Refreshing summer sips

by SheKnows
Aug 16, 2012 at 7:38 p.m. ET
Making your own iced coffee or blended coffee drink is not only an easy endeavor, it is more economical than a daily drink from Starbucks or another local coffee counter. Sip this tasty blended vanilla mocha, and you'll have no trouble telling your barrista "bye-bye."

1 /14: Green smoothie

1/14 :Green smoothie

Made especially popular by Dr. Oz, green drinks are a whole food solution to getting more nutrient-dense vegetables (and fruit, depending on the green drink recipe) into your diet while helping you detoxify your system in the most natural way.

2 /14: Strawberry soda pop

2/14 :Strawberry soda pop

If you feel like you've been missing out on homemade soda because you don't own one of those fancy do-it-yourself machines, don't fret. Soda is a pretty simple thing to make — flavored syrup is mixed with sparkling water. Give this homemade strawberry soda a try!

3 /14: Iced green tea with ginger

3/14 :Iced green tea with ginger

On a scorching hot day nothing beats a tall glass of iced tea. This recipe mixes ginger with green tea for great taste. Along with tasting terrific, green tea includes a lot of antioxidants and compounds to help maintain good health (studies reveal a number of disease-fighting propertie

4 /14: Boozy popsicles

4/14 :Boozy popsicles

Looking for a more adult way to cool off this summer? These strong, delightful desserts take the innocent Popsicle and pump it up with booze and adult flavors.

5 /14: Pomegranate tequila recipes

5/14 :Pomegranate tequila recipes

Tequila's always good in shot form or mixed with lime juice for a margarita. But who says you need to add fruit for the perfect tequila cocktail? Now you can have a fruity tequila without the extra hassle.

6 /14: Cran-raspberry fizz

6/14 :Cran-raspberry fizz

This simple beverage from The Pampered Chef's Fall/Winter 2007 Season's Best Recipe Collection takes just minutes to make and tastes wonderful!

7 /14: Lavender lemonade

7/14 :Lavender lemonade

While pink lemonade may induce nostalgic childhood memories, it often relies on food coloring to achieve its rose hue. Skip the artificial coloring! Lavender gives this lemonade a beautiful violet color, and it also adds a unique and soothing herbal flavor.

8 /14: Italian apple martini

8/14 :Italian apple martini

As much as we love a crisp apple, sometimes you need a drink! This twist on an apple martini may just be our new favorite way to indulge in the flavors of the classic fruit.

9 /14: Tequila lime pie shooters

9/14 :Tequila lime pie shooters

Delight your taste buds and trick your tequila-loving friends! This easy, frozen tequila dessert is delicious — including the worm!

10 /14: Caribou Lou

10/14 :Caribou Lou

The Caribou Lou isn't your typical fruity, girly cocktail. The combo of 151 proof rum, coconut rum and pineapple juice is strong enough to stand up against even the manliest cocktails. One sip and you'll be transported to white sand beaches and crystal clear waters!

11 /14: Cherry-infused old fashioned cocktail

11/14 :Cherry-infused old fashioned cocktail

This cherry-infused bourbon takes five minutes to whip up and after a week it will be ready to enjoy year-round. It's delicious on its own or in a classic old-fashioned cocktail.

12 /14: Mojito Diablo

12/14 :Mojito Diablo

The mojito diablo adds a splash of devilish flavor to the classic Cuban cocktail. All the refreshing flavors you love in mojitos but with tequila instead of the usual rum.

13 /14: Shirley temple and more mocktails

13/14 :Shirley temple and more mocktails

Grown-ups get to cool off with fun summer cocktails, but don't leave the kids out of the festive drink fun! Make up some refreshing mocktailsfor them to enjoy!

14 /14: Spiked watermelon punch

14/14 :Spiked watermelon punch

Turn a basic watermelon into a super-cool melon cocktail keg by carving it out and adding a tapper. Fill it with spiked watermelon punch and wow all your guests!