carrie underwood celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 5, 2012 at 10:39 a.m. ET
The crystal studded neckline on Carrie Underwood's micro mini dress adds a dynamic detail.

1 /40: Carrie Underwood in a white dress

1/40 :Carrie Underwood in a white dress

Carrie Underwood is a bronze beauty in this white dress and awesome ankle strap shoes.

2 /40: Carrie Underwood's up-do

2/40 :Carrie Underwood's up-do

Carrie Underwood's low slung up-do showcases her beautiful smile.

3 /40: Carrie Underwood in black booties

3/40 :Carrie Underwood in black booties

Black booties pair perfectly with Carrie Underwood's black embellished shorts.

4 /40: Carrie Underwood with bangs

4/40 :Carrie Underwood with bangs

Carrie Underwood wears bangs and oversized silver chandalier earrings to complete this look.

5 /40: Carrie Underwood in chiffon dress

5/40 :Carrie Underwood in chiffon dress

Carrie Underwood wears a wide collar deep v-neck chiffon dress.

6 /40: Carrie Underwood with loose up-do

6/40 :Carrie Underwood with loose up-do

Carrie Underwood's beauty is so refreshing in this lose up-do and wippy curled bang.

7 /40: Carrie Underwood with low ponytail

7/40 :Carrie Underwood with low ponytail

Carrie Underwood wears a low ponytail to highlight her beautiful smokey eyes.

8 /40: Carrie Underwood in lace

8/40 :Carrie Underwood in lace

Carrie Underwood shows us her ultra feminine side in this lace dress.

9 /40: Carrie Underwood in purple gown

9/40 :Carrie Underwood in purple gown

The ebellished bead detail on Carrie Underwood's vibrant purple gown add to it's unmistakeable beauty.

10 /40: Carrie Underwood in loose curls

10/40 :Carrie Underwood in loose curls

Carrie Underwood wears long soft curls to this black tie event.

11 /40: Carrie Underwood with bow detail

11/40 :Carrie Underwood with bow detail

The large bow detail on the hip of Carrie Underwood's tan and black dress adds flair to her look.

12 /40: Carrie Underwood in beige

12/40 :Carrie Underwood in beige

Carrie Underwood is anything but neutral in this beige flared skirt hem.

13 /40: Carrie Underwood with long scarf

13/40 :Carrie Underwood with long scarf

Carrie Underwood accessorizes with a long scarf over her black jacket.

14 /40: Carrie Underwood in red lace

14/40 :Carrie Underwood in red lace

Carrie Underwood looks absolutely ravishing in this red lace bodiced gown.

15 /40: Carrie Underwood in denim shirt

15/40 :Carrie Underwood in denim shirt

Carrie Underwood wears a dramatic skirt and denim shirt white on stage.

16 /40: Carrie Underwood in sexy tuxedo

16/40 :Carrie Underwood in sexy tuxedo

Carrie Underwood wears her own feminine version of a tuxedo while performing.

17 /40: Carrie Underwood in platform booties

17/40 :Carrie Underwood in platform booties

Carrie Underwood wears over-the-knee black socks and gold studded platform booties with grey shorts.

18 /40: Carrie Underwood plays ball

18/40 :Carrie Underwood plays ball

Carrie Underwood gets a home run in her baseball jersey and running shorts.

19 /40: Carrie Underwood with full curls

19/40 :Carrie Underwood with full curls

A long side swept bang and long full curls frame Carrie Undewood's beautiful face.

20 /40: Carrie Underwood in metallic mini

20/40 :Carrie Underwood in metallic mini

Carrie Underwood shines in this silver metallic mini dress.

21 /40: Carrie Underwood in strapless gown

21/40 :Carrie Underwood in strapless gown

Carrie Underwood finishes off her strapless full skirt gown with strappy stilettos.

22 /40: Carrie Underwood's sleep hairstyle

22/40 :Carrie Underwood's sleep hairstyle

This straight sleek up-do on Carrie Underwood highlights her bold gold disc earrings.

23 /40: Carrie Underwood with disk earrings

23/40 :Carrie Underwood with disk earrings

Carrie Underwood creates a dramatic style with all of the unexpected detail on her off-white dress.

24 /40: Carrie Underwood in sweater

24/40 :Carrie Underwood in sweater

Carrie Underwood is cuddly cute in this royal blue sweater and jeans.

25 /40: Carrie Underwood in white jeans

25/40 :Carrie Underwood in white jeans

Carrie Underwood layers her white jacket over a silver metallic tank top and finishes it off with white jeans.

26 /40: Carrie Underwood with hoop earrings

26/40 :Carrie Underwood with hoop earrings

The large silver hoops compliment the silver detail on Carrie Underwood's top.

27 /40: Carrie Underwood onset

27/40 :Carrie Underwood onset

Carrie Underwood makes camping lok adorable in khaki horts and peach tank top.

28 /40: Carrie Underwood in skinny jeans

28/40 :Carrie Underwood in skinny jeans

Carrie Underwood keeps her casual chic look going in an embellished black tank top and skinny jeans.

29 /40: Carrie Underwood in white t-shirt

29/40 :Carrie Underwood in white t-shirt

Carrie Underwood's casual style of a long vest over a white t-shirt and cuffed jeans never looked better.

30 /40: Carrie Underwood in a-symmetrical gown

30/40 :Carrie Underwood in a-symmetrical gown

Carrie Underwood looks stunning in this white a-symmetrical bodice gown.

31 /40: Carrie Underwood with soft curls

31/40 :Carrie Underwood with soft curls

A jeweled banett helps Carrie Underwood control her soft curls.

32 /40: Carrie Underwood in strappy heels

32/40 :Carrie Underwood in strappy heels

The beaded chain detail of Carrie Underwood's dress pairs perfectly with her strappy heels.

33 /40: Carrie Underwood with clutch

33/40 :Carrie Underwood with clutch

Carrie Underwood's beaded and stud lined clutch dresses up her whole outfit.

34 /40: Carrie Underwood with diamond earrings

34/40 :Carrie Underwood with diamond earrings

Long diamond drop earrings are amazing on Carrie Underwood.

35 /40: Carrie Underwood with lace train

35/40 :Carrie Underwood with lace train

The black short lace train on Carrie Underwood's dress adds a bit of flavor for her red carpet look.

36 /40: Carrie Underwood with dramatic make-up

36/40 :Carrie Underwood with dramatic make-up

Carrie Underwood exudes sweetness in her pale pink lips and dramatic black eyeliner.

37 /40: Carrie Underwood in champagne dress

37/40 :Carrie Underwood in champagne dress

Carrie Underwood outshines her champagne colored metallic dress.

38 /40: Carrie Underwood goes backless

Image: Nikki Nelson /

38/40 :Carrie Underwood goes backless

Carrie Underwood looks stunning in this salmon dress with jeweled embellishment.

39 /40: Carrie Underwood in sequins

Image: Apega/

39/40 :Carrie Underwood in sequins

Carrie Underwood looks fabulous in this magenta, sequined gown with a high neck.

40 /40: Carrie Underwood in flowered gown

Image: Judy Eddy/

40/40 :Carrie Underwood in flowered gown

Carrie Underwood wears a white gown with flower embroidery and completes the look with soft curls swept to one shoulder.