Celeb Mom Style: Katie Holmes

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 10:05 p.m. ET
Katie Holmes adds a burst of blue to her black and white outfit with a great blazer.

1 /9: Radiant red

1/9 :Radiant red

Katie Holmes steps out in radiant red pants and a black peacoat in this fabulous fall outfit.

2 /9: Fun floral print

2/9 :Fun floral print

Katie Holmes wears a fun floral dress with 3/4 length sleeves and a black belt.

3 /9: Gold chain gorgeous

3/9 :Gold chain gorgeous

Katie Holmes accessorizes her simple black and white outfit with a big gold chain - a fashion must have this winter.

4 /9: Bootie beauty

4/9 :Bootie beauty

Katie Holmes walks casually through the park with Suri in tan booties and blue jeans.

5 /9: Casual street style

5/9 :Casual street style

Katie Holmes stays comfortable in a loose top and basic blue jeans.

6 /9: Beautiful bright outfit

6/9 :Beautiful bright outfit

Katie Holmes is ready for the summer sunshine in a loose tank and purple maxi skirt.

7 /9: Flat out fabulous

7/9 :Flat out fabulous

Katie Holmes dresses down in brown flats and a flowing white top for a day of errands.

8 /9: Skirt style

8/9 :Skirt style

Katie Holmes tucks her collared shirt into a simple denim skirt for this casual mom look.

9 /9: Long white dress

9/9 :Long white dress

Katie Holmes looks comfortable in a long white dress with a sheer lace overlay and a cuffed green jacket.