Did you know? Weird beauty facts

by SheKnows
May 25, 2013 at 7:18 p.m. ET
During World War II, female nurses needed many supplies to perform their duties well. The strangest wartime essential on their list? Lipstick! The nurses had to wear it so they looked pretty doing their duties.

1 /14: Perfume as medicine

1/14 :Perfume as medicine

Ancient Egyptians used perfume for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. One famous Egyptian perfumes, Kyphi, was also used as a drink to cure lung, intestinal and liver ailments.

2 /14: Blondes have more...hair

2/14 :Blondes have more...hair

We all know the saying that blondes have more fun. But did you know that blondes (natural ones, that is) have more hair on average? Blondes have about 140,000 hairs on their head. Brunettes average about 110,000, people with black hair about 108,00 and redheads come in last with about 80,000 average hairs on their head.

3 /14: Toothpaste to the rescue

3/14 :Toothpaste to the rescue

You know those unexpected zits that pop up the night before a huge event? The ones you know will ruin any chance you have to feel confident? Kill them with toothpaste! You read that right, toothpaste can actually dry out and kill pimples.

4 /14: Self tanning gone wrong

4/14 :Self tanning gone wrong

We've all had a mishap with self tanner. It's almost impossible to apply it without streaks. Did you know you can get rid of those streaks with a little baking soda and water? Just rub the mixture on your skin, it will actually exfoliate the streaks away.

5 /14: Potatoes reduce puffiness

5/14 :Potatoes reduce puffiness

Did you know you can deflate eye puffiness with a simple raw potato? The common vegetable has a soothing effect on swollen skin tissues. Just cut two fresh slices from a peeled raw potato and apply them to your eyes for ten minutes. Viola!

6 /14: Pepto-Bismol face cream

6/14 :Pepto-Bismol face cream

Perhaps one of the weirdest facts we could find. Pepto-Bismol can be used as a face cream in a bind. The popular stomach remedy contains bismuth subsalicylate - a common ingredient found in facial creams.

7 /14: Tame the frizz

7/14 :Tame the frizz

Did you know that you can tame your wild mane with a few dryer sheets? Rub a dryer sheet on your flyaway hair to turn your style from frizzy to chic in seconds.

8 /14: Tea baths

8/14 :Tea baths

Did you know tea can cure a sunburn? If you resemble a lobster after a long summer day at the beach, take a warm bath in strong black tea. The tannins take away the painful sting and swelling of a sunburn.

9 /14: Cayenne pepper hair treatments

9/14 :Cayenne pepper hair treatments

Did you know you can use cayenne pepper to spice up your look? Applying cayenne pepper sauce to your roots can improve blood circulation to your scalp and give you shiny, healthy hair. Try it!

10 /14: No towel, no problem

10/14 :No towel, no problem

This one is for the curly haired ladies. Did you know that the fibers in towels actually increase the frizziness of your hair? The best way to dry your lovely locks? A pair of your man's (clean) cotton boxers. It's much less agitating to your hair and will keep your curls in check.

11 /14: Bad breath blockers

11/14 :Bad breath blockers

Need a quick fix to bad breath but don't have any gum? We have you covered! Parsley contains antibacterial properties that can fight bad breath. Chew on a fresh parsley leaf to get the best breath.

12 /14: Get some shine

12/14 :Get some shine

We've got a weird and wild beauty fact for all you redheads. Take a bottle of cranberry juice to the shower with you next time. A quick rinse will boost the shine in your hair.

13 /14: Luxurious lashes

13/14 :Luxurious lashes

Did you know you can get long, luxurious lashes naturally? You don't have to struggle with glue and fake lashes. Stimulate your own lash growth by dabbing flax seed oil on your lash line. They'll come in fuller and longer in no time. Who knew?

14 /14: Caviar cream

14/14 :Caviar cream

Did you know you can rub fish eggs on your face to brighten your skin? Ok, maybe not actual fish eggs. But many famous skin care creams include caviar as a main ingredient. Think of that next time you try to relax during a facial!