demi lovato celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 4, 2012 at 6:11 p.m. ET
Demi Lovato layers a sheer white blouse overa black tank top.

1 /47: Demi Lovato with a scarf

1/47 :Demi Lovato with a scarf

Demi Lovato accessorizes her outfit with an oversized multi colored eternity scarf.

2 /47: Demi Lovato with curls

2/47 :Demi Lovato with curls

Demi Lovato's dark red wavy curls fram her beautiful burgundy lipstick.

3 /47: Demi Lovato opaque tights

3/47 :Demi Lovato opaque tights

Demi Lovato's black blazer with velvet lapels and hem pairs nicely with opaque black tights.

4 /47: Demi Lovato in sequins

4/47 :Demi Lovato in sequins

Demi Lovato layers her black sequined top with black blazer.

5 /47: Demi Lovato performing

5/47 :Demi Lovato performing

Demi Lovato performs in a complicated mix of tan and silver chiffon.

6 /47: Demi Lovato in sunglasses

6/47 :Demi Lovato in sunglasses

Demi Lovato hides her natural look behind tortoise shell oversized sunglasses.

7 /47: Demi Lovato in burgundy

7/47 :Demi Lovato in burgundy

Demi Lovato is sophisticated and sexy in this deep v-neck burgundy gown.

8 /47: Demi Lovato's bronzer beauty

8/47 :Demi Lovato's bronzer beauty

Demi Lovato shows off her bronzed beauty.

9 /47: Demi Lovato in white skirt

9/47 :Demi Lovato in white skirt

Demi Lovato layers her white pleated skirt dress with a contrasting black leather jacket.

10 /47: Demi Lovato in animal print

10/47 :Demi Lovato in animal print

Demi Lovato covers her sheer animal print blouse with a black leather jacket.

11 /47: Demi Lovato in vintages t-shirt

11/47 :Demi Lovato in vintages t-shirt

Demi Lovato pairs a vintage t-shirt with a brown suede mini skirt.

12 /47: Demi Lovato in plaid

12/47 :Demi Lovato in plaid

Demi Lovato compliments a red plaid button down shirt with a silver leather jacket.

13 /47: Demi Lovato in a shrug

13/47 :Demi Lovato in a shrug

Demi Lovato's oversized white shrug makes her casual look more fashionable.

14 /47: Demi Lovato in a mini dress

14/47 :Demi Lovato in a mini dress

Demi Lovato strolls the streets in a white crochet mini dress.

15 /47: Demi Lovato with cross earrings

15/47 :Demi Lovato with cross earrings

Demi Lovato accessorizes with large gold cross earrings.

16 /47: Demi Lovato in dress

16/47 :Demi Lovato in dress

Demi Lovato shows us her animal instincts in this off-the-shoulder dress.

17 /47: Demi Lovato in cardigan

17/47 :Demi Lovato in cardigan

Demi Lovato goes for the slouchy look in this black dress and long cardigan.

18 /47: Demi Lovato in beaded necklace

18/47 :Demi Lovato in beaded necklace

Demi Lovato accessorizes her white dress with long beaded black necklace and signature black hat.

19 /47: Demi Lovato's sophisticated style

19/47 :Demi Lovato's sophisticated style

Demi Lovato looks sophisticated and statuesque in this beautiful sash.

20 /47: Demi Lovato nude lips

20/47 :Demi Lovato nude lips

Demi Lovato's brown smokey eyes and nude lip gloss highlight her bronzed skin tone.

21 /47: Demi Lovato with smokey eyes

21/47 :Demi Lovato with smokey eyes

Demi Lovato's black smokey eyes and long wavy curls give her a dramatic look.

22 /47: Demi Lovato in grey mini dress

22/47 :Demi Lovato in grey mini dress

Demi Lovato looks gorgeous in this embellished grey mini dress.

23 /47: Demi Lovato in LBD

23/47 :Demi Lovato in LBD

Demi Lovato knows how to wear a LBD.

24 /47: Demi Lovato with oversized handbag

24/47 :Demi Lovato with oversized handbag

Demi Lovato's oversized chain detailed handbag dresses up this casual outfit.

25 /47: Demi Lovato with tear drop earrings

25/47 :Demi Lovato with tear drop earrings

Demi Lovato accessorizes with large tear drop earrings.

26 /47: Demi Lovato in white dress

26/47 :Demi Lovato in white dress

The silver detail on Demi Lovato's white dress add dynamic detail.

27 /47: Demi Lovato in yellow and green dress