Bob hairstyles

by SheKnows
Mar 7, 2011 at 2:48 p.m. ET
Supermodel Selita Ebanks sported this classic bob hairstyle during the grand opening of the Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. She let a little dazzle shine through her brunette locks and soft waves.

1 /190: Sally Hawkins' brunette, bob hairstyle

1/190 :Sally Hawkins' brunette, bob hairstyle

British actress Sally Hawkins stepped out for the premiere of Made in Dagenham in London and modeled her blunt bob hairstyle. The chin-length do gave her a polished appearance. Paired with her red dress, her look was chic and stylish.

2 /190: Elisabeth Moss' wavy, bob hairstyle

2/190 :Elisabeth Moss' wavy, bob hairstyle

Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss attended the Entertainment Weekly and Women In Film Pre-Emmy Party in West Hollywood and wore a chic, wavy bob hairstyle. The short hairdo was playful and casual.

3 /190: Jennifer Love Hewitt's short 'n' sexy wavy hairstyle

3/190 :Jennifer Love Hewitt's short 'n' sexy wavy hairstyle

Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a short and sexy wavy long bob hairstyle while attending the store opening for the Esprit Flagship store in NYC. Her look was styled with extra volume and voluptuous waves making for an ultra glam fashion.

4 /190: Keira Knightley's classic, bob hairstyle

4/190 :Keira Knightley's classic, bob hairstyle

Keira Knightley was the definition of chic with her chin-length hairstyle. The classic bob was the perfect accessory for her stunning cheek bones. She completed the look with a cool scarf.

5 /190: Fearne Cotton

5/190 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton looks soft and pretty with this curled up, wavy bob hairstyle that frames her ultra-feminine face in fashionable style. Photo courtesy WENN.

6 /190: Barbara Walters

6/190 :Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters shows off her classic hairstyle at this red carpet event. From board room to red carpet, she always looks classic and sophisticated. Photo courtesy WENN.

7 /190: Anna Wintour

7/190 :Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, knows how to rock a bob. Here, her trademark style is sported at New York Fashion Week. Photo courtesy WENN.

8 /190: Agyness Deyn

8/190 :Agyness Deyn

Agnyess Deyn tucks her blonde bob behind her ears for a casual hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

9 /190: Carolyn Maloney

9/190 :Carolyn Maloney

Carolyn Maloney wears her bob hairstyle in a business look that is also feminine and pretty. Photo courtesy WENN

10 /190: Anna Wintour

10/190 :Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour flips her bob inward to flatter her beautiful face. Photo courtesy WENN

11 /190: Amanda Brunker

11/190 :Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker adds hot pink to the ends of her beautiful blond bob for an edge. Photo courtesy WENN

12 /190: Elle Cadick

12/190 :Elle Cadick

Elle Cadick wears her bob hairstyle in a simple straight style. Photo courtesy WENN

13 /190: Kym Marsh

13/190 :Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh angles her bob around her face in this chic hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

14 /190: Laura Carmichael

14/190 :Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael curls the ends of her bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

15 /190: Michelle Vanderwater

15/190 :Michelle Vanderwater

Michelle Vanderwater straightens her black bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

16 /190: Sarah Jane Mee

16/190 :Sarah Jane Mee

Sarah Jane Mee parts her bob hairstyle to the side for this sophisticated look. Photo courtesy WENN

17 /190: Tatyana Ali

17/190 :Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali angles her straight black bob to flatter her face. Photo courtesy WENN

18 /190: Amy Childs

18/190 :Amy Childs

Amy Childs adds volume to her red bob for this beautiful red carpet hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

19 /190: Carol Wright

19/190 :Carol Wright

Carol Wright wears her gray bob in a straight style. Photo courtesy WENN

20 /190: Dale Raoul

20/190 :Dale Raoul

Dale Raoul wears a short conservative bob on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

21 /190: Emma Watson

21/190 :Emma Watson

Emma Watson looks beautiful with her brunette hair styled in a straight bob. Photo courtesy WENN

22 /190: Jenni Falconer

22/190 :Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer sweeps her blond bangs across her face in this red carpet hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

23 /190: Jessie J

23/190 :Jessie J

Jessie J adds waves her black bob in this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

24 /190: Lori Loughlin

24/190 :Lori Loughlin

Lori Loughlin looks simple and beautiful with her natural bob. Photo courtesy WENN

25 /190: Natasha Bedingfield

25/190 :Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield curls her blond bob for this beautiful hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

26 /190: Pixie Geldof

26/190 :Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof styles he blond bob straight down for this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

27 /190: Poppy Chancellor

27/190 :Poppy Chancellor

Poppy Chancellor adds bangs to her black bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

28 /190: Rebecca Atkinson

28/190 :Rebecca Atkinson

Rebecca Atkinson looks beautiful with a straight brunette bob. Photo courtesy WENN

29 /190: Victoria Heskey

29/190 :Victoria Heskey

Victoria Heskey parts her blond bob down the middle for her simple hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

30 /190: Willow Bay

30/190 :Willow Bay

Willow Bay looks beautiful with sweeping bangs and bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

31 /190: Ashley Benson

31/190 :Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson curls soft waves into her blond bob. Photo courtesy WENN

32 /190: Chloe Moretz

32/190 :Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz wears beach waves in her blond bob. Photo courtesy WENN

33 /190: Dawn Porter

33/190 :Dawn Porter

Dawn Porter adds curled bangs to her short brunette bob. Photo courtesy WENN

34 /190: Dianna Agron

34/190 :Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron styles her blond bob with waves for this elegant hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

35 /190: Emily Scott

35/190 :Emily Scott

Emily Scott pulls back her bangs to accentuate the curls in her bob. Photo courtesy WENN

36 /190: Emmanuelle Chriqui

36/190 :Emmanuelle Chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui looks fresh from the beach with her brown bob styled in beach waves. Photo courtesy WENN

37 /190: Emma Roberts

37/190 :Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts looks elegant with her bob pinned to the side of her beautiful face. Photo courtesy WENN

38 /190: Emma Thompson

38/190 :Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson keeps things casual with her brown bob falling naturally around her face. Photo courtesy WENN

39 /190: Gayle King

39/190 :Gayle King

Gayle King flips the ends of her straight styled bob for this conservative hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

40 /190: Jenni Falconer

40/190 :Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer stays simple with a straight bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

41 /190: Katherine Jenkins

41/190 :Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins wears tight curls in her blond bob. Photo courtesy WENN

42 /190: Lily Cole

42/190 :Lily Cole

Lily Cole creates a mess of curls in her bob hairstyle for this red carpet look. Photo courtesy WENN

43 /190: Olivia Thirlby

43/190 :Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby wears her hair in a dramatically short bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

44 /190: Tamara Taylor

44/190 :Tamara Taylor

Tamara Taylor wears her short black bob in a straight style. Photo courtesy WENN

45 /190: Tracie Bennett

45/190 :Tracie Bennett

Tracie Bennett frames her face with the layers of her bob. Photo courtesy WENN

46 /190: Chloe Sevigny

46/190 :Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny wears a messy bob with bangs for this red carpet event. Photo courtesy WENN

47 /190: Dev

47/190 :Dev

Dev rocks a choppy bob to her red carpet event. Photo courtesy WENN

48 /190: Dianna Agron

48/190 :Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron looks cool and casual with her blonde bob. Photo courtesy WENN

49 /190: Emily Blunt

49/190 :Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt radiates with her black bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

50 /190: Emma Watson

50/190 :Emma Watson

Emma Watson spends the day out on the town with her brown bob pulled back into half updo. Photo courtesy WENN

51 /190: Fern Lindzon

51/190 :Fern Lindzon

Fern Lindzon wears her blond bob in a natural style for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

52 /190: Glenn Close

52/190 :Glenn Close

Glenn Close adds volumized bangs to her bob for this stylish look. Photo courtesy WENN

53 /190: Gwen Sebastian

53/190 :Gwen Sebastian

Gwen Sebastian accessorizes her cute blond bob with a black bow for this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

54 /190: Jennie Garth

54/190 :Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth looks like the perfect California girl with her wavy blond bob. Photo courtesy WENN

55 /190: Lydia Rose

55/190 :Lydia Rose

Lydia Rose flips her blond bob out for this face-framing hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

56 /190: Maggie Rose

56/190 :Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose curls her blond hair to create this bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

57 /190: Martha Stewart

57/190 :Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart tucks her blond bob behind her ears to achieve this casual hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

58 /190: Sophie Milman

58/190 :Sophie Milman

Sophie Milman looks chic with her straight bob hairstyle on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

59 /190: Joanne Woodward

59/190 :Joanne Woodward

Joanne Woodward styles her grey bob into a beautiful business appropriate hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

60 /190: Alley Mills

60/190 :Alley Mills

Everyone's favorite TV mom, Alley Mills, shows off her bob hairstyle in beautiful curls. Photo courtesy WENN

61 /190: Cameron Diaz

61/190 :Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz shows off her versatile bob hairstyle at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Photo courtesy WENN

62 /190: Eva Marie

62/190 :Eva Marie

Eva Marie proves bob's can be perfect for any age with her flattering hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

63 /190: Hillary B Smith

63/190 :Hillary B Smith

Hillary B Smith shines with understated beauty with her brown bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

64 /190: Jenni Falconer

64/190 :Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer wears her straight bob with style. Photo courtesy WENN

65 /190: Kate Adle

65/190 :Kate Adle

Kate Adle shows off her beautiful blue eyes and great bob at this celebrity luncheon. Photo courtesy WENN

66 /190: Katherine Heigl

66/190 :Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl's blonde bob hugs the sides of her face on this sunny LA day. Photo courtesy WENN

67 /190: Keely Hawes

67/190 :Keely Hawes

Keely Hawes brings her bob to life with flipped ends and curled bangs. Photo courtesy WENN

68 /190: Penelope Cruz

68/190 :Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz brings old Hollywood glam to the red carpet with this classic curly bob. Photo credit WENN

69 /190: Pixie Lott

69/190 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott creates a summer ready style with this wavy blonde bob. Photo credit WENN

70 /190: Riley Keough

70/190 :Riley Keough

Riley Keough has great hair genes, so it's no wonder she's a knockout with this blonde bob. Photo courtesy WENN

71 /190: Sam Falers

71/190 :Sam Falers

Sam Falers adds bangs to her bob for a twist on a classic hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

72 /190: Caroline Monk

72/190 :Caroline Monk

Caroline Monk dyes her hair platinum blonde, leaving behind nothing but healthy shine. Photo courtesy WENN.

73 /190: Christina Ricci

73/190 :Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci is straight and sleek with this shoulder length bob that brings out her eyes. Photo courtesy WENN.

74 /190: Dawn Porter

74/190 :Dawn Porter

Dawn Porter takes on an innocent look with this curled-under bob hairstyle with shine and bangs. Photo courtesy WENN.

75 /190: Fearne Cotton

75/190 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton looks romantic and adorable with this poofed up, assymetrical bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

76 /190: Francesca Gardiner

76/190 :Francesca Gardiner

Francesca Gardiner is short and choppy with this shiny, black bob that looks great with her face shape. Photo courtesy WENN.

77 /190: Laura Carmichael

77/190 :Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael is choppy, layered and assymetrical with this cute bob hairstyle that frames her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

78 /190: MyAnna Buring

78/190 :MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring looks stunning with this short bob hairstyle, the color of which brings out her eyes. Photo courtesy WENN.

79 /190: Naomie Harris

79/190 :Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris eliminates any curl from her bob hairstyle and goes sleek, shiny and edgy. Photo courtesy WENN.

80 /190: Natalie Massenet

80/190 :Natalie Massenet

Natalie Massenet looks lovely and age appropriate with this tucked under bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

81 /190: Natasha Khan

81/190 :Natasha Khan

Natasha Khan curls her hair under and adds bangs to her bob for sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

82 /190: Pixie Geldof

82/190 :Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof curls her bobbed hair up into this fashionable and pretty hairstyle, teasing it just a bit for lift. Photo courtesy WENN.

83 /190: Pixie Lott

83/190 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott curls her bobbed hairstyle out for a funky and fresh take on the bob. Photo courtesy WENN.

84 /190: Portia Freeman

84/190 :Portia Freeman

Portia Freeman frames her face with this platinum, layered bob hairstyle that looks great with bright red lips. Photo courtesy WENN.

85 /190: Sam Faiers

85/190 :Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers epitomizes the bob hairstyle with this curled under look with bangs. Photo courtesy WENN.

86 /190: Eva Longoria

86/190 :Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is short and cute with this bob hairstyle that's sleek enough to show off her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

87 /190: Gemma Arterton

87/190 :Gemma Arterton

Gemma Arterton is messy with a bit of bang with this bob hairstyle that's sweet and edgy. Photo courtesy WENN.

88 /190: Heidi Range

88/190 :Heidi Range

Heidi Range is fresh and cute with this bob hairstyle that perfectly highlights her face and eyes. Photo courtesy WENN.

89 /190: Helen Mirren

89/190 :Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren shows off her sophisticated style with this classic bob hairstyle that suits the actress perfectly. Photo courtesy WENN.

90 /190: Jessie J

90/190 :Jessie J

Jessie J shows off her favorite hairstyle with this black bob that looks sleek and pretty. Photo courtesy WENN.

91 /190: Kara Tointon

91/190 :Kara Tointon

Kara Tointon frames her round face with this short bob hairstyle that's chic and sweet. Photo courtesy WENN.

92 /190: Kate Garraway

92/190 :Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway is short in the back and long in front with this assymetrical pop that's fun and stylish. Photo courtesy WENN.

93 /190: Keira Knightley

93/190 :Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is natural with this short bob hairstyle that's easy to wash and go. Photo courtesy WENN.

94 /190: Keisha Buchanan

94/190 :Keisha Buchanan

Keisha Buchanan is texturized and lovely with this sleek style that frames her face and makes her eyes pop. Photo courtesy WENN.

95 /190: Paris Hilton

95/190 :Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton knows how to rock the short and sleek look with this sophisticated style that makes her look more mature. Photo courtesy WENN.

96 /190: Piper Perabo

96/190 :Piper Perabo

Piper Perabo looks nice and simple with this wash-and-go hairstyle that's easy to take care of. Photo courtesy WENN.

97 /190: Roisin Murphy

97/190 :Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy adds a bit of flair to her assymetrical bob with this hat complete with ornate details. Photo courtesy WENN.

98 /190: Sarah Harding

98/190 :Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding puts a twist on the bob by parting it on the side, rather than in the middle. Photo courtesy WENN.

99 /190: Bai Ling

99/190 :Bai Ling

Bai Ling looks edgy and fun with this straight forward, blunt cut. Photo courtesy WENN.

100 /190: Sarah Harding

100/190 :Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding has choppy, cute layers that move easily as she walks down the red carpet. The face-framing layers look great as they highlight her eyes and makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

101 /190: Pixie Lott

101/190 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott loves to switch up her hair. Here, she takes a layered, choppy bob to the next level with subtle curls and waves. Photo courtesy WENN.

102 /190: Katy Perry

102/190 :Katy Perry

Katy Perry is fun, bright and curled up with this bob hairstyle that combines the best of retro looks with modern, light pink color. Photo courtesy WENN.

103 /190: Adele Silva

103/190 :Adele Silva

Adele Silva is long and pretty with this bob hairstyle. At shoulder length, she can curl it up for a shorter, pretty look or leave it long for a modern and stylish bob. Photo courtesy WENN.

104 /190: Jennifer Aniston

104/190 :Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston chops off her typically long locks and trades them for this super cute, short bob that's practical and manageable on those days when you need to get ready quick. Photo courtesy WENN.

105 /190: Kirsten Dunst

105/190 :Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst doesn't ever stray far from her trademark hairstyle. As we see it here, it's a curled-under bob, pinned back with chic style. Photo courtesy WENN.

106 /190: Denise van Outen

106/190 :Denise van Outen

Denise van Outen is super simple and sweet with this straight-forward bob hairstyle. It's manageable and easy to fix in the morning, but can also be jazzed up with curls for going out at night. Photo courtesy WENN.

107 /190: Dawn Richard

107/190 :Dawn Richard

Dawn Richard looks bob perfect with this all around, bobbed hairstyle that includes fashionable bangs to take the super cute hairstyle up a notch. Photo courtesy WENN.

108 /190: Amanda Holden

108/190 :Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden is layered and adorable with this simplistic hairstyle that requires little more than a round brush and a little inner sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

109 /190: Tila Tequila

109/190 :Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila turns her naturally dark hair brown and chops it into this short, sassy blonde hairstyle that frames her face and gives her skin tone a new glow. Photo courtesy WENN.

110 /190: Michelle Obama

110/190 :Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has to keep a conservative hairstyle to be the president's wife, but with this bob hairstyle she shows that she can be stylish and fashionable, too. Photo courtesy WENN.

111 /190: Katherine Kelly

111/190 :Katherine Kelly

Katherine Kelly is both bobbed under and curled out with this multi-layered, highlighted hairstyle that looks great framing her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

112 /190: Jenni Falconer

112/190 :Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer works it with this no nonsense bob that can be dressed up or dressed down. Here, Falconer is casual and cute. Photo courtesy WENN.

113 /190: Fearne Cotton

113/190 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton shows off her bob hairstyle when it isn't curled -- and it still looks cute! This straight bob is perfect for those days you want to look great, but not fuss too much with your hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

114 /190: Leelee Sobieski's blonde, bob hairstyle

114/190 :Leelee Sobieski's blonde, bob hairstyle

Actress Leelee Sobieski rocked this chic, chin-length ?do when she arrived for the New Museum's George Condo Exhibit VIP private opening in New York City. Her dramatic bob hairstyle and new blonde color made for a stunning appearance.

115 /190: Nicole Richie's blonde, retro hairstyle

115/190 :Nicole Richie's blonde, retro hairstyle

At the Art of Elysium's 4th Annual 'Heaven' Gala in Los Angeles, Nicole Richie went for a retro 20?s feel with her blonde hair styled in chin-length waves. She left all eyes on her hairstyle with a simple black gown and limited accessories. Her smokey eye's competed the retro look.

116 /190: Olivia Munn rocks a sexy bob

116/190 :Olivia Munn rocks a sexy bob

Perfect Couples actress Olivia Munn looked sensational with her chin-length do and sexy, strapless dress during the Maxim party over Super Bowl weekend in Dallas. Her bob hairstyle was modern and chic, complete with tousled waves and a middle part.

117 /190: Chloe Sevigny's wavy, blonde hairstyle

117/190 :Chloe Sevigny's wavy, blonde hairstyle

Big Love star Chloe Sevigny stepped out for the Los Angeles season premiere party of the HBO hit and created a glamorous hairdo for the occasion. She sported a retro bob at chin length with soft waves and golden blonde locks.

118 /190: Amy Ryan's blonde bob hairstyle

118/190 :Amy Ryan's blonde bob hairstyle

Actress Amy Ryan modeled her classic, bob hairstyle when she arrived at the 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala. Her classic bob hairstyle had a side part and subtle waves. The look was flattering and sophisticated.

119 /190: Gretchen Mol's blonde, bob hairstyle

119/190 :Gretchen Mol's blonde, bob hairstyle

Actress Gretchen Mol showed off her baby bump and her classic bob hairstyle with curled-under ends at the True Grit New York City premiere. The look was complete with a deep side part. Paired with her curled ends, this look was flattering and sophisticated.

120 /190: Jena Malone's wavy, bob hairstyle

120/190 :Jena Malone's wavy, bob hairstyle

At the Tron: Legacy Los Angeles premiere, actress Jena Malone combined several fab hair trends for a gorgeous overall hairstyle. Her brunette locks were edgy with red undertones while her waves provided the extra volume. She looked spunky yet sophisticated.

121 /190: Keri Hilson's shaggy bob hairstyle

121/190 :Keri Hilson's shaggy bob hairstyle

Keri Hilson sported this new bob hairstyle for the 2010 Unicef Snowflake Lighting Ceremony at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City. She wore shaggy layers and bangs that gave her look even more edge, perfect for her wardrobe. The hairstyle was complete with dark ends under her blonde locks.

122 /190: Chelsea Staub's chic, bob hairstyle

122/190 :Chelsea Staub's chic, bob hairstyle

At the Kids Help Children benefiting CHOC Children's Foundation Fundraiser and Toy Drive in Anaheim, Disney star Chelsea Staub showed off her fresh take on the classic bob hairstyle. There was extra volume around the crown and she tucked her hair behind her ears to make for a casual blonde, bob hairstyle.

123 /190: Natalie Cole's chic, bob hairstyle

123/190 :Natalie Cole's chic, bob hairstyle

Singer Natalie Cole debuted this sleek, bob hairstyle for the Silver Hill Hospital 80th Anniversary Gala at Cipriani in New York City. Her copper highlights and wispy bangs gave her a sophisticated and chic hairstyle.

124 /190: Laura Bell Bundy's faux bob

124/190 :Laura Bell Bundy's faux bob

For the 2010 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Laura Bell Bundy showed off this trendy faux bob that was gorgeous on the red carpet. She created a glamorous look with pinned up curls and a glittery gown.

125 /190: Lady Gaga's latest hairstyle

125/190 :Lady Gaga's latest hairstyle

Lady Gaga enjoyed some downtime in London amidst her UK tour and showed off her latest platinum blonde hairstyle. Her pouted lips went well with her chic bob and straight across bangs.

126 /190: Scarlett Johansson's chic, blonde hairstyle

126/190 :Scarlett Johansson's chic, blonde hairstyle

Ditching her long locks for a fresh new look, Scarlett Johansson showed off her asymmetrical cut which is shorter in the back and slightly longer in the front. Her bob was unique with a modern vibe and the tousled waves made for a casual, chic look.

127 /190: Kimberly Caldwell's wavy, bob hairstyle

127/190 :Kimberly Caldwell's wavy, bob hairstyle

American Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell showed off her sassy hairstyle at the 2011 WTB Spring Fashion Show during LA Fashion Week. Hey hairstyle was fun with loose waves and chic with side swept bangs.

128 /190: Selita Ebanks? chic, bob hairstyle

128/190 :Selita Ebanks? chic, bob hairstyle

Model Selita Ebanks sported this short, fresh look perfect for fall at the Running Russell Simmons series premiere party held at Lavo in New York City. Her bob achieved an effortless look and her straight shoulder-length locks were stunning.

129 /190: Keira Knightley's wavy bob hairstyle

129/190 :Keira Knightley's wavy bob hairstyle

Keira Knightley made headlines recently when she debuted her new bob hairstyle. Her subtle waves at chin-length made her look more sophisticated and the gave her a sleek look.

130 /190: Teri Hatcher's bob hairstyle

130/190 :Teri Hatcher's bob hairstyle

Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher fooled us all into thinking she had chopped off her long layered locks in favor of a new bob hairstyle. Really, it was a faux bob. Her brown locks were pulled back to create a chic and shocking hairstyle.

131 /190: Keira Knightley's bob hairstyle

131/190 :Keira Knightley's bob hairstyle

Keira Knightley arrived at the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011 show during Paris Fashion Week and showed off her new hairstyle. It was the perfect mix of classic and chic. Her hair was straight and rounded at the edges to line her stunning cheek bones.

132 /190: Nicole Richie's hat hairstyle

132/190 :Nicole Richie's hat hairstyle

When Nicole Richie was spotted out and about in New York City, she showed off her blonde bob and hat hairstyle. The stylish leopard print hat gave her shoulder-length hairstyle a classic edge, proving she still a pro at showing off the latest trends.

133 /190: Samaire Armstrong's messy, bob hairstyle

133/190 :Samaire Armstrong's messy, bob hairstyle

Samaire Armstrong modeled her bob hairstyle with messy waves at the Let Me In premiere at Mann Bruin Theater in Los Angeles. Her messy bob and blonde color made her look fabulous!

134 /190: Michelle Obama's chic, bob hairstyle

134/190 :Michelle Obama's chic, bob hairstyle

Since first arriving on the campaign trail, First Lady Michelle Obama has made headlines for her fashionable style and hairdos. She's not the first, first lady to have style but this classic bob puts her up there with the best. She looked professional in her floral prints and classic hair do.

135 /190: Alexandra Ella's blunt bob hairstyle

135/190 :Alexandra Ella's blunt bob hairstyle

Alexandra Ella wore this brunette bob hairstyle to the Los Angeles premiere of You Again. The a-line cut and defined bangs created a modern hairstyle.

136 /190: Lily Allen's blunt bob hairstyle with bangs

136/190 :Lily Allen's blunt bob hairstyle with bangs

At the GQ Men of the Year Awards 2010 at London's Royal Opera House, British singer Lily Allen showed off a sassy hairstyle with her blunt bob haircut. The musician created a bob with a punk look by showing off her wispy edges and defined bangs.

137 /190: Vienna Girardi's half up, half down hairstyle

137/190 :Vienna Girardi's half up, half down hairstyle

Vienna Girardi wore her new blonde, bob hairstyle in a partial updo with the top loosely pulled back and the rest left down and straight. Her half up half down style showed off her sparkly earrings and stunning smile.

138 /190: Tori Spelling's blonde, bob hairstyle

138/190 :Tori Spelling's blonde, bob hairstyle

Tori Spelling wore a chic, blonde hairstyle to the 18th Annual Liberty Awards in Hollywood, California. She have a little attitude in her platinum blonde hairstyle cut just above her shoulders and bangs swept to the side.

139 /190: Jaime Pressly's blonde, bob hairstyle

139/190 :Jaime Pressly's blonde, bob hairstyle

Jaime Pressly arrived at the 2010 Hollywood Domino tournament at the W Hotel in Puerto Rico and showed off her classy, bob hairstyle. She created a look that was mature and playful at the same time with her strawberry blonde locks tucked behind her ears.

140 /190: Vienna Girardi's bob hairstyle

140/190 :Vienna Girardi's bob hairstyle

Vienna Girardi debuted this new bob hairstyle when she arrived at the OK Magazine 5th Anniversary Party in Los Angeles. She wore her straight blonde hair just above her shoulders and swept her bangs to the side.

141 /190: Wendie Malick's classic, bob hairstyle

141/190 :Wendie Malick's classic, bob hairstyle

Star of the summer smash hit Hot in Cleveland Wendie Malick sports a classic hairstyle with her power bob. The classic hairstyle done in brunette graced her face at chin length and gave her a fun and sophisticated look.

142 /190: Maggie Gyllenhaal's classic, wavy hairstyle

142/190 :Maggie Gyllenhaal's classic, wavy hairstyle

While stepping out to the New York premiere of Nanny McPhee Returns, Maggie Gyllenhaal looked gorgeous in her wavy, bob hairstyle. She completed the look with dramatic red lips and smokey eyes.

143 /190: Alexandra Ella's chic, bob hairstyle

143/190 :Alexandra Ella's chic, bob hairstyle

At The Switch premiere in Hollywood, Alexandra Ella modeled this perfect blunt bob hairstyle. Her straight edges and her defined bangs made her look retro and glamorous.

144 /190: Anna Wintour's classic bob hairstyle

144/190 :Anna Wintour's classic bob hairstyle

Anna Wintour attended the kick-off event for Fashion's Night Out in New York and showed off her classic hairstyle. Her bob curved at her chin and defined her face. Her straight across bangs completed the classic and chic look.

145 /190: Maggie Gyllenhaal's wavy bob hairstyle

145/190 :Maggie Gyllenhaal's wavy bob hairstyle

Maggie Gyllenhaal sported this wavy bob hairstyle when she supported friend and Nanny McPhee Returns co-star Emma Thompson, who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She wore natural makeup and a red dress to complete her chic and sophisticated bob hairstyle.

146 /190: Selma Blair's chic, wavy hairstyle

146/190 :Selma Blair's chic, wavy hairstyle

Selma Blair, currently on Project Runway, looked chic and stylish in this wavy bob hairstyle at the Hollywood premiere of Middle Men. She looked glamorous in retro waves and a black dress.

147 /190: Bai Ling's sexy, bob hairstyle

147/190 :Bai Ling's sexy, bob hairstyle

The always colorful Bai Ling modeled her blunt, bob hairstyle at the Los Angeles premiere of The Expendables. She showed the camera a little love in her sexy bob. She competed the look with a touch of blue and a lot of style.

148 /190: Patricia Arquette's blunt, bob hairstyle

148/190 :Patricia Arquette's blunt, bob hairstyle

While attending the CBS Summer Press Tour Party, Medium actress Patricia Arquette wore her blonde locks styled in a blunt bob hairdo. Her hair was straight with a deep side part.

149 /190: Wendie Malick's chic, bob hairstyle

149/190 :Wendie Malick's chic, bob hairstyle

Sitcom vet and Hot in Cleveland star Wendie Malick wore her classic, blunt bob hairstyle to the TV Land premiere of her show. The classic bob flattered her oval face shape, ending at chin-length.

150 /190: Brittany Snow's blonde, wavy hairstyle

150/190 :Brittany Snow's blonde, wavy hairstyle

Brittany Snow showed off her attractive blonde bob hairstyle at the Hollywood premiere of Charlie St Cloud. She showed off her blonde highlights in subtle curls and a sexy side part.

151 /190: Sara Paxton's blonde, bob hairstyle

151/190 :Sara Paxton's blonde, bob hairstyle

Actress Sara Paxton, looked beautiful and adorable in this short, blonde hairstyle at the Darker Side of Green event in West Hollywood, California. The hairstyle stopped above her chin and gave her a playful, attractive look. Her wispy bangs enhanced the style and were swept to the side.

152 /190: Jessica Alba's Fashion Week hairstyles

152/190 :Jessica Alba's Fashion Week hairstyles

Jessica Alba attended the Valentino show in Paris and showed off her wavy, bob hairstyle. The longer bob do stopped just above her shoulders and was styled up in fun waves and a middle part. She completed the look with sexy, red lipstick.

153 /190: Heidi Klum's layered bob hairstyle

153/190 :Heidi Klum's layered bob hairstyle

Heidi Klum modeled her shaggy, casual bob hairstyle, when leaving a New York City restaurant. The whole look was wispy and fun with blonde layers and straight across bangs.

154 /190: Helen Mirren's chic, bob hairstyle

154/190 :Helen Mirren's chic, bob hairstyle

While at the New York City premiere of her new movie, Love Ranch, Helen Mirren showed off her classic, chin-length, bob hairstyle with bangs. She embraced her silver color looked like a natural beauty.

155 /190: Bai Ling's sassy bob hairstyle

155/190 :Bai Ling's sassy bob hairstyle

Bai Ling, on the red carpet for the Los Angeles premiere of Love Ranch, showed off her short, bob hairstyle. She created a look with flared out edges and blunt bangs.

156 /190: Tori Spelling's blonde, sleek hairstyle

156/190 :Tori Spelling's blonde, sleek hairstyle

Tori Spelling signed copies of her new book Uncharted TerriTORI and sported her chic, asymmetrical bob hairstyle. This is a classic look for Tori and her platinum blonde style. The sleek look was complete with a deep side part.

157 /190: Christina Ricci's short and sexy hairstyle

157/190 :Christina Ricci's short and sexy hairstyle

Christina Ricci wearing a short sexy bob hairstyle while attending the Chopard Celebrates 150 Years of Excellence at The Frick Collection in New York City, NY. She proved she knew how to rock this short, bob hairstyle posing for the camera with confidence. She was styled up in a green gown to contrast the dark hairstyle.

158 /190: Agyness Deyn's bob hairstyle

158/190 :Agyness Deyn's bob hairstyle

Agyness Deyn at the premiere of 'Inglourious Basterds' wearing an adorable straight, blonde bob hairstyle. She made the bob punk with her leather pencil skirt and fun t-shirt. She let her bangs hang in face to complete the edgy look.

159 /190: Nicola Robert

159/190 :Nicola Robert

Nicola Robert looks adorable and sweet with this long version of a bob. It's just slightly shorter in the back than it is up front, giving her extra dimension. Photo courtesy WENN.

160 /190: Anna Wintour

160/190 :Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, rocks her trademark hairstyle. Though she constantly changes her clothes, she never changes this bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN.

161 /190: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

161/190 :Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Sophie Ellis-Bextor looks cute and sassy with this black bob, which perfectly complements her bright blue eyes and red lipstick. Photo courtesy WENN.

162 /190: Katie Holmes

162/190 :Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes chops off her long locks for this bob hairstyle that's fashionable and easy to maintain, perfect for a mom like her. Photo courtesy WENN.

163 /190: Nelly Furtado

163/190 :Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado looks stylish and adorable with this super shiny, super cute side-parted bob. The black color makes her blue eyes pop, even from behind bangs. Photo courtesy WENN.

164 /190: Jaime Pressly

164/190 :Jaime Pressly

Jaime Pressly is a far cry from the long-haired trailer queen she plays on "My Name is Earl." Here, she chops off her blonde tresses for a sleek bob. Photo courtesy WENN.

165 /190: Lily Allen

165/190 :Lily Allen

Lily Allen looks super sophisticated with this combed-down bob hairstyle. She uses a bit of product to keep her hair flat and shiny. Photo courtesy WENN.

166 /190: Keely Hawes

166/190 :Keely Hawes

Keely Hawes is simple and stylish with this straight-forward bob. It's a look that can be taken from day to night. Just add some dark eye makeup, as shown here, for dramatic night effect. Photo courtesy WENN.

167 /190: Helen Worth

167/190 :Helen Worth

Helen Worth looks cute and age appropriate with this bob hairstyle that highlights her cheekbones and makes her look approachable. Photo courtesy WENN.

168 /190: Kelly Osbourne

168/190 :Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is sleek and sophisticated with this straight, blonde bob. She accents her hairstyle with a feminine flower for a delicate touch. Photo courtesy WENN.

169 /190: Orlaith McCallister

169/190 :Orlaith McCallister

Orlaith McCallister turns her choppy hairstyle into a bob by cutting it just a bit shorter in the back than she does in the front. Photo courtesy WENN.

170 /190: Pixie Lott

170/190 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is retro and edgy at the same time with this 50s-inspired bob. She curls her hair all around for a classic style that lasts. Photo courtesy WENN.

171 /190: Kelly Osbourne

171/190 :Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne curls up her bob hairstyle for a sophisticated, Old Hollywood hairstyle that lasts through the decades. Photo courtesy WENN.

172 /190: Jessie J

172/190 :Jessie J

Jessie J uses her naturally curly hair to her advantage, curling it into a bob that can be worn straight or curly for a dramatically edgy change. Photo courtesy WENN.

173 /190: Erin O'Connor

173/190 :Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor looks like a flapper with this ultra-chic, super edgy hairstyle that looks stunning with her pale skin and bright red lips. Photo courtesy WENN.

174 /190: Jessie J

174/190 :Jessie J

Jessie J straightens out her hair for this super sleek, edgy look that can be curled up or worn straight, as we see here. Photo courtesy WENN.

175 /190: Fearne Cotton

175/190 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton gives her take on a long bob. Her curly blonde locks are cut a bit shorter in back than they are up front, giving her hairstyle a touch of sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

176 /190: Rachel Riley

176/190 :Rachel Riley

Rachel Riley is short and adorable with this simplistic, sexy look that works perfectly with her long neck and plunging neckline. Photo courtesy WENN.

177 /190: Emily Browning

177/190 :Emily Browning

Emily Browning knows just how to rock a bob. Here, she brings two strands of hair up front to accent and frame her face. Photo courtesy WENN.

178 /190: Keira Knightley

178/190 :Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is short and sweet with this one-layer, naturally curly bob with tons of style and sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

179 /190: Sarah Harding

179/190 :Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding is slicked back with this red-brown, choppy bob. The hairstyle can be worn several ways, but here, Harding skips the part for a pushed-back look. Photo courtesy WENN.

180 /190: Dannii Minogue

180/190 :Dannii Minogue

Dannii Minogue transforms her normally dark hairstyle into this strawberry blonde bob that's short and sweet. Photo courtesy WENN.

181 /190: Kerry Katona

181/190 :Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona matches her sassy personally with this choppy, bright blonde bob. It frames her face and gives her a youthful looking edge. Photo courtesy WENN.

182 /190: Tess Daly

182/190 :Tess Daly

Tess Daly does a long, curly bob hairstyle that looks perfect with her brown eyes and sparkly personality. Photo courtesy WENN.

183 /190: Cheryl Cole

183/190 :Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is gorgeous with this face-framing hairstyle. The brown color matches her skin tone and allows her to wear heavy, pretty makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

184 /190: Hollie Jay-Bowes

184/190 :Hollie Jay-Bowes

Hollie Jay-Bowes is bright and vibrant with this pink, edgy bob. She looks like a rockstar with the face of a moviestar, perfectly complemented by equally bright makeup. Photo courtesy WENN.

185 /190: Bronagh Waugh

185/190 :Bronagh Waugh

Bronagh Waugh is short and sassy with this bright blonde, bob hairstyle that frames her face and shows off her sparkly, bright personality. Photo courtesy WENN.

186 /190: Lily Allen

186/190 :Lily Allen

Lily Allen looks like one of Tim Burton's dark, romantic female leads with this black, banged bob. She accents the look with heavy liner. Photo courtesy WENN.

187 /190: Amelle Berrabah

187/190 :Amelle Berrabah

Amelle Berrabah and super cute and super short with this bob that perfectly fits her face. The length is easy to maintain and the color complements her skin tone. Photo courtesy WENN.

188 /190: Jenny Frost

188/190 :Jenny Frost

Jenny Frost rocks a long, straight, assymetrical bob that's as edgy as she is. The hairstyle can be worn numerous ways. A few curls would change the entire feel of this look. Photo courtesy WENN.

189 /190: Ashley Judd

189/190 :Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd stays business casual with her short bob hairstyle and tight curls. Photo courtesy WENN

190 /190: Peta Murgatroyd

190/190 :Peta Murgatroyd

Peta Murgatroyd adds waves of curls to the layers in her bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN