Best makeup looks for GNO

by SheKnows
Jan 7, 2012 at 1:44 a.m. ET
Give yourself a glitter effect with just a touch of sparkle on the eyes. Don’t overdo it, but have fun!

1 /9: Strong eyebrows

1/9 :Strong eyebrows

Still very in style, go for the more natural full eyebrows over the thin, over-plucked look.

2 /9: Rose lips

2/9 :Rose lips

If you aren’t feeling the bright red look, go for a hardly-there look in rose or pink. Or if you have naturally pink lips, look for a light gloss to add some shine.

3 /9: Red lips

3/9 :Red lips

Go classic with simple red lips and nude make-up everywhere else. It's a quick and easy way to jazz up your night out.

4 /9: Pop of color

4/9 :Pop of color

Leaving the rest of your face nude, add a pop of color somewhere to create a low-key but interesting look. Think yellow eyeshadow or blue mascara.

5 /9: Low-key cat eye

5/9 :Low-key cat eye

Tone the cat-eye down by not extending the line beyond the eye socket. Or jazz it up with colored lines for a non-tapering look.

6 /9: Lighter eyes

6/9 :Lighter eyes

Be fashion forward. Opt for white-, gray- or silver-hued eyeshadows for a more dramatic shine and a fresh look.

7 /9: Dramatically smoky eyes

7/9 :Dramatically smoky eyes

Go dramatic with the smoky eye effect. To lighten it up, try using an eyeshadow in a color other than black.

8 /9: Doll-like eyelashes

8/9 :Doll-like eyelashes

For a fresh and flirty look, pick up a pair of fake eyelashes to help make your eyes appear larger and more doll-like.

9 /9: Sun-kissed face

9/9 :Sun-kissed face

Head out with a fresh sun-kissed look this spring. It's easy to achieve with a peach shimmer bronzer brushed all over your face.