Celeb Mom Style: Jennifer Garner

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 8:50 p.m. ET
Jennifer Garner goes for the casual chic look with a black jacket, blue jeans, and tall black rain boots.

1 /9: Peplum pretty

1/9 :Peplum pretty

Jennifer Garner wears a peplum top and long black skirt on the red carpet.

2 /9: Casual mom style

2/9 :Casual mom style

Jennifer Garner keeps it casual with a sweater and blue jeans during a walk with her girls.

3 /9: Floral fashion

3/9 :Floral fashion

Jennifer Garner looks beautiful in a sleeveless white dress with floral detail.

4 /9: Mom style staples

4/9 :Mom style staples

Jennifer Garner wears her staple mom outfit - a sweater and blue jeans - while shopping with her daughter.

5 /9: Scarf season

5/9 :Scarf season

Jennifer Garner wraps a white scarf and black blazer around her during a chilly day outside with her kids.

6 /9: Simple style

6/9 :Simple style

Jennifer Garner wears a tan long sleeved shirt and black pants for a casual day out.

7 /9: Chevron colorblock sweater

7/9 :Chevron colorblock sweater

Jennifer Garner wears a bright chevron colorblock sweater with jeans while she picks up some groceries.

8 /9: Capri casual

8/9 :Capri casual

Jennifer Garner goes casual in capri pants and sandals to run her kids to karate.

9 /9: Casual cardigan style

9/9 :Casual cardigan style

Jennifer Garner wears a casual striped cardigan to stay comfortable during errands.