kate walsh celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 5, 2012 at 11:22 a.m. ET
Kate Walsh is stunning in bright red lipstick and soft wavy hair.

1 /40: Kate Walsh's elegant make-up

1/40 :Kate Walsh's elegant make-up

Kate Walsh looks elegantly flush in her neutral make-up and heavily lined eyes.

2 /40: Kate Walsh in blue

2/40 :Kate Walsh in blue

This one-shoulder midnight blue gown is a showstopper on Kate Walsh.

3 /40: Kate Walsh with a patterned scarf

3/40 :Kate Walsh with a patterned scarf

Kate Walsh accessorizes with a patterned scarf over her patent leather jacket.

4 /40: Kate Walsh with sheer lace

4/40 :Kate Walsh with sheer lace

The sheer lace top and sleeves of Kate Walsh's LBD add an interesting element.

5 /40: Kate Walsh looks sun-kissed

5/40 :Kate Walsh looks sun-kissed

Kate Walsh looks like a sun-kissed goddess with bronzer and soft waves.

6 /40: Kate Walsh in a frock

6/40 :Kate Walsh in a frock

A simple light blue frock paired with black sandals give Kate Walsh a sense of casual elegance.

7 /40: Kate Walsh in black dress

7/40 :Kate Walsh in black dress

Kate Walsh pairs a printed black dress with neutral sandals for her about-town look.

8 /40: Kate Walsh in a wide neck sweater

8/40 :Kate Walsh in a wide neck sweater

Pairing a wide neck sweater and boot cut jeans shows Kate Walsh's casual style.

9 /40: Kate Walsh in crocheted top

9/40 :Kate Walsh in crocheted top

In a mini crocheted electric blue dress, Kate Walsh shows us her playful style.

10 /40: Kate Walsh in a gown

10/40 :Kate Walsh in a gown

Kate Walsh's drop earrings are a perfect match for her gown.

11 /40: Kate Walsh with a styled bob

11/40 :Kate Walsh with a styled bob

A conservative styled bob look suits Kate Walsh's style.

12 /40: Kate Walsh with skinny belt

12/40 :Kate Walsh with skinny belt

Kate Walsh adds a skinny black belt to her lace overlay dress.

13 /40: Kate Walsh's quirky style

13/40 :Kate Walsh's quirky style

The braid detail on Kate Walsh's jacket shows off her quirky personality.

14 /40: Kate Walsh in a white dress

14/40 :Kate Walsh in a white dress

Kate Walsh adds a touch of color to her white dress with a black skinny belt and pumps.

15 /40: Kate Walsh in olive green

15/40 :Kate Walsh in olive green

The off-center zipper on Kate Walsh's olive green dress adds an unexpected detail.

16 /40: Kate Walsh in sheer top

16/40 :Kate Walsh in sheer top

This sexy sheer patterned top looks ravishing on Kate Walsh.

17 /40: Kate Walsh in black coat

17/40 :Kate Walsh in black coat

The knee-length black coat layered over Kate Walsh's denim mini dress keeps her warm and looking hot.

18 /40: Kate Walsh with soft pink lips

18/40 :Kate Walsh with soft pink lips

Kate Walsh mixes up her look with soft pink lips and burgundy eyeshadow.

19 /40: Kate Walsh with a bow detail

19/40 :Kate Walsh with a bow detail

The chiffon bow on Kate Walsh's one-shoulder dress adds a whimsical touch of femininity.

20 /40: Kate Walsh's sexy style

20/40 :Kate Walsh's sexy style

This off-the-shoulder lace overlay dress defines Kate Walsh's sexiness.

21 /40: Kate Walsh with an up-do

21/40 :Kate Walsh with an up-do

Kate Walsh's side swept up-do and long bang shows us her elegant style.

22 /40: Kate Walsh in black pumps

22/40 :Kate Walsh in black pumps

This simple blue frock is perfect when paired with Kate Walsh's black pumps.

23 /40: Kate Walsh in nude trench

23/40 :Kate Walsh in nude trench

A nude trench coat is perfect for keeping warm on Kate Walsh's night on the town.

24 /40: Kate Walsh with a boat-neck neckline

24/40 :Kate Walsh with a boat-neck neckline

The boat-neck neckline on Kate Walsh's shiny bronze dress looks fabulous.

25 /40: Kate Walsh in a bun

25/40 :Kate Walsh in a bun

Kate Walsh wears her hair in a bun to showcase her diamond chandalier earrings.

26 /40: Kate Walsh in puff bottom dress

26/40 :Kate Walsh in puff bottom dress

This puff bottom dress shows us why Kate Walsh is the people's choice.

27 /40: Kate Walsh in black trench

27/40 :Kate Walsh in black trench

Kate Walsh manages to look elegant even when covered up with a black trench coat.

28 /40: Kate Walsh is people's choice

28/40 :Kate Walsh is people's choice

The sheer chevron shaped detail on Kate Walsh's pantsuit adds a dramatic flair.

29 /40: Kate Walsh with gold necklace

29/40 :Kate Walsh with gold necklace

Kate Walsh layers delicate gold necklaces to compliment the deep v of her t-shirt.

30 /40: Kate Walsh in leather leggings

30/40 :Kate Walsh in leather leggings

Leather leggings coupled with a black cropped sweater are highlighting Kate Walsh's yellow clutch.

31 /40: Kate Walsh in a fedora

31/40 :Kate Walsh in a fedora

Kate Walsh adds a black oversized fedora to her pale yellow trench coat and matching shiny pumps.

32 /40: Kate Walsh in skin tight mini

32/40 :Kate Walsh in skin tight mini

Showing off her curves in this skin tight burgundy mini dress, Kate Walsh shows her daring style.

33 /40: Kate Walsh in pencil skirt

33/40 :Kate Walsh in pencil skirt

Kate Walsh exudes sexy elegance in this deep v-nec lace top and red pencil skirt.

34 /40: Kate Walsh working out

34/40 :Kate Walsh working out

Only Kate Walsh could make working out look so good.

35 /40: Kate Walsh's hairstyle

35/40 :Kate Walsh's hairstyle

Kate Walsh dons straight locks and a bronzed finish for this sun-kissed look.

36 /40: Kate Walsh in taupe dress

36/40 :Kate Walsh in taupe dress

Kate Walsh covers up her taupe dress with an ivory blazer.

37 /40: Kate Walsh with diamond earrings

37/40 :Kate Walsh with diamond earrings

Kate Walsh shines as much as her egg shaped diamond earrings.

38 /40: Kate Walsh in shiny top

38/40 :Kate Walsh in shiny top

The silver shiny top that Kate Walsh pairs with a black puff skirt is a nice contrast.

39 /40: Kate Walsh is fresh faced

39/40 :Kate Walsh is fresh faced

Kate Walsh as a fresh faced beauty.

40 /40: Kate Walsh in a romper

40/40 :Kate Walsh in a romper

We get a chance to marvel at all of Kate Walsh's assets in this exaggerated v-neck romper.