Celebrity hairstyles

by SheKnows
Jun 26, 2009 at 8:21 p.m. ET
The A-list actress showed off her sleek, shiny hair at the London premiere of "One Day"

1 /482: Vera Wang

1/482 :Vera Wang

The world-renowned designer always has her super long, dark locks looking impossibly shiny and smooth. Photo courtesy of Andres Otero/WENN.

2 /482: Ashley Tisdale

2/482 :Ashley Tisdale

At the Los Angeles premiere of "Footloose," Ashley Tisdale puts up half of her blonde locks while leaving the rest down. Photo courtesy of Travis Wade/WENN.

3 /482: Heidi Montag

3/482 :Heidi Montag

Who can forget the former "Hills" stars blonde mane? Since the showed aired in 2006, her hair has gotten longer and much blonder.

4 /482: Miranda Kerr

4/482 :Miranda Kerr

The Victoria's Secret model has the perfect length and color of hair that complements her face well.Photo courtesy of Theo Karanikos/WENN.

5 /482: Lily Aldridge

5/482 :Lily Aldridge

Victoria's Secret model Lily Aldridge has her ombre hair down to perfection. Here she poses at the Victoria's Secret introduction of the new "Sexy Little Bride Collection" in NYC. Photo courtesy of PNP/WENN.

6 /482: Adriana Lima

6/482 :Adriana Lima

This Victoria's Secret model has fabulous, dark hair. Add in layers for a voluminous look!

7 /482: Rachel Bilson

7/482 :Rachel Bilson

Not only is this pint-sized actress popular for playing Summer Roberts in the beloved "The O.C.," but everyone knows she has her ombre hair color perfected to a T.

8 /482: Jessica Biel

8/482 :Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.

9 /482: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

9/482 :Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

The actress shows off her golden brown locks at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012. Photo courtesy of Lia Toby/WENN.

10 /482: Amber Heard

10/482 :Amber Heard

This blonde bombshell's platinum 'do is always in a sleek updo or down. Photo courtesy of Brian To/WENN.

11 /482: Jennifer Aniston

11/482 :Jennifer Aniston

Jenn Aniston flaunts her short bob at the Los Angeles premiere of "Horrible Bosses" which she went brunette for to play the part. Photo courtesy of Apega/WENN.

12 /482: Rachel McAdams

12/482 :Rachel McAdams

The stunning actress wore her hair in an Old Hollywood style at the 2011 Cannes International Film Festival. Photo courtesy of Lia Toby/WENN.

13 /482: Rachel Zoe

13/482 :Rachel Zoe

At the LACMA's Art and Film Gala in Los Angeles, Rachel Zoe wore her hair in soft waves. Photo courtesy of Brian To/WENN.

14 /482: Zooey Deschanel

14/482 :Zooey Deschanel

At the TV Guide Magazine's Annual Hot List Party in Beverly Hills, Zooey Deschanel wore her hair fluffy and teased, giving her a retro look. Photo courtesy of Daniel Tanner/WENN.

15 /482: Emmy Rossum's Easy Chic Hair

15/482 :Emmy Rossum's Easy Chic Hair

Emmy Rossum rocks the long hairstyles like no other! While attending the grand opening of the W Hotel in Washington DC, Emmy Rossum with a gorgeous long hairstyle with a slight wave/curl that looks beautiful yet very chic and easy!

16 /482: Jennifer Lopez Wears an Easy and Elegant 'do

16/482 :Jennifer Lopez Wears an Easy and Elegant 'do

Jennifer Lopez wearing a sexy messy updo hairstyle at the the 82nd Annual Academy Awards held at The Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

17 /482: Gretchen Rossi

17/482 :Gretchen Rossi

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star always has her signature blonde locks fluffed up and perfectly coiffed. She may be a little dramatic, but her flawless hair sure makes up for it! Rossi struts her stuff at the Rolling Stone's 2011 AMA's after party in LA. Photo courtesy of FayesVision/WENN.

18 /482: Avril Lavigne

18/482 :Avril Lavigne

The rock singer always has some fun, edgy color in her straight, blonde locks. We love it! Photo courtesy of C. Smith/WENN.

19 /482: Kristin Cavallari

19/482 :Kristin Cavallari

The reality star always keeps her hair in a sleek ponytail or bun. Photo courtesy of B. Dowling/WENN.

20 /482: Leighton Meester

20/482 :Leighton Meester

"The Roommate" star always has her brunette locks sleek and perfectly styled. Photo courtesy of PNP/WENN.

21 /482: Jada Pinkett Smith’s ponytail hairstyle

21/482 :Jada Pinkett Smith’s ponytail hairstyle

At the London premiere of The Karate Kid, Jada Pinkett Smith modeled this fantastic ponytail hairstyle with striking bangs skimming her eyes. The low ponytail is sleek and sexy, which works beautifully for the red carpet occasion. Jada Pinkett Smith’s full, blunt bangs draw attention to her eyes.

22 /482: Tyra Banks

22/482 :Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks looks adorable and wavy with this shoulder length, volumized hairstyle. The color is perfectly suited for the model's skin tone and has become her signature look in recent years. Photo courtesy WENN.

23 /482: Amber Heard

23/482 :Amber Heard

Amber Heard is poofed up and gorgeous with this blonde updo hairstyle that makes her eyes pop and makeup stand out. Photo courtesy WENN.

24 /482: Adele

24/482 :Adele

Adele adds volume and curls to her look to flatter her round face and give extra attention to her gorgeous makeup job. Photo courtesy WENN.

25 /482: Anne Hathaway

25/482 :Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway frames her face with light waves in her red hair. Photo courtesy of WENN

26 /482: Amber Heard

26/482 :Amber Heard

Amber Heard goes platinum blonde to lighten her looks for spring. Photo courtesy WENN

27 /482: Carrie Underwood

27/482 :Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood looks gorgeous with her curled blonde hair on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

28 /482: Amy Adams

28/482 :Amy Adams

Amy Adams looks like a star with her red hair curled into this asymmetrical hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

29 /482: Alicia Keys

29/482 :Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys twists her hair into this beautiful updo for the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

30 /482: Abbie Cronish

30/482 :Abbie Cronish

Abbie Cornish styles her hair in a simple straight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

31 /482: Camila Alves

31/482 :Camila Alves

Camila Alves styles beach waves into her long black hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

32 /482: Carmen Electra

32/482 :Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra pulls her blonde hair back in a tight bun. Photo courtesy WENN

33 /482: Cassie

33/482 :Cassie

Cassie pulls her black hair up into a high updo to show off her short sides. Photo courtesy WENN

34 /482: Ellen Pompeo

34/482 :Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo walks around with a simple wavy hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

35 /482: Emma Stone

35/482 :Emma Stone

Emma Stone pulls her famous blond locks into a loose updo. Photo courtesy WENN

36 /482: Heidi Klum

36/482 :Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum styles her mid-length blond hair with perfect beach waves. Photo courtesy WENN

37 /482: Jessica Biel

37/482 :Jessica Biel

Jessica Beil pulls her long dark hair in a high ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

38 /482: Jessie J

38/482 :Jessie J

Jessie J. pulls her black hair into a tight, high ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

39 /482: Kate Walsh

39/482 :Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh shows off her perfect beach waves outside on a beautiful day. Photo courtesy WENN

40 /482: Katy Perry

40/482 :Katy Perry

Katy Perry pulls her dark hair back into this classic updo. Photo courtesy WENN

41 /482: Kris Jenner

41/482 :Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner styles her short black hair in a '60s style hairdo. Photo courtesy WENN

42 /482: Miley Cyrus

42/482 :Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shows off her straight blonde bob hairstyle on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

43 /482: Minnie Driver

43/482 :Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver styles her long brown hair in a conservative simple hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

44 /482: Mischa Barton

44/482 :Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton adds loose curls to her long blond hair. Photo courtesy WENN

45 /482: Nicole Scherzinger

45/482 :Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger looks very Hollywood glam with her stylized ponytail. Photo courtesy WENN

46 /482: Rita Ora

46/482 :Rita Ora

Rita Ora curls her blonde hair with tight curls. Photo courtesy WENN

47 /482: Zooey Deschanel

47/482 :Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel accessorizes her brunette hair with a simple black band. Photo courtesy WENN

48 /482: Amy Smart

48/482 :Amy Smart

Amy Smart styles curls into her short blond hair. Photo courtesy WENN

49 /482: Brandy

49/482 :Brandy

Brandy wears her hair in big beautiful curls on the red carpet. Photo courtesy WENN

50 /482: Cat Deeley

50/482 :Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley Styles her blond hair into a asymmetrical hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

51 /482: Christie Brinkley

51/482 :Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley curls her famous blond hair into large loose curls. Photo courtesy WENN

52 /482: Diane Kruger

52/482 :Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger slicks her blond hair into an Old Hollywood inspired hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

53 /482: Emma Stone

53/482 :Emma Stone

Emma Stone sweeps her hair back in this beautiful updo. Photo courtesy WENN

54 /482: Fran Drescher

54/482 :Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher styles her black hair in a flattering curled hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

55 /482: Jennifer Tilly

55/482 :Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly styles her mid length brown hair with large wavy curls. Photo courtesy WENN

56 /482: Julie Bowen