Celeb Mom Style: Claire Danes

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 6:15 p.m. ET
Claire Danes wears a slimming black, one shoulder dress with a geometric print detail on the red carpet.

1 /9: Lady in red

1/9 :Lady in red

Claire Danes conceals her tiny baby bump with a cinched waist on this long red halter dress.

2 /9: Bright yellow baby bump

2/9 :Bright yellow baby bump

Claire Danes shows off the first signs of a baby bump in this strapless yellow maxi dress.

3 /9: Simple street style

3/9 :Simple street style

Claire Danes casually shows off her baby bump with a muscle tee and chocolate brown jeans.

4 /9: Knee length leather

4/9 :Knee length leather

Claire Danes wears a cute and conservative knee length red leather dress on the red carpet.

5 /9: Mixed media dress

5/9 :Mixed media dress

Claire Danes dares to wear a long sleeve, mixed media dress during her red carpet appearance.

6 /9: A red pop of color

6/9 :A red pop of color

Claire Danes cinches her dress with a skinny red belt that adds dimension and a pop of color to the black and white colors in her ensemble.

7 /9: Pretty in pleats

7/9 :Pretty in pleats

Claire Danes pairs a pleated skirt and a basic sleeveless white top for this simple and elegant look.

8 /9: Cute cap sleeves

8/9 :Cute cap sleeves

Claire Danes dons a red cap sleeve, knee length dress with a floral detail for this event.

9 /9: Basic black v-neck

9/9 :Basic black v-neck

Claire Danes wears a slimming black v-neck dress with a bright red collar.