10 Summer sandals & accessories

by SheKnows
May 13, 2012 at 1:28 a.m. ET
The combination of black, white and turquoise is stunning, especially in the summer. Pick up accessories that stand out when paired with a neutral outfit. The Raquel Bianco sterling silver ring with black enamel and white and blue topaz ($249) pairs perfectly with a simple black romper or LBD, while the Everything But Water Bold Pareo ($58) adds excitement to single-color swimsuits.

1 /9: Caribbean cool

1/9 :Caribbean cool

Step back to enjoy the cooler side of the Caribbean! Try mixing and matching greens and blues to master the look. We love Harveys Hampton Large Carry-all in Sea Sprite ($134) paired with the Aerosoles Plush Pillow in blue/green ($69). And, you can't go wrong by brightening up any look with the soft open-weave Kendall scarves by Sarah Stewart Stylish Adornments ($95).

2 /9: Make a statement

2/9 :Make a statement

There's no better time to make a fashion statement than the middle of the summer! Go ahead and grab those crazy high heels and over-sized accessories. We'd love to pair the Alexandra G. Asia 'H Orange heel ($386) with a clingy jersey dress and the Ali's Collection Properties of Space necklace ($125).

3 /9: Boldly chill

3/9 :Boldly chill

It's possible to master a bold look while still appearing to be laid back. Just look for simple, streamlined accessories with a pop of bright color or an eye-catching, but understated design. Take a cue from the Sylvia Sandal ($45) by Flojos and the Sigg Peace and Harmony water bottle ($22). Both have simple color palettes, but bold appeal. And yes, water bottles can be accessories, too!

4 /9: Big bags and boho

4/9 :Big bags and boho

Consider yourself a little bit hippie and a little bohemian? Update your summer wardrobe instantly with the Chasensully Salma Sling Bag ($231) -- we love the extra-wide cross-body strap and funky, detailed designs.

5 /9: Au natural

5/9 :Au natural

Keep your summer accessories clean and simple, but equally chic by carrying the Olivia + Joy Caribbean Beat bag ($88) and pairing it with Pure HANDKNIT's You Keep Me Hanging On hat (call for pricing).

6 /9: Beachy keen

6/9 :Beachy keen

Summer is all about the beach! You can channel the sand and waves anywhere with the stone-adorned Treasure Sandals by Courage b. ($245) and the Tommy Bahama Pineapple Tote ($78).

7 /9: South of the border

7/9 :South of the border

Sizzle this summer by incorporating the rich red, yellows and greens of Latin culture into your accessories. We love the Olivia + Joy Carnival Clutch ($72) paired with the Tommy Bahama Corbelto Platform Wedge Sandals ($198).

8 /9: Play with color

8/9 :Play with color

Neon brights are hot this summer, so play with yellows, pinks, oranges and reds by adding them to your summer accessories. We love the Peggy Li Multicolored Heshi Earrings ($49), the Davina Satchel ($88) by Danielle Nicole and the red-hot 'Joni' Sandal by Me Too ($89).

9 /9: Go a little wild

9/9 :Go a little wild

Animal prints and tribal-themed accessories are another big summertime trend. Rock the look by picking up a pair of ultra-comfortable California Footwear San Diego sandals in White Snake ($70) and pairing them with cut-off shorts, a burnout tee and the Ferdoz Wood and Gunmetal leather bangles ($22).