Summer hairstyles

by SheKnows
Aug 16, 2012 at 7:36 p.m. ET
Nothing says summer like a quick, easy and effortless looking ponytail.

1 /14: Sexy beach toss

1/14 :Sexy beach toss

Get this sexy fresh from the beach look , perfect whether you want to go casual or glam.

2 /14: Romantic braid

2/14 :Romantic braid

When you want to add a little flair without a lot of work, add this romantic braid to an otherwise down ‘do.

3 /14: Side knot

3/14 :Side knot

The side knot is a great versatile hairstyle to take you from summer beach days to a night out on the town.

4 /14: Chic bun

4/14 :Chic bun

A quick bun keeps hair up and out of the way and can be played up or down with accessories.

5 /14: Long and wavy

5/14 :Long and wavy

The quintessential summer hair- long, wavy locks. Have stick straight hair? We’ll still get you there.

6 /14: Braid and bun

6/14 :Braid and bun

For a playful style, try this French braid leading into a bun. Equals parts romantic and chic and perfect all summer long.

7 /14: Textured pony

7/14 :Textured pony

Not slicked back, but not messy, the textured pony falls right in the middle and is the perfect quick summer style.

8 /14: Chignon

8/14 :Chignon

This classic low-bun is a staple chic summer do. Perfect for an evening out, but easy to make casual with a headband or bangs.

9 /14: Rolled top knot

9/14 :Rolled top knot

Have fun with your hair with this playful twist on a traditional top knot .

10 /14: Braided top knot

10/14 :Braided top knot

Add a touch of romance with a braided top knot. Easy, quick and secure- perfect for a busy summer day.

11 /14: Ponytail bun

11/14 :Ponytail bun

Low, messy, and perfect for keeping hair off your neck. This ponytail bun is a great summer style.

12 /14: Dramatic side part

12/14 :Dramatic side part

This summer style is right on trend. A dramatic side part pulled up into a chignon, or just leave it down and super straight for a more sophisticated look.

13 /14: Bohemian updo

13/14 :Bohemian updo

This braided updo is a great summer ‘do with a relaxing bohemian feel. Photo courtesy of WENN.

14 /14: Sleek ponytail

14/14 :Sleek ponytail

A year-round staple this sleek tightly pulled back ponytail is an effortless but stunning style.