Backstage Beauty Spring 2013

by SheKnows
Sep 10, 2012 at 10:08 a.m. ET
Rodney Cutler (pictured here) and stylists from the SALON at ULTA Beauty get the Carlos Miele models ready for the show by styling their hair.

1 /36: Model ready

1/36 :Model ready

Models at NYFW get their hair and makeup done for the show.

2 /36: Derek Lam model

2/36 :Derek Lam model

This model gets her hair done with T3 and PHYTO hair products by hair stylist Orlando Pita backstage during NYFW Spring 2013.

3 /36: Derek lam final look

3/36 :Derek lam final look

This model shows off her runway-ready look with her makeup and hair done backstage during NYFW Spring 2013 for the Derek Lam show.

4 /36: Diane von Furstenberg

4/36 :Diane von Furstenberg

The DVF show was all about natural hair and makeup looks during NYFW Spring 2013.

5 /36: DVF runway ready

5/36 :DVF runway ready

This model shows off her final look for the DVF show backstage during NYFW Spring 2013.

6 /36: Jill Stuart models backstage

6/36 :Jill Stuart models backstage

During NYFW Spring 2013, the Jill Stuart models had a unique makeup look with lots of red and pinks.

7 /36: Rebecca Minkoff backstage

7/36 :Rebecca Minkoff backstage

A Rebecca Minkoff model shows off her look and nails while backstage during NYFW.

8 /36: Elie Tahari model

8/36 :Elie Tahari model

An Elie Tahari model gets her makeup done with Jane Iredale makeup before the presentation during NYFW.

9 /36: Au natural

9/36 :Au natural

The Elie Tahari model sits back as she gets her makeup done backstage before the show.

10 /36: Model makeup

10/36 :Model makeup

Kevin Mendelson gets an Elie Tahari model's makeup done before the show.

11 /36: Makeup time

11/36 :Makeup time's Romy Soleimani does an Elie Tahari's makeup backstage.

12 /36: Finished look

12/36 :Finished look

An Elie Tahari models her final hair and makeup look while backstage before the show.

13 /36: Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2017

13/36 :Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2017

Celebrity stylists work to get their models' hair runway ready.

14 /36: Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2015

14/36 :Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2015

Celebrity runway stylists get the models ready for the Carlos Miele show.

15 /36: Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2014

15/36 :Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2014

Carlos Miele models get their hair styled with Redken products.

16 /36: Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2013

16/36 :Carlos Miele backstage NYFW spring 2013

Celebrity runway stylists for THE SALON at ULTA Beauty backstage style models hair for the Carlos Miele presentation.

17 /36: Ann Yee presentation

17/36 :Ann Yee presentation

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics gave these models bronze and hot pink eyeshadow and bold pink lips.

18 /36: Backstage beauty

18/36 :Backstage beauty

These white nails were achieved with Debroah Lipman's Amazing Grace shade at the Honor fashion show.

19 /36: Backstage at Honor

19/36 :Backstage at Honor

White nails are looking fresh at Fashion Week. Her braided hair is inspired by anatomy.

20 /36: Nail trends at Costello Tagliapietra

20/36 :Nail trends at Costello Tagliapietra

Shades of white backstage for Spring 2013 collections.

21 /36: Nail colors at Costello Tagliapietra

21/36 :Nail colors at Costello Tagliapietra

Beauty trends backstage at Spring Fashion Week 2012

22 /36: Ann Yee Presentation

22/36 :Ann Yee Presentation

Spring Fashion Week in New York City.

23 /36: Ann Yee presentation

23/36 :Ann Yee presentation

This bold pink shade was done by Nail Taxi with Cult Nail Polish and XX. You can't see it, but these models also rocked a cavaiar accent nail.

24 /36: Ann Yee presentation

24/36 :Ann Yee presentation

25 /36: Ann Yee presentation

25/36 :Ann Yee presentation

26 /36: Ann Yee presentation

26/36 :Ann Yee presentation

27 /36: Ann Yee presentation

27/36 :Ann Yee presentation

Lead artist Nick Irwin created this Geisha-inspired updo and used TIGI products to make the hair appear wet throughout the presentation.

28 /36: Makeup at Whitney Eve Spring 2013

28/36 :Makeup at Whitney Eve Spring 2013

29 /36: Natural look

29/36 :Natural look

This model has a natural makeup look as she gets her makeup and hair done backstage at NYFW Spring 2013.

30 /36: Final look

30/36 :Final look

This model shows off her final makeup look backstage during NYFW Spring 2013.

31 /36: Erickson Beamon

31/36 :Erickson Beamon

Hair and makeup for the Erickson Beamon NYFW show was very dramatic with and edgy twist.

32 /36: Erickson Beamon hair

32/36 :Erickson Beamon hair

Hair at the Erickson Beamon show was done by Sarah Potempa with Aussie on

33 /36: Lela Rose model

33/36 :Lela Rose model

Makeup for the Lela Rose show was done by Romy Soleimani with Stila and hair was done by Ted Gibson.

34 /36: Ted Gibson backstage

34/36 :Ted Gibson backstage

Hair stylist Ted Gibson styles a Lela Rose model's hair backstage during NYFW Spring 2013.

35 /36: Nails backstage

35/36 :Nails backstage

A NYFW model shows off her bold nails backstage.

36 /36: Jane Iredale

36/36 :Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale of Jane Iredale Cosmetics backstage at the Elie Tahari NYFW show for Spring 2013.