Celeb Mom Style: Jessica Alba

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 9:42 p.m. ET
Jessica Alba shows her love of layers in this casual outfit. Our favorite part? The wedge sneakers.

1 /9: Skinny jeans style

1/9 :Skinny jeans style

Jessica Alba wears green pattered skinny jeans to brighten up her black outfit.

2 /9: Classic style

2/9 :Classic style

Jessica Alba wears a conservative sleeveless dress with a beautiful floral lace detail.

3 /9: Military inspired style

3/9 :Military inspired style

Jessica Alba styles herself in a military outfit with Doc Martin's and a green army jacket with leather sleeves.

4 /9: Sexy strapless style

4/9 :Sexy strapless style

Jessica Alba looks flawless on the red carpet in this form fitting strapless dress.

5 /9: Biker mom style

5/9 :Biker mom style

Jessica Alba creates a tough look with a studded leather jacket and black infinity scarf.

6 /9: Edgy style

6/9 :Edgy style

Jessica Alba adds an edge to her black dress and leggings with her favorite studded leather jacket.

7 /9: Pretty in peplum

7/9 :Pretty in peplum

Jessica Alba shines in a bright pink peplum dress and nude heels.

8 /9: Casual shopping style

8/9 :Casual shopping style

Jessica Alba looks casual with blue jeans, knee high boots and a simple long sleeve top.

9 /9: Walking in rain boots

9/9 :Walking in rain boots

Jessica Alba wears big black rain boots and a blue scarf for this casual fall outfit.