hilary swank celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 4, 2012 at 5:27 p.m. ET
Hilary Swank wears a copper top and white skirt with a black sash belt at this red carpet event.

1 /38: Hilary Swank in blue dress

1/38 :Hilary Swank in blue dress

Hilary Swank is a vision of loveliness in this beaded and sequined blue dress.

2 /38: Hilary Swank in ponytail

2/38 :Hilary Swank in ponytail

Hilary Swank wears a side swept ponytail with big soft curls.

3 /38: Hilary Swank with zippered detail

3/38 :Hilary Swank with zippered detail

The zippered detail on Hilary Swank's white dress add a funky detail.

4 /38: Hilary Swank with lace detail

4/38 :Hilary Swank with lace detail

The lace detail on Hilary Swank's floral print dress shows off her feminine side.

5 /38: Hilary Swank with gold accents

5/38 :Hilary Swank with gold accents

The gold accents on Hilary Swank's dress pairs nicely with her gold pumps.

6 /38: Hilary Swank in neutral colors

6/38 :Hilary Swank in neutral colors

Hilary Swank remains neutral in her long sleeve top and beige slacks.

7 /38: Hilary Swank in red coat

7/38 :Hilary Swank in red coat

Hilary Swank pairs a bold red coat and opaque black tights.

8 /38: Hilary Swank in puffy coat

8/38 :Hilary Swank in puffy coat

Hilary Swank stays warm in a black puffy coat.

9 /38: Hilary Swank in metallic gown

9/38 :Hilary Swank in metallic gown

Hilary Swank is absolutely stunning in this silver metallic gown with feather detail.

10 /38: Hilary Swank in beige wrap dress

10/38 :Hilary Swank in beige wrap dress

Hilary Swank wears a beige wrap dress and flat tan sandals for a dressy casual look.

11 /38: Hilary Swank in beige gown

11/38 :Hilary Swank in beige gown

Hilary Swank's beige gown with ruched gold detail is beautiful on the red carpet.

12 /38: Hilary Swank in long waves

12/38 :Hilary Swank in long waves

Hilary Swank's long soft waves frame her dramatic cat eye make-up and nude lips.

13 /38: Hilary Swank in LBD and stilettos

13/38 :Hilary Swank in LBD and stilettos

Hilary Swank pairs her LBD with strappy black stilettos.

14 /38: Hilary Swank in suede boots

14/38 :Hilary Swank in suede boots

Hilary Swank highlights her all black outfit with suede embellished boots.

15 /38: Hilary Swank in silver gown

15/38 :Hilary Swank in silver gown

Hilary Swank shows off her funky style in this silver gown.

16 /38: Hilary Swank in red dress

16/38 :Hilary Swank in red dress

Hilary Swank radiates in this red beaded one-should dress.

17 /38: Hilary Swank in baggy dress

17/38 :Hilary Swank in baggy dress

Hilary Swank's baggy black dress is saved by her bronze strappy stilettos.

18 /38: Hilary Swank with wide waistband

18/38 :Hilary Swank with wide waistband

The wide waistband on Hilary Swank's deep blue dress accents her great figure.

19 /38: Hilary Swank in striped top

19/38 :Hilary Swank in striped top

A white striped navy cardigan tops Hilary Swank's plain white t-shirt.

20 /38: Hilary Swank in geometric stripe dress

20/38 :Hilary Swank in geometric stripe dress

Hilary Swank looks stunning in this silver and green geometric stripe dress.

21 /38: Hilary Swank with up-do

21/38 :Hilary Swank with up-do

Hilary Swank wears an up-do to showcase her long triangle, green earrings.

22 /38: Hilary Swank in khaki pants

22/38 :Hilary Swank in khaki pants

Hilary Swank keeps it casual in khaki pants and white tank top.

23 /38: Hilary Swank in gold beaded dress

23/38 :Hilary Swank in gold beaded dress

This gold beaded mini dress shows off Hilary Swank's golden tan.

24 /38: Hilary Swank with black fringe detail

24/38 :Hilary Swank with black fringe detail

The black fringe detail on Hilary Swank's blue dress add an interesting element.

25 /38: Hilary Swank in blue velvet

25/38 :Hilary Swank in blue velvet

Hilary Swank steps it up in this blue velvet mini dress.

26 /38: Hilary Swank in Converse

26/38 :Hilary Swank in Converse

Hilary Swank pairs white Converse with an army green shirt and skinny jeans.

27 /38: Hilary Swank in green shirt

27/38 :Hilary Swank in green shirt

Hilary Swank shows off her city chic style in a white tank top and skinny jeans.

28 /38: Hilary Swank in white jeans

28/38 :Hilary Swank in white jeans

Hilary Swank pairs a beige top with white jeans for a fresh look.

29 /38: Hilary Swank with sheer sleeves

29/38 :Hilary Swank with sheer sleeves

The sheer sleeve and leather trim sets Hilary Swank's LBD apart.

30 /38: Hilary Swank in black slippers

30/38 :Hilary Swank in black slippers

Hilary Swank pairs black ballet slippers with her high waist black mini skirt.

31 /38: Hilary Swank in dark jeans

31/38 :Hilary Swank in dark jeans

Hilary Swank profiles her sexy casual style in this deep v-neck black top and dark jeans.

32 /38: Hilary Swank in flats

32/38 :Hilary Swank in flats

Hilary Swank wears silver ballet flats with khaki cuffed pants with a white tank top.

33 /38: Hilary Swank in bright pink and orange

33/38 :Hilary Swank in bright pink and orange

This bright pink and orange wrap dress brings out Hilary Swank's fun style.

34 /38: Hilary Swank at lunch

34/38 :Hilary Swank at lunch

Hilary Swank steps out for lunch in a bell sleeve beige sweater and skinny jeans.

35 /38: Hilary Swank in sexy gown

35/38 :Hilary Swank in sexy gown

Hilary Swank is the epitome of sexiness in this extremely low cut gown.

36 /38: Hilary Swank with soft curls

36/38 :Hilary Swank with soft curls

Hilary Swank wears soft curls and a side part at this black tie event.

37 /38: Hilary Swank in pulled back up-do

37/38 :Hilary Swank in pulled back up-do

Hilary Swank shows us her conservative, classy side in this pulled back up-do.

38 /38: Hilary Swank in burgundy

38/38 :Hilary Swank in burgundy

This one-shoulder burgundy dress compliments Hilary Swank's blonde highlights.