miranda lambert celebrity style

by SheKnows
Jan 4, 2012 at 4:17 p.m. ET
A long side swept bang and loose pulled back curls give Miranda Lambert this look.

1 /35: Miranda Lambert in platforms

1/35 :Miranda Lambert in platforms

Miranda Lambert pairs silver t-strap platforms with her purple sequined gown.

2 /35: Miranda Lambert with leather belt

2/35 :Miranda Lambert with leather belt

Miranda Lambert shows off her curves with a wide leather belt.

3 /35: Miranda Lambert in grey vest

3/35 :Miranda Lambert in grey vest

Miranda Lambert goes casual in a grey fringed vest, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots.

4 /35: Miranda Lambert with soft curls

4/35 :Miranda Lambert with soft curls

Loose, soft curls frame Miranda Lambert's beautiful face.

5 /35: Miranda Lambert in black lace

5/35 :Miranda Lambert in black lace

A black lace top breaks up Miranda Lambert's ruffle hem dress.

6 /35: Miranda Lambert's wedding ring

6/35 :Miranda Lambert's wedding ring

Miranda Lambert debuting her favorite accessory - her wedding ring.

7 /35: Miranda Lambert in strapless gown

7/35 :Miranda Lambert in strapless gown

Pairing cowboy boots with a wide, floppy brim hat and tiered strapless gown keeps Miranda Lambert country.

8 /35: Miranda Lambert at Kentucky Derby

8/35 :Miranda Lambert at Kentucky Derby

Miranda Lambert goes big with an oversized hat at the Kentucky Derby.

9 /35: Miranda Lambert in white gown

9/35 :Miranda Lambert in white gown

The studded waistband of Miranda Lambert's white gown gives it an added punch.

10 /35: Miranda Lambert with drop earrings

10/35 :Miranda Lambert with drop earrings

Miranda Lambert accessorizes with long, drop earrings and an up-do to highlight them.

11 /35: Miranda Lambert with heavy bangs

11/35 :Miranda Lambert with heavy bangs

Miranda Lambert pulls back a heavy bang and wears long, loose curls to make her a winner in more ways than one.

12 /35: Miranda Lambert in metallic gown

12/35 :Miranda Lambert in metallic gown

Miranda Lambert's cut-out one-shoulder silver metallic gown is gorgeous.

13 /35: Miranda Lambert's conservative style

13/35 :Miranda Lambert's conservative style

Miranda Lambert goes conservative in this v-neck black gown.

14 /35: Miranda Lambert with smokey eye

14/35 :Miranda Lambert with smokey eye

A dark smokey eye is Miranda Lambert's perfect red carpet look.

15 /35: Miranda Lambert in black leather coat

15/35 :Miranda Lambert in black leather coat

Miranda Lambert stays warm in a black leather coat with fur lining and trim.

16 /35: Miranda Lambert in studded jacket

16/35 :Miranda Lambert in studded jacket

Miranda Lambert wears a to-die-for tan studded cropped jacket with patches on the sleeves.

17 /35: Miranda Lambert in aviators

17/35 :Miranda Lambert in aviators

Oversized aviator sunglasses keep Miranda Lambert annonymous.

18 /35: Miranda Lambert with red lips

18/35 :Miranda Lambert with red lips

Bright red lipstick and smokey eyes bring out the best in Miranda Lambert.

19 /35: Miranda Lambert in black mini dress

19/35 :Miranda Lambert in black mini dress

A black mini dress with white piping coupled with red pumps give Miranda Lambert this glamourous look.

20 /35: Miranda Lambert in navy

20/35 :Miranda Lambert in navy

Miranda Lambert wears a navy sequined gown to this event.

21 /35: Miranday Lambert with oval earrings

21/35 :Miranday Lambert with oval earrings

Miranda Lambert pairs large oval earrings and wispy wavy bangs for this look.

22 /35: Miranda Lambert is triumphant

22/35 :Miranda Lambert is triumphant

Miranda Lambert is triumphant in this ruffled one-shoulder white gown.

23 /35: Miranda Lambert in beautiful gown

23/35 :Miranda Lambert in beautiful gown

Miranda Lambert flaunts this beautiful gown with attitude.

24 /35: Miranda Lambert in diamond earrings

24/35 :Miranda Lambert in diamond earrings

Miranda Lambert's diamond drop earrings look tantalizing when showcased by her impressive up-do.

25 /35: Miranda Lambert in red dress

25/35 :Miranda Lambert in red dress

A red dress with black polka dots combined with black cowboy boots is a hit for Miranda Lambert.

26 /35: Miranda Lambert with chandalier earrings

26/35 :Miranda Lambert with chandalier earrings

Miranda Lambert accessorizes with black beaded chandalier earrings for this look.

27 /35: Miranda Lambert's soft style

27/35 :Miranda Lambert's soft style

Miranda Lambert's gorgeous diamond earrings boost her soft entrancing look.

28 /35: Miranda Lambert in animal print

28/35 :Miranda Lambert in animal print

Miranda Lambert steps out for an evening in this animal print strapless dress.

29 /35: Miranda Lambert in electric blue

29/35 :Miranda Lambert in electric blue

Miranda Lambert is stunning in this electric blue halter dress.

30 /35: Miranda Lambert in disc earrings

30/35 :Miranda Lambert in disc earrings

Large gold disc earrings are the perfect pairing for Miranda Lambert's evening look.

31 /35: Miranda Lambert with cascading hair

31/35 :Miranda Lambert with cascading hair

Miranda Lambert shows us her long cascading hair and exotic turquoise earrings.

32 /35: Miranda Lambert in gold platforms

32/35 :Miranda Lambert in gold platforms

Miranda Lambert couples her Grecian inspired dress with gold ankle strap metallic platforms.

33 /35: Miranda Lambert's casual style

33/35 :Miranda Lambert's casual style

Miranda Lambert shows her cool, casual style in jeans and flip flops.

34 /35: Miranda Lambert with bouffant hairstyle

34/35 :Miranda Lambert with bouffant hairstyle

Channeling her inner sixties persona, Miranda Lambert wears her hair bouffant style.

35 /35: Miranda Lambert with gold accessories

35/35 :Miranda Lambert with gold accessories

The gold trim and waistband on Miranda Lambert's dress compliment her gold accessories.