selena gomez celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 5, 2012 at 10:29 a.m. ET
A simple white tank over cargo leggings shows Selena Gomez's casual style.

1 /45: Selena Gomez in boots

1/45 :Selena Gomez in boots

These boots were made for walking and Selena Gomez shows us how it's done.

2 /45: Selena Gomez in tye-dye

2/45 :Selena Gomez in tye-dye

Selena Gomez pairs biker boots and a tye-dyed t-shirt for this casual look.

3 /45: Selena Gomez in a maxi dress

3/45 :Selena Gomez in a maxi dress

A maxi dress is the perfect attire for a beach day for Selena Gomez.

4 /45: Selena Gomez in tall boots

4/45 :Selena Gomez in tall boots

Selena Gomez keeps it casual and cool in skinny jeans tucked into tall boots.

5 /45: Selena Gomez with a side part

5/45 :Selena Gomez with a side part

The side part on Selena Gomez is complimented by her soft curls.

6 /45: Selena Gomez with beaded scarf

6/45 :Selena Gomez with beaded scarf

This stunning gown is made more glamorous when accessorized with the beaded scarf Selena Gomez has.

7 /45: Selena gomez in mini skirt

7/45 :Selena gomez in mini skirt

Selena Gomez pairs her black mini skirt with an oversized heart scarf.

8 /45: Selena Gomez in a button down

8/45 :Selena Gomez in a button down

A classic button down white shirt and leggings is more adorable on Selena Gomez when she wears pink pumps too.

9 /45: Selena Gomez with a bold necklace

9/45 :Selena Gomez with a bold necklace

A bold statement necklace is the perfect piece for Selena Gomez.

10 /45: Selena Gomez in a micro mini

10/45 :Selena Gomez in a micro mini

Selena Gomez's one-sleeved micro mini dress is completed by sandals.

11 /45: Selena Gomez in biker boots

11/45 :Selena Gomez in biker boots

Biker boots are an edgy contrast to Selena Gomez's black shorts and tights.

12 /45: Selena Gomez walking her dog

12/45 :Selena Gomez walking her dog

Walking a dog never looked this good. Selena Gomez shows us how to do it in style.

13 /45: Selena Gomez with Baylor

13/45 :Selena Gomez with Baylor

Selena Gomez shows her team spirit in this Baylor sweatshirt and black leggings.

14 /45: Selena Gomez in crop jacket

14/45 :Selena Gomez in crop jacket

Layering a crop jacket over a long t-shirt, Selena Gomez shows off her city style.

15 /45: Selena Gomez in neutral make up

15/45 :Selena Gomez in neutral make up

It's easy to see Selena Gomez's true beauty in her neutral make-up.

16 /45: Selena Gomez in sequins

16/45 :Selena Gomez in sequins

Sequined mini shorts show off 2 of Selena Gomez's best assets.

17 /45: Selena Gomez in a patterned maxi dress

17/45 :Selena Gomez in a patterned maxi dress

A black patterened maxi dress gives Selena Gomez an air of sophisticated casual style.

18 /45: Selena Gomez in a cut out top

18/45 :Selena Gomez in a cut out top

Selena Gomez looks fresh in this cut out top and skinny jeans.

19 /45: Selena Gomez in a LBD

19/45 :Selena Gomez in a LBD

The sequined top of Selena Gomez's LBD adds pizzazz to this classic look.

20 /45: Selena Gomez with leaf earrings

20/45 :Selena Gomez with leaf earrings

Selena Gomez's gold leaf earrings add flair to her evening wear.

21 /45: Selena Gomez in an up-do

21/45 :Selena Gomez in an up-do

The pulled back up-do gives us a clear view of Selena Gomez's beauty.

22 /45: Selena Gomez in an evening gown

22/45 :Selena Gomez in an evening gown

Selena Gomez's bi-level evening gown is complimented by gold pumps.

23 /45: Selena Gomez in booties

23/45 :Selena Gomez in booties

Selena Gomez pairs her shorts with neutral booties.

24 /45: Selena Gomez in tennis shoes

24/45 :Selena Gomez in tennis shoes

Classic white tennis shoes complete Selena Gomez's summer outfit.

25 /45: Selena Gomez with large hoop earrings

25/45 :Selena Gomez with large hoop earrings

Large gold hoops and soft wavy curls compliment Selena Gomez's complextion.

26 /45: Selena Gomez in strapless dress

26/45 :Selena Gomez in strapless dress

Selena Gomez's strapless mini dress is complete with ciffon side sash.

27 /45: Selena Gomez in a t-shirt

27/45 :Selena Gomez in a t-shirt

Shorts and an oversized t-shirt are perfect for Selena Gomez's day at the pool.

28 /45: Selena Gomez in plaid

28/45 :Selena Gomez in plaid

Selena Gomez layers her skinny jeans and t-shirt with a plaid oversized shirt.

29 /45: Selena Gomez in Ray-Bans

29/45 :Selena Gomez in Ray-Bans

Selena Gomez accessorizes with an eternity scarf and oversized Ray-Bans.

30 /45: Selena Gomez with a bangle

30/45 :Selena Gomez with a bangle

A bold silver bangle adorns Selena Gomez's wrist.

31 /45: Selena Gomez in a scarf hood

31/45 :Selena Gomez in a scarf hood

Selena Gomez's black eternity scarf doubles as a hoodie.

32 /45: Selena Gomez in heeled booties

32/45 :Selena Gomez in heeled booties

Selena Gomez rocks a beaded top and matching heeled booties.

33 /45: Selena Gomez in fringed top

33/45 :Selena Gomez in fringed top

Selena Gomez wears a fringed crop top for her night out.

34 /45: Selena Gomez with sheer LBD

34/45 :Selena Gomez with sheer LBD

Selena Gomez wears her embellished booties with a sheer hem LBD.

35 /45: Selena Gomez in off-the-shoulder top

35/45 :Selena Gomez in off-the-shoulder top

An off-the-shoulder top gives Selena Gomez a look of innoence.

36 /45: Selena Gomez's sophisticated style

36/45 :Selena Gomez's sophisticated style

Selena Gomez has the look of pure sophistication in her pale blue gown.

37 /45: Selena Gomez in a tank

37/45 :Selena Gomez in a tank

The ruched sides of Selena Gomez's tank top shows off her curves.

38 /45: Selena Gomez in a cardigan

38/45 :Selena Gomez in a cardigan

Layering a sheer white top with a long cardigan proves Selena Gomez knows fashion.

39 /45: Selena Gomez in beige mini

39/45 :Selena Gomez in beige mini

Selena Gomez pulls out all the stops in this layered beige mini dress.

40 /45: Selena Gomez in denim shorts

40/45 :Selena Gomez in denim shorts

Selena Gomez is ready for some summer fun in her short acid washed denim shorts.

41 /45: Selena Gomez in aviators

41/45 :Selena Gomez in aviators

There's nothing like an oversized pair of aviator sunglasses and large gold hoop earrings to up Selena Gomez's cool factor.

42 /45: Selena Gomez in peach top

42/45 :Selena Gomez in peach top

The embellished neckline and draw string waist on Selena Gomez's soft peach top is subtle yet defining.

43 /45: Selena Gomez in a button down

43/45 :Selena Gomez in a button down

Selena Gomez ties her button down white top for a feminine touch.

44 /45: Selena Gomez performing

44/45 :Selena Gomez performing

Short black shorts and strappy sandals get Selena Gomez through this performance.

45 /45: Selena Gomez's simple style

45/45 :Selena Gomez's simple style

The complexity of Selena Gomez's earrings contrasts nicely with her simple hairstyle.