Brown hair

by SheKnows
Jun 26, 2009 at 8:20 p.m. ET
Frankie Sandford is side swept and youthful with this short, sweet bob that allows her to still look completely feminine. Photo courtesy WENN.

1 /239: Amanda Byram

1/239 :Amanda Byram

Amanda Byram is long, straight and lovely with this super pretty, feminine look that adds a sleek touch to a girly look. Photo courtesy WENN.

2 /239: Felicity Jones

2/239 :Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones looks stunning with her brown, straight across bangs that highlight her green eyes. Photo courtesy WENN.

3 /239: Ali Landry

3/239 :Ali Landry

Ali Landry brightens up the room with her beautiful smile and shining brown hair.

4 /239: Ashley Madekwe

4/239 :Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe wears loose waves in her long brown hair for this beautiful hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

5 /239: Anna Kendrick

5/239 :Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick curls the ends of her brunette hair in this hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

6 /239: Dorian Brown

6/239 :Dorian Brown

Dorian Brown styles her brown hair with a simple middle part. Photo courtesy WENN

7 /239: Adrienne Bailon