Short hairstyles

by SheKnows
Jul 30, 2011 at 3:25 p.m. ET
Jessica Stroup rocks a messy, short hairstyle

1 /290: Katy Perry

1/290 :Katy Perry

Katy Perry wears her short black hair in cute curls.

2 /290: Kris Jenner

2/290 :Kris Jenner

Queen of the short haircut, Kris Jenner shows off her swooping bangs in this hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

3 /290: Alexa Chung

3/290 :Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is short and choppy with this wash-and-go hairstyle that can be taken from the gym to the red carpet in no time. Photo courtesy WENN.

4 /290: Alex Jones

4/290 :Alex Jones

Alex Jones is short, curly and girly with this shiny brown hairstyle that's a combination of professional and playful. Photo courtesy WENN.

5 /290: Tilda Swinton

5/290 :Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton changes up her hair by adding product that gives it volume and shine. Photo courtesy WENN.

6 /290: Short Curly Brunette Bob

6/290 :Short Curly Brunette Bob

A short cut and angled layers give this curly bob a more playful shape.

7 /290: Adriane Palicki

7/290 :Adriane Palicki

Adriane Palicki puts her short hair in curls to channel Shirley Temple in this hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

8 /290: Dianna Agron

8/290 :Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron wears her hair with jagged edges and looks beautiful. Photo courtesy WENN

9 /290: Andi Osho

9/290 :Andi Osho

Andi Osho highlights her short black hair with blonde streaks. Photo courtesy WENN

10 /290: Bai Ling

10/290 :Bai Ling

Bai Ling styles her short hair in a straight bob. Photo courtesy WENN

11 /290: Angela Bassett

11/290 :Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett wears her short hair in this spiked rocker hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

12 /290: Christina Hendricks

12/290 :Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks curls her short bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

13 /290: Cody Horn

13/290 :Cody Horn

Cody Horn slicks her short hair back for this chic hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

14 /290: Ginnifer Goodwin

14/290 :Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin wears her short black hair in a tight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

15 /290: India Debeaufort

15/290 :India Debeaufort

India Debeaufort curls her short hair for this full hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

16 /290: Judi Evans

16/290 :Judi Evans

Judi Evans puts highlights and lowlights into her hair to add dimension. Photo courtesy WENN

17 /290: Linda Lavin

17/290 :Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin curls her short hair for this conservative hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

18 /290: Michelle Williams

18/290 :Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams wears her short blonde hair in a sweeping chic hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

19 /290: Cloris Leachman

19/290 :Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachman adds layers to her short hair. Photo courtesy WENN

20 /290: Condela Rashad

20/290 :Condela Rashad

Condela Rashad poufs her short black hair for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

21 /290: Cynthia Nixon

21/290 :Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon goes super short for her red hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

22 /290: Eva Marcille

22/290 :Eva Marcille

Eva Marcille colors her short hair blonde. Photo courtesy WENN

23 /290: Jessica Chastain

23/290 :Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain curls her short red hair for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

24 /290: Katherine Heigl

24/290 :Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl adds waves of curls to her short hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

25 /290: Nicola Maramotti

25/290 :Nicola Maramotti

Nicola Maramotti straightens her short blonde hair for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

26 /290: Tatyana Ali

26/290 :Tatyana Ali

Tatyana Ali curls her short black hair for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

27 /290: Valorie Curry

27/290 :Valorie Curry

Valorie Curry styles her short brown hair with sweeping bangs. Photo courtesy WENN

28 /290: Cecelia Ahern

28/290 :Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern styles her short hairstyle in waves. Photo courtesy WENN

29 /290: Chelsea Kane

29/290 :Chelsea Kane

Chelsea Kane styles her short hair in a straight angular hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

30 /290: Crystal Allen

30/290 :Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen highlights her short hair with blonde. Photo courtesy WENN

31 /290: Dame Kelly Homes

31/290 :Dame Kelly Homes

Dame Kelly Homes sweeps her bangs across her face with this short hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

32 /290: Jenn Jorge

32/290 :Jenn Jorge

Jenn Jorge wears her dark hair in this short sweeping hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

33 /290: Kristen Schaal

33/290 :Kristen Schaal

Kristen Schaal curls her short brown hair for this event. Photo courtesy WENN

34 /290: Lauren Koslow

34/290 :Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow wears her bangs in short sweeping style. Photo courtesy WENN

35 /290: Olivia Thirlby

35/290 :Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby styles her short brown hair in a sleek style. Photo courtesy WENN

36 /290: Sam Faiers

36/290 :Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers styles her short blonde hair in a bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

37 /290: Emily Browning

37/290 :Emily Browning

Emily Browning cuts her brown hair into a bob hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

38 /290: Fifi Box

38/290 :Fifi Box

Fifi Box lets her short blonde hair blow in the wind. Photo courtesy WENN

39 /290: Miley Cyrus

39/290 :Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus curls her short hair into waves for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

40 /290: Naomi Watts

40/290 :Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts wears her short blonde hair in a straight style. Photo courtesy WENN

41 /290: Brittany Snow

41/290 :Brittany Snow

Brittany Snow shows us her short bob hairstyle for this red carpet event. Photo courtesy of WENN.

42 /290: Elisha Cuthbert

42/290 :Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert wears her short hair teased out for this outdoor event. The perfect, low-maintenance hairstyle for short hair. Photo courtesy of WENN.

43 /290: Elisha Cuthbert bob

43/290 :Elisha Cuthbert bob

Elisha Cuthbert adds beach waves to her short blonde hair for the perfect summertime style. Photo courtesy of WENN.

44 /290: Katherine Heigl

44/290 :Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl looks regal with her short hair in curls for this movie premier. Photo courtesy of WENN.

45 /290: Miley Cyrus

45/290 :Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus looks classy in this asymmetrical short hairstyle for the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Photo courtesy of WENN.

46 /290: Paris Hilton

46/290 :Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton walks out of the club showing off her beautiful asymmetrical bob. Photo courtesy of WENN.

47 /290: Pixie Lott

47/290 :Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott goes bold with this short asymmetrical hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

48 /290: Scarlett Johansson

48/290 :Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson lets loose waves style her short hairstyle. Photo courtesy of WENN.

49 /290: Vanessa Hudgens

49/290 :Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her newly shorn locks at this charity event. Photo courtesy of WENN.

50 /290: Amber Rose

50/290 :Amber Rose

Amber Rose's hairstyle is as short as they come. After all, it's buzzed. She changes it up by dying it a platinum shade of blonde. Photo courtesy WENN.

51 /290: Francesca Gardiner

51/290 :Francesca Gardiner

Francesca Gardiner's short black bob stands out with tons of shine and straight, blunt lines. Photo courtesy WENN.

52 /290: Judith Godreche

52/290 :Judith Godreche

Judith Godreche takes on some of Princess Diana's classic style with this layered look. Photo courtesy WENN.

53 /290: MyAnna Buring

53/290 :MyAnna Buring

MyAnna Buring's adorable short bob borders on boyish, but is femininzed with a touch of curl at the ends. Photo courtesy WENN.

54 /290: Kelly Price

54/290 :Kelly Price

Kelly Price teases her hair up for this textured and layered hairstyle for round faces. Photo courtesy WENN.

55 /290: Laura Carmichael

55/290 :Laura Carmichael

Laura Carmichael's straight, short, assymetrical bob is shiny thanks to a few products and frequent upkeep. Photo courtesy WENN.

56 /290: Judith Godreche

56/290 :Judith Godreche

Judith Godreche puts her twist on a short hairstyle by letting one side of her red hair grow long. Photo courtesy WENN.

57 /290: Pixie Geldof

57/290 :Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof curls her short hair up and out, which makes it appear even shorts. Curls are a great way to add femininity to any length of hair. Photo courtesy WENN.

58 /290: Robyn

58/290 :Robyn

Robyn has super short hair, but she still managed to have bangs by combing her look forward and cutting a blunt line across. Photo courtesy WENN.

59 /290: Skylar Grey

59/290 :Skylar Grey

Skylar Grey goes a touch of gothic with this jet black hairstyle. Paired with pale skin and dark lips, she's a dark beauty to be reckoned with. Photo courtesy WENN.

60 /290: Alexandra Burke

60/290 :Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke takes on this adorable, shiny bob hairstyle that's short enough to be saddy put long enough to throw back into a ponytail if necessary. Photo courtesy WENN.

61 /290: Beverley Knight

61/290 :Beverley Knight

Beverley Knight is adorable and piecey with this simplistic hairstyle that's fun and energetic -- perfect for a young professional. Photo courtesy WENN.

62 /290: Carey Mulligan

62/290 :Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan swaps her traditionally blonde look for this subtle, red hairstyle that's a perfect pixie cut for the rising starlet. Photo courtesy WENN.

63 /290: Erin O'Connor

63/290 :Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor is slicked back and stunning, showing off those gorgeous green eyes and pretty, pale skin. Photo courtesy WENN.

64 /290: Zoe Lister

64/290 :Zoe Lister

Zoe Lister is layered and lovely with this voluminous, cute look that can be pulled back or worn down for a dash of sex appeal. Photo courtesy WENN.

65 /290: Gillian Taylforth

65/290 :Gillian Taylforth

Gillian Taylforth is simple and chic with this layered, blonde hairstyle that's easy to wash and go. Photo courtesy WENN.

66 /290: Katy Perry

66/290 :Katy Perry

Katy Perry rocks a retro look with this short, curly hairstyle that shows off her fun style. Photo courtesy WENN.

67 /290: Kelly Osbourne

67/290 :Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is slicked back and gorgeous, showing off her pouty mouth and pretty, rosy cheeks. Photo courtesy WENN.

68 /290: Mia Wasikowska

68/290 :Mia Wasikowska

Mia Wasikowska is pixie and adorable with this short, simplistic look that require little styling. Photo courtesy WENN.

69 /290: Erin O'Connor

69/290 :Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor looks edgy and dark with this front-combed look that's actually quite versatile. Comb it back for a sleek look or part it at the side for sexy sophistication. Photo courtesy WENN.

70 /290: Fearne Cotton

70/290 :Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton curls up her hair into these kinked up curly cues, but if she were to straighten her hair, it would be long and lux. It's the perfect length for the picky, trendy girl. Photo courtesy WENN.

71 /290: Frankie Sandford

71/290 :Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford is an adorable pixie with this side parted haircut. The long strand of hair up front gives the allusion of long, feminine hair while the short cut in back gives it some sass. Photo courtesy WENN.

72 /290: Emma Watson

72/290 :Emma Watson

Emma Watson looks sweet and youthful with this pixie hairstyle. As she grows up, the "Harry Potter" actress just keeps getting more and more stylish. Photo courtesy WENN.

73 /290: Kim Cattrall

73/290 :Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall shows off her trademark short, curly hairstyle that made her a sex symbol that every woman wants to be, every man wants to be with. Photo courtesy WENN.

74 /290: Michelle Williams

74/290 :Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams looks soft and feminine with this short, pixie hairstyle that has become her trademark through the years. Photo courtesy WENN.

75 /290: Meg Ryan

75/290 :Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan curls up her short hairstyle with a small curling iron to get these tight, cute curls that bounce as she walks. Photo courtesy WENN.

76 /290: Carey Mulligan

76/290 :Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is pixie adorable with this pretty, soft, short hairstyle that perfectly suits her oval face and innocent eyes. Photo courtesy WENN.

77 /290: Jaime Winstone

77/290 :Jaime Winstone

Jaime Winstone looks casual chic with this simplistic, wavy, platinum blonde hairstyle that makes her honey brown peepers pop. Photo courtesy WENN.

78 /290: Maggie Gyllenhaal

78/290 :Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal is curled up and shiny with this short hairstyle that could be worn shoulder length if it were straightened. Photo courtesy WENN.

79 /290: Short Hair - Short cropped style

79/290 :Short Hair - Short cropped style

Go short with a cute cropped cut.

80 /290: Highlighted Layered Short Bob

80/290 :Highlighted Layered Short Bob

A cute curly bob with long layers and blonde highlights.

81 /290: Short Tightly Curled Bob

81/290 :Short Tightly Curled Bob

A short bob with angled layers helps shape these tight curls.

82 /290: Short Playful Curly Bob

82/290 :Short Playful Curly Bob

A short bob with blonde curls for a cheeky and playful look.

83 /290: Blonde Bob Layered Curls

83/290 :Blonde Bob Layered Curls

Layered curls bring shape to this short blonde bob.

84 /290: Short Playful Volume

84/290 :Short Playful Volume

A short cut with stacked layers give a playful volume packed look to the curls.

85 /290: Short Straight Bob With Bangs

85/290 :Short Straight Bob With Bangs

A sleek short bob with eyebrow hitting bangs.

86 /290: Short Cheeky Cut

86/290 :Short Cheeky Cut

A cheeky short cut with bangs for an easy and sassy look.

87 /290: Cropped Short Layers

87/290 :Cropped Short Layers

Short cut with layers for a simple and chic look.

88 /290: Short Hair - Heavily layered bob

88/290 :Short Hair - Heavily layered bob

Go short with a heavily layered bob.

89 /290: Short Choppy Layers with Bangs

89/290 :Short Choppy Layers with Bangs

A playful and fun cut with many layers and bangs.

90 /290: Short Hair - Long pixie

90/290 :Short Hair - Long pixie

Go short with a long pixie cut.

91 /290: Face Framing Razor-Cut Bob

91/290 :Face Framing Razor-Cut Bob

A longer short cut with razor-cut angled layers framing the face.

92 /290: Short Hair - Layered bob

92/290 :Short Hair - Layered bob

Go short with a trendy layered bob.

93 /290: Modified Bob

93/290 :Modified Bob

A short blonde bob with longer bangs and longer smooth layers.

94 /290: Short Hair - Cute cropped cut

94/290 :Short Hair - Cute cropped cut

Go short with a cute cropped cut.

95 /290: Short Hair - Highlighted pixie

95/290 :Short Hair - Highlighted pixie

Go short with a highlighted pixie cut.

96 /290: Blonde Undercut Bob

96/290 :Blonde Undercut Bob

A chin length undercut bob is the perfect low maintenance short cut.

97 /290: Short Hair - Pixie with fringe

97/290 :Short Hair - Pixie with fringe

Go short with a pixie cut with fringe.

98 /290: Messy Blonde Bob

98/290 :Messy Blonde Bob

Messy, choppy layers give this bob a feathery look.

99 /290: Short Hair - Pixie

99/290 :Short Hair - Pixie

Go short with a pixie.

100 /290: Short Spiky Cut

100/290 :Short Spiky Cut

Closely cut hairstyle with more daring spiked top.

101 /290: Cute Short Layers

101/290 :Cute Short Layers

Chopped and layered for a wispy and playful look.

102 /290: Short Hair - Layered and cropped bob

102/290 :Short Hair - Layered and cropped bob

Go short with a layered and cropped bob.

103 /290: Sleek Classic Bob

103/290 :Sleek Classic Bob

A simple and classic looking bob is a great short cut choice.

104 /290: Short Hair - Smooth bob with bangs

104/290 :Short Hair - Smooth bob with bangs

Go short with a smooth bob with bangs.

105 /290: Face Framing Bob with Bangs

105/290 :Face Framing Bob with Bangs

A simple bob with framing layers and bangs is a perfect compliment with round faces.

106 /290: Short Hair - Pixie with highlights

106/290 :Short Hair - Pixie with highlights

Go short with a pixie with highlights.

107 /290: Short Hair - Long razor cut bob

107/290 :Short Hair - Long razor cut bob

The classic bob features razor cut layers.

108 /290: Classic Blunt Bang Bob

108/290 :Classic Blunt Bang Bob

A simple single layer classic bob with dramatic bangs.

109 /290: Short Hair - Super short pixie

109/290 :Short Hair - Super short pixie

Go super short with a pixie.

110 /290: Razor-cut Pixie Cut

110/290 :Razor-cut Pixie Cut

A bold, platinum blonde pixie cut with sideswept bangs.

111 /290: Short Hair - Rounded bob

111/290 :Short Hair - Rounded bob

Go short with a rounded bob.

112 /290: Messy Pixie with Bangs

112/290 :Messy Pixie with Bangs

Messily cut layered pixie with fringe cut bangs.

113 /290: Short Hair - Bob with waves

113/290 :Short Hair - Bob with waves

Go short with a bob with waves.

114 /290: Chic Layered Short Cut

114/290 :Chic Layered Short Cut

A glamourous curled layered short cut with a messy part and side swept bangs.

115 /290: Short Hair - Cropped bob

115/290 :Short Hair - Cropped bob

Go short with a cropped bob.

116 /290: Shoulder Length Bob

116/290 :Shoulder Length Bob

A chic shoulder brushing bob with bangs.

117 /290: Short Layered Cut

117/290 :Short Layered Cut

Face framing layers gives a fresh look and shape with this short cut.

118 /290: Short Hair - Angled bob

118/290 :Short Hair - Angled bob

The bob features angled layers.

119 /290: Short Hair - Cropped with angled front

119/290 :Short Hair - Cropped with angled front

The bob features an angled front.

120 /290: Choppy Bob with Bangs

120/290 :Choppy Bob with Bangs

Blunt long bangs and a choppy layered bob.

121 /290: Feathered Bob with Bangs

121/290 :Feathered Bob with Bangs

Razor-cut layers give a feathered look with side swept bangs.

122 /290: Short Hair - Chic bob with volume