Celeb Mom Style: Beyonce

by SheKnows
Feb 14, 2013 at 5:34 p.m. ET
Beyonce shows off her post-baby body at the Grammy's with this beautiful color block ensemble.

1 /9: Conservative and cute

1/9 :Conservative and cute

Beyonce wears a conservative navy blue dress that hugs her post-baby body flawlessly.

2 /9: Gold embellished gown

2/9 :Gold embellished gown

Beyonce shows off her baby bump in a floor length dress with gold embellished sides.

3 /9: Beyonce in blue

3/9 :Beyonce in blue

Beyonce pays tribute to her daughter, Blue Ivy, with this blue scarf and leather jacket.

4 /9: White maxi dress

4/9 :White maxi dress

Beyonce hides her baby bump well in this white maxi dress with feather detail.

5 /9: Beyonce dares to bare

5/9 :Beyonce dares to bare

Beyonce bares her toned legs in this mini dress and sparkling blue blazer.

6 /9: Beyonce's baby bump

6/9 :Beyonce's baby bump

The dress that started it all. Beyonce proudly displays her baby bump for the first time in this one-shoulder gown.

7 /9: Mixed patterns

7/9 :Mixed patterns

Beyonce steps out in an ensemble of mixed patterns and basic blacks. A great outfit for any fashion forward mom.

8 /9: A beautiful gala gown

8/9 :A beautiful gala gown

Beyonce is a beautiful mix of classic and daring in this long gown.

9 /9: Sparkling suit

9/9 :Sparkling suit

Beyonce modeled a sparkling black suit on the runway during the early stages of her pregnancy.