taylor swift celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 5, 2012 at 10:33 a.m. ET
Taylor Swift shows off her dramatic eyes with a fabulous pair of false eyelashes.

1 /46: Taylor Swift in red

1/46 :Taylor Swift in red

Taylor Swift radiates femininity in this red chiffon dress.

2 /46: Taylor Swift in a cardigan

2/46 :Taylor Swift in a cardigan

Taylor Swift's classic cardigan with the big red bow make her look like a true gift.

3 /46: Taylor Swift in an accordian skirt

3/46 :Taylor Swift in an accordian skirt

Pairing a yellow accordian skirt and black cardigan, Taylor Swift shows a sense of adventure with her style.

4 /46: Taylor Swift in nude gown

4/46 :Taylor Swift in nude gown

Taylor Swift accents her stunning nude gown with a soft nude lip.

5 /46: Taylor Swift with classic glam

5/46 :Taylor Swift with classic glam

Bright red lips give Taylor Swift a classic glam look.

6 /46: Taylor Swift in an updo

6/46 :Taylor Swift in an updo

Taylor Swift's Hollywood updo and cat eye make-up give her a sophisticated edge.

7 /46: Taylor Swift in stripes

7/46 :Taylor Swift in stripes

This striped, sheer dress shows Taylor Swift can be naughty and nice.

8 /46: Taylor Swift in grey jumper

8/46 :Taylor Swift in grey jumper

Coupling a pair of sheer tights with a grey jumper gives Taylor Swift the perfect day-to-evening look.

9 /46: Taylor Swift's bohemian style

9/46 :Taylor Swift's bohemian style

Taylor Swift looks casually bohemian in this sheer bottomed pale dress.

10 /46: Taylor Swift in white dress

10/46 :Taylor Swift in white dress

Channeling Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift shows us she's ready to grow up.

11 /46: Taylor Swift in ponytail

11/46 :Taylor Swift in ponytail

Taylor Swift wears an elegant ponytail to highlight her glamorous look.

12 /46: Taylor Swift in pale yellow

12/46 :Taylor Swift in pale yellow

This pale yellow dress gives Taylor Swift a casual yet dressy look.

13 /46: Taylor Swift with skinny belt

13/46 :Taylor Swift with skinny belt

A skinny gold belt draws your eye to Taylor Swift's skinny waistline.

14 /46: Taylor Swift with soft curls

14/46 :Taylor Swift with soft curls

Taylor Swift's soft curls and side ponytaile reveal the soft side of sophistication.

15 /46: Taylor Swift with big earrings

15/46 :Taylor Swift with big earrings

A dramatic side part and big earrings complete Taylor Swift's evening look.

16 /46: Taylor Swift in an evening gown

16/46 :Taylor Swift in an evening gown

Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in this embellished evening gown.

17 /46: Taylor Swift with hoop earrings

17/46 :Taylor Swift with hoop earrings

Even in the early years, Taylor Swfit knew how to accessorize with large hoop earrings.

18 /46: Taylor Swift in a detailed gown

18/46 :Taylor Swift in a detailed gown

This detailed gown is as lovely as Taylor Swift herself.

19 /46: Taylor Swift's casual style

19/46 :Taylor Swift's casual style

Taylor Swift is casual, yet put together in this floral print summer dress.

20 /46: Taylor Swift in lace

20/46 :Taylor Swift in lace

Taylor Swfit's lace overlay gown brings out her true beauty.

21 /46: Taylor Swift in biker boots

21/46 :Taylor Swift in biker boots

Taylor Swift keeps it cool and funky in these tall biker boots and side braid.

22 /46: Taylor Swift in white and black

22/46 :Taylor Swift in white and black

The black belt and hem of Taylor Swift's white dress add demention to her look.

23 /46: Taylor Swift with a side braid

23/46 :Taylor Swift with a side braid

Taylor Swift makes a side braid and beanie a must have.

24 /46: Taylor Swift with wavy hair

24/46 :Taylor Swift with wavy hair

Long, soft, wavy hair makes Taylor Swift a vision of loveliness.

25 /46: Taylor swift in a summer dress

25/46 :Taylor swift in a summer dress

Pairing a long cardigan over a summer dress is a great way for Taylor Swift to stay warm.

26 /46: Taylor Swift with large waves

26/46 :Taylor Swift with large waves

Taylor Swift's large, soft waves show us how versitile her hair can be.

27 /46: Taylor Swift in off-the-shoulder sweater

27/46 :Taylor Swift in off-the-shoulder sweater

Taylor Swift layers an off-the-shoulder lace sweater over her halter dress.

28 /46: Taylor Swift in ruffles

28/46 :Taylor Swift in ruffles

A one-shoulder ruffled dress looks great on Taylor Swift.

29 /46: Taylor Swift in a t-shirt

29/46 :Taylor Swift in a t-shirt

Taylor Swift coordinates her outfit by pairing a black striped t-shirt over a black skirt.

30 /46: Taylor Swift in a mini dress

30/46 :Taylor Swift in a mini dress

Taylor Swift shines as much as her embellished mini dress.

31 /46: Taylor Swift in a red skirt

31/46 :Taylor Swift in a red skirt

A black striped t-shirt and red skirt proves Taylor Swift isn't afraid of color.

32 /46: Taylor Swift with cut outs in her dress

32/46 :Taylor Swift with cut outs in her dress

The sheer cut-outs in Taylor Swift's dress shows her daring style.

33 /46: Taylor Swift with red lips

33/46 :Taylor Swift with red lips

Once again, Taylor Swift shows off her feminine side with this beautiful updo.

34 /46: Taylor Swift in an LBD

34/46 :Taylor Swift in an LBD

Taylor Swift's LBD is stunning with her bold red lips.

35 /46: Taylor Swift's natural style

35/46 :Taylor Swift's natural style

Taylor Swift goes natural for her daytime look.

36 /46: Taylor Swift in stillettos

36/46 :Taylor Swift in stillettos

Pairing an embellished mini dress and strappy stilletos is a hit for Taylor Swift.

37 /46: Taylor Swift with heavy bangs

37/46 :Taylor Swift with heavy bangs

Taylor Swift reveals her heavy bang and straight hair.

38 /46: Taylor Swift in skinny jeans

38/46 :Taylor Swift in skinny jeans

Knee high boots and skinny jeans are every girls go-to look, including Taylor Swift.

39 /46: Taylor Swift in hooded peacoat

39/46 :Taylor Swift in hooded peacoat

Taylor Swift wears a hooded classic peacoat.

40 /46: Taylor Swift in sequins

40/46 :Taylor Swift in sequins

This sequined and beaded dress is a definite change for Taylor Swift's style.

41 /46: Taylor Swift in blue

41/46 :Taylor Swift in blue

Taylor Swift shoes some moxy pairing blue heels with a purple dress.

42 /46: Taylor Swift in a hat

42/46 :Taylor Swift in a hat

This blue slouchy hat brings out Taylor Swift's playful style.

43 /46: Taylor Swift in Mary Janes

43/46 :Taylor Swift in Mary Janes

These red Mary Janes let us know Taylor Swift isn't in Kansas anymore.

44 /46: Taylor Swift in knee high boots

44/46 :Taylor Swift in knee high boots

Taylor Swift pairs knee high boots with a mini dress.

45 /46: Taylor Swift in plum

Image: WENN.com

45/46 :Taylor Swift in plum

Taylor Swift attends the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in a gorgeous, plum gown with an elegant updo to finish the look!

46 /46: Taylor Swift in white

Image: Apega/WENN.com

46/46 :Taylor Swift in white

Taylor Swift dawns a low-cut, white dress with light blue earrings to add some color