinned them under her long hair for a unique day look. Photo courtesy WENN.

141 /170: Cheska Hull

141/170 :Cheska Hull

Cheska Hull adds a bohemian accent braid to her otherwise straight-forward, sophisticated ponytail hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

142 /170: Danielle Lloyd

142/170 :Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd looks like a Greek goddess with this pairing of braids and a side bun. The hairstyle perfectly sweeps all of the hair from her face and highlights her shoulders and neck. Photo courtesy WENN.

143 /170: Edith Bowman

143/170 :Edith Bowman

Edith Bowman proves that braids aren't just for pre-teens. Here, she classes up the look with an ethereal ode to the ancient braid. Photo courtesy WENN.

144 /170: Emilia Fox

144/170 :Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox understands the power of the braid. Here, she looks youthful and glowy with her traditional braided blonde style. The twist is that she lets it hang to the side. Photo courtesy WENN.

145 /170: Emma Roberts

145/170 :Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts is a budding fashionista, and here she proves why. She's managed to make this braided hairstyle look youthful and put together at the same time. Photo courtesy WENN.

146 /170: Fearne Cotton

146/170 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton loves to change-up her hair, and here she changes up the traditional braid. Piecey bits of hair, rather than large chunks, make up this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

147 /170: Jennifer Morrison

147/170 :Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison looks pretty and perfectly put together with this traditional french braid, tucked under to show off the neckline of her classic dress. Photo courtesy WENN.

148 /170: Jessica Alba

148/170 :Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba shows off her beautiful face by keeping her hair back. Here, she uses two braids as a "tiara," and follows up with a tight bun in back. Photo courtesy WENN.

149 /170: Kirsten Dunst

149/170 :Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst looks like she just stepped off the set of a classic play with this ethereal, pretty look. The braids are hidden in her bun, giving the classic hairstyle new dimension and depth. Photo courtesy WENN.

150 /170: Lisa Snowdon

150/170 :Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon goes sporty chic with this messy braid that can be carried from day to night. The hairstyle is perfect for the gym. Photo courtesy WENN.

151 /170: Peaches Geldof

151/170 :Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof looks youthful and edgy with her purple-red braid. The colors of her makeup, including a bright red lip, make her hair really pop. Photo courtesy WENN.

152 /170: Pixie Lott

152/170 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott constantly changes up her hair. Here, she looks her age with youthful side braids, keeping the rest down to show off her bright blonde color. Photo courtesy WENN.

153 /170: Rachel McAdams

153/170 :Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams rekindles images of Old Hollywood screen sirens with this classic hairstyle. The pomp up front is pretty, but the braid in back is really what makes it look feminine. Photo courtesy WENN.

154 /170: Rihanna

154/170 :Rihanna

Rihanna looks like America's Next Top Opera Star with this braided hairstyle. The bright red color makes her honey skin color pop and acts as an added accessory as it hangs down her back. Photo courtesy WENN.

155 /170: Paris Hilton

155/170 :Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton looks like the socialite she is with this sophisiticated, French braided hairstyle. A simple bun in the back completes the look. Photo courtesy WENN.

156 /170: Poppy Delevigne

156/170 :Poppy Delevigne

Poppy Delevigne rocks a bohemian side braid that's also a bit classy, especially when paired with her printed gown and sweet makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

157 /170: Misty Miller

157/170 :Misty Miller

Misty Miller takes a walk on the wild side with her hair back in a bun, with just one strand down and braided. Photo courtesy WENN.

158 /170: Whitney Port

158/170 :Whitney Port

Whitney Port puts her hair back into a simple braided updo for a day out at the nail salon. It can also be worn at night with just a bit more makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

159 /170: Sinitta

159/170 :Sinitta

Sinitta slicks back her long black hair with a simple braid, trailing down the center of her back in classy fashion. Photo courtesy WENN.

160 /170: Kate Hudson

160/170 :Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson keeps the hair out of her face with this braided style, which takes her bangs and forms a braided "tiara" around the front of her hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

161 /170: Camilla Dallerup

161/170 :Camilla Dallerup

Camilla Dallerup looks put together, yet sporty with this slicked-back look. Two stands of braids prevent her hairstyle from looking too simple. Photo courtesy WENN.

162 /170: Alice Dellal

162/170 :Alice Dellal

Alice Dellal looks fierce and dark with this long, black braid that hangs down to her waist as she walks down the runway in model style. Photo courtesy WENN.

163 /170: Daisy Lowe

163/170 :Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe stomps down the runway with this thick, brown braid that perfectly complements the bright outfit she's modeling without overpowering it. Photo courtesy WENN.

164 /170: Jennifer Lyons

164/170 :Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons looks sweet and simple with this side blonde braid that shows off the neckline of her spaghetti strapped dress. Photo courtesy WENN.

165 /170: Jessica Simpson

165/170 :Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a busy lady. She keeps her hair out of her face with this braided updo that's perfect for a day out shopping or a night out clubbing. Photo courtesy WENN.

166 /170: Missy Elliott

166/170 :Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott keeps her hair in order by braiding it into tight rows. Adding a hat to the hairstyle just adds to its flair. Photo courtesy WENN.

167 /170: Stephanie Pratt

167/170 :Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt keeps her super long hair in order with this adorable, messy braid that hangs down her side. It's totally high fashion and stylish. Photo courtesy WENN.

168 /170: Tinsley Mortimer

168/170 :Tinsley Mortimer

Tinsley Mortimer creates a braided crown around the center of her head. It adds flair to an otherwise simple hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

169 /170: Ke$ha

169/170 :Ke$ha

Ke$ha puts her unique twist on a braid, with a teased pomp up top and an extra-piecey braid hanging down past her shoulders. Photo courtesy WENN.

170 /170: Jordin Sparks

170/170 :Jordin Sparks

Jordin Sparks slicks her hair back into a braided ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN