Celeb Mom Style: Heidi Klum

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 7:41 p.m. ET
Celebrity mom Heidi Klum shows that she's not afraid of daring styles in this colorful jumpsuit.

1 /9: A daring dress

1/9 :A daring dress

Heidi Klum looks glamorous in a plunging v-neck black dress.

2 /9: Blue and grey casual

2/9 :Blue and grey casual

Heidi Klum spends a day in the park with her family in casual blue jeans and a loose fitting top.

3 /9: Rockin mom style

3/9 :Rockin mom style

Heidi Klum gets in touch with her rocker side with a studded leather jacket and leather pants.

4 /9: Casual shopping style

4/9 :Casual shopping style

Heidi Klum balances style and comfort with a pair of black leather pants and an off-the-shoulder tee.

5 /9: Baggy black jacket

5/9 :Baggy black jacket

Heidi Klum stays warm while playing with her kids at the park in this oversized black jacket.

6 /9: Wonderful in white

6/9 :Wonderful in white

Heidi Klum looks wonderful in a one shoulder, jewel trimmed white dress on the red carpet.

7 /9: Twisted black dress

7/9 :Twisted black dress