Jeans through the decades

by SheKnows
Mar 23, 2012 at 3:49 a.m. ET
The original denim jeans were patented in 1873 by immigrant Levi Strauss. Photo credit: Levi’s®

1 /14: Baggy pants

1/14 :Baggy pants

Whoever started this trend has many people around the world scratching their heads. Teenage boys, in particular, seem to prefer the waist of their denim well below their waistline, but women have been known to try the trend as well. Photo credit: Pindarninja on Flickr

2 /14: Designer labels

2/14 :Designer labels

In the 1980s, it all became about the label. Made famous especially by Brooke Shields Calvin Klein campaign. Photo credit: Calvin Klein

3 /14: High-waisted

3/14 :High-waisted

The '70s brought many interesting denim trends, the jury is still out on high-waisted pants. Photo credit: Splash

4 /14: Bell-bottoms

4/14 :Bell-bottoms

Ring in the bell-bottoms -- loud and proud, the hippies wore both denim and psychedelically colored bell-bottoms. Photo credit: 7 For All Mankind

5 /14: The '50s rebel

5/14 :The '50s rebel

In the 1950s, denim became synonymous with rebellion. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

6 /14: Cowboys and Westerns

6/14 :Cowboys and Westerns

In the 1930s Hollywood’s Westerns brought a spotlight onto denim-clad cowboys. Photo credit: Gary Cooper, image in the public domain

7 /14: Off-duty World War II soldiers

7/14 :Off-duty World War II soldiers

While production of denim may have been down during the war, off-duty soldiers kept the trend climbing wearing jeans while off-duty around the world. Photo credit: LIFE archives in the public domain

8 /14: Denim jackets

8/14 :Denim jackets

Ever a fashion staple, the denim jacket has taken on many shapes, styles and colors over the years. But nothing beats the tried and true blue denim. Photo credit: Gap

9 /14: The jumpsuit

9/14 :The jumpsuit

Oh yes, oh no! Words cannot quite describe this trend. Thankfully it was (mostly) short lived! Photo credit: ASOS

10 /14: Daisy Dukes

10/14 :Daisy Dukes

Risque, form-fitting cut-off shorts- either the envy or the disgust of every woman. Photo credit: Warner Bros

11 /14: Acid wash

11/14 :Acid wash

Oh, the ‘80s. Acid wash, while perfectly harmless to one’s health (contrary popular belief at the start), the repercussions to one’s social standing is questionable. Leave acid wash with it’s friend, fringe, where they belong - in history. Photo credit: ASOS

12 /14: Maternity

12/14 :Maternity

Long gone are the days of muumuus while pregnant- denim is now altered with elastic and knit to accommodate the changing body. Photo credit: Pea in a Pod

13 /14: Skinny jeans

13/14 :Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have taken the fashion world in the recent years. Skin-tight and created in all colors it seems. Photo credit: Target

14 /14: Overalls

14/14 :Overalls

The denim overall. Shorts, pants, skirts. Young or old. Male or female. It is a fashion free for all. Photo credit: PFI Western