kelly ripa celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 4, 2012 at 5:48 p.m. ET
Hot pink shorts are a must for Kelly Ripa.

1 /41: Kelly Ripa's natural beauty

1/41 :Kelly Ripa's natural beauty

Kelly Ripa's natural beauty always shines through.

2 /41: Kelly Ripa in multi-colored dress

2/41 :Kelly Ripa in multi-colored dress

This mulit-colored peacock themed dress gives Kelly Ripa a demure business look.

3 /41: Kelly Ripa with zig zag hem

3/41 :Kelly Ripa with zig zag hem

This gold dress with black print looks especially beautiful on Kelly Ripa.

4 /41: Kelly Ripa's favorite look

4/41 :Kelly Ripa's favorite look

This natural look on Kelly Ripa is a crowd favorite.

5 /41: Kelly Ripa in black sateen

5/41 :Kelly Ripa in black sateen

Kelly Ripa pairs her black sateen skirt with a three-quarter sleeve blazer.

6 /41: Kelly Ripa in floral print

6/41 :Kelly Ripa in floral print

Kelly Ripa tops off her floral print dress with a wide brimmed white hat.

7 /41: Kelly Ripa working out

7/41 :Kelly Ripa working out

Kelly Ripa manages to make working out look cute.

8 /41: Kelly Ripa in zebra print

8/41 :Kelly Ripa in zebra print

Only Kelly Ripa could make this zebra print dress look adorable.

9 /41: Kelly Ripa in tassle belt

9/41 :Kelly Ripa in tassle belt

Kelly Ripa looks beautiful in this maxi halter dress with tassle tie belt.

10 /41: Kelly Ripa in kelly green

10/41 :Kelly Ripa in kelly green

An off-the-shoulder kelly green top brings out the blonde goddess in Kelly Ripa.

11 /41: Kelly Ripa in embellished LBD

11/41 :Kelly Ripa in embellished LBD

Kelly Ripa completes her embellished LBD with a pair of platform pumps.

12 /41: Kelly Ripa in a black blazer

12/41 :Kelly Ripa in a black blazer

Pairing a printed skirt and black blazer, Kelly Ripa gets this casual look.

13 /41: Kely Ripa in tan shorts

13/41 :Kely Ripa in tan shorts

Layering a black blazer over a trapeze top and tan shorts makes Kelly Ripa ready for anything.

14 /41: Kelly Ripa in flower print

14/41 :Kelly Ripa in flower print

Bold flower print adds dimention to Kelly Ripa's black halter dress.

15 /41: Kelly Ripa in black dress

15/41 :Kelly Ripa in black dress

Kelly Ripa exudes confidence in this black dress.

16 /41: Kelly Ripa mixes patterns

16/41 :Kelly Ripa mixes patterns

Kelly Ripa radiates in this mixed patterned red dress.

17 /41: Kelly Ripa in green pumps

17/41 :Kelly Ripa in green pumps

Kelly Ripa finishes off her classic LBD with kelly green platform pumps.

18 /41: Kelly Ripa in summer dress

18/41 :Kelly Ripa in summer dress

This red floral cuffed neck, summer dress makes Kelly Ripa party ready.

19 /41: Kelly Ripa in white lace

19/41 :Kelly Ripa in white lace

This white lace dress is paired perfectly with Kelly Ripa's white blazer.

20 /41: Kelly Ripa in nude heels

20/41 :Kelly Ripa in nude heels

Nude platform heels are a great combination for Kelly Ripa's red A-line dress.

21 /41: Kelly Ripa the bag lady

21/41 :Kelly Ripa the bag lady

Kelly Ripa gives "bag lady" a new, cute meaning.

22 /41: Kelly Ripa in mini dress

22/41 :Kelly Ripa in mini dress

Kelly Ripa tops her black mini dress with a black cape.

23 /41: Kelly Ripa with casual bun

23/41 :Kelly Ripa with casual bun

A casual bun highlights the boat neck of Kelly Ripa's black belted dress.

24 /41: Kelly Ripa in a turtleneck

24/41 :Kelly Ripa in a turtleneck

Kelly Ripa wears a black turtleneck and green pants for a day of shopping.

25 /41: Kelly Ripa in puffy jacket

25/41 :Kelly Ripa in puffy jacket

A black vinyl puffy jacket keeps Kelly Ripa warm on her day out.

26 /41: Kelly Ripa in blazer

26/41 :Kelly Ripa in blazer

Kelly Ripa turns up the collar of her black blazer.

27 /41: Kelly Ripa with tan scarf

27/41 :Kelly Ripa with tan scarf

Accessorizing with a tan scarf over a thigh length blazer keeps Kelly Ripa warm and fashionable.

28 /41: Kelly Ripa with white button down

28/41 :Kelly Ripa with white button down

Cuffed jeans, a white button down shirt, and light grey blazer are the perfect pairings for Kelly Ripa.

29 /41: Kelly Ripa in pink tank top

29/41 :Kelly Ripa in pink tank top

Kelly Ripa layers her black tank dress over a pale pink tank top.

30 /41: Kelly Ripa in floral print dress

30/41 :Kelly Ripa in floral print dress

Kelly Ripa looks like a breath of fresness in this feminine floral print dress.

31 /41: Kelly Ripa casual chic style

31/41 :Kelly Ripa casual chic style

Casual chic in a pale pink ruffle front top and black ankle pants gives kelly Ripa her signature feminine look.

32 /41: Kelly Ripa in chapagne dress

32/41 :Kelly Ripa in chapagne dress

The shiny champagne color of Kelly Ripa's dress compliments her blonde hair.

33 /41: Kelly Ripa in blue mini dress

33/41 :Kelly Ripa in blue mini dress

Kelly Ripa belts a blue tank mini dress on a walk with her husband.

34 /41: Kelly Ripa accessorizing

34/41 :Kelly Ripa accessorizing

Layering necklaces and tank tops is the perfect casual look for Kelly Ripa.

35 /41: Kelly Ripa's fitness style

35/41 :Kelly Ripa's fitness style

Kelly Ripa heads for a work out loking fashionable as usual.

36 /41: Kelly Ripa with up-do

36/41 :Kelly Ripa with up-do

The loose up-do and nude make-up really showcase Kelly Ripa's beautiful blue eyes.

37 /41: Kelly Ripa in tube dress

37/41 :Kelly Ripa in tube dress

Kelly Ripa looks amazing in this orange-red tube dress with contrasting hem.

38 /41: Kelly Ripa in grey skinny jeans

38/41 :Kelly Ripa in grey skinny jeans

Grey skinny jeans and a grey cardigan look chic on Kelly Ripa.

39 /41: Kelly Ripa looks beautiful

39/41 :Kelly Ripa looks beautiful

Kelly Ripa proves even the elements can't hide her beauty.

40 /41: Kelly Ripa with beaded necklaces

40/41 :Kelly Ripa with beaded necklaces

Kelly Ripa accessorizes her black tube dress with a double strand long bead necklace.

41 /41: Kelly Ripa in black trench coat

41/41 :Kelly Ripa in black trench coat

Finishing off a black trench coat and leggings with electric blue pumps, Kelly Ripa shows off her sense of advnture.