Celeb Mom Style: Kate Middleton

by SheKnows
Apr 26, 2013 at 2:36 p.m. ET
Expectant mom, Kate Middleton, glows in a perfect plum overcoat cinched at the waist with a black belt.

1 /11: Red sheer dress

1/11 :Red sheer dress

Kate Middleton wears a v-neck red dress with sheer long sleeves and a black band around the waist. The long skirt falls nicely over her tiny baby bump.

2 /11: Beautiful booties

2/11 :Beautiful booties

Kate Middleton steps off the train in fabulous brown booties, proving that pregnancy only enhances her style and beauty.

3 /11: All wrapped up

3/11 :All wrapped up

Kate Middleton looks beautiful in this blue and grey belted wrap dress and just the tiniest hint of a baby bump.

4 /11: Green dress

4/11 :Green dress

Kate Middleton attends an event in this beautiful green belted dress with cuffed full sleeves. It's a simple, but elegant look for the expectant mother.

5 /11: Peter Pan pretty

5/11 :Peter Pan pretty

Mom-to-be, Kate Middleton, looks pretty in her simple Peter Pan collar overcoat and black tights.

6 /11: Casual and cute

6/11 :Casual and cute

Kate Middleton enjoys the outdoors in a casual pair of jeans and cute hat. We love the red, white, and blue twisted scarf for a pop of patriotic color.

7 /11: Red overcoat

7/11 :Red overcoat

Kate Middleton completes her simple black dress outfit with a long red overcoat and knee high boots.

8 /11: Floral print dress

8/11 :Floral print dress

Kate Middleton chats with guests in a beautiful black dress with floor embellishments. We especially love the sheer three quarter length sleeves.

9 /11: Sparkling dress

9/11 :Sparkling dress

Expectant mom, Kate Middleton, shines in a sparkling silver sleeveless dress that shows off her growing baby bump.

10 /11: Spring style

10/11 :Spring style

Kate Middleton glows in this nude dress with a pastel orange overcoat.

11 /11: Polka dot pretty

11/11 :Polka dot pretty

Kate Middleton looks beautiful in this playful polka dot dress, paired with a slight peplum black blazer.