rihanna celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:40 p.m. ET
Rihanna keeps it cool with short denim shorts and bright yellow shirt.

1 /30: Rihanna in a button down

1/30 :Rihanna in a button down

Rihanna accessorizes her black leggings and button down shirt with white sunglasses.

2 /30: Rihanna in a bomber jacket

2/30 :Rihanna in a bomber jacket

The exaggerated fur trim collar on Rihanna's brown leather bomber jacket dresses up ordinary jeans.

3 /30: Rihanna in a baseball jacket

3/30 :Rihanna in a baseball jacket

Rihanna pairs an oversized leather sleeved baseball jacket with leather pants.

4 /30: Rihanna's American style

4/30 :Rihanna's American style

Rihanna shows her American spirit in these short shorts.

5 /30: Rihanna with leather detail

5/30 :Rihanna with leather detail

Rihanna compliments her simple black t-shirt and jeans with leather detail.

6 /30: Rihanna with a jean jacket

6/30 :Rihanna with a jean jacket

Rihanna shows her casual style with a boxy denim jean jacket and white hoodie.

7 /30: Rihanna in fur trim

7/30 :Rihanna in fur trim

The fur trim on Rihanna's coat compliment her geometric print black and white top.

8 /30: Rihanna in lace

8/30 :Rihanna in lace

Lace detail on Rihanna's LBD shows her feminine side.

9 /30: Rihanna in boyfriend jeans

9/30 :Rihanna in boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans and mock turtleneck tunic gives Rihanna a casual chic look.

10 /30: Rihanna's conservative style

10/30 :Rihanna's conservative style

Rihanna adds a chunky necklace to her conservative black on white outfit.

11 /30: Rihanna with a ponytail

11/30 :Rihanna with a ponytail

A ponytail with boyfriend jeans and a striped sweater highlight Rihanna's tomboy edge.

12 /30: Rihanna in leather leggings

12/30 :Rihanna in leather leggings

Rihanna ties a grey long sleeve shirt over her black leather leggings.

13 /30: Rihanna in herem pants

13/30 :Rihanna in herem pants

Herringbone pumps finish off Rihanna's harem pants and black sweater.

14 /30: Rihanna in a halter top

14/30 :Rihanna in a halter top

Rihanna shines in this silver halter top gown.

15 /30: Rihanna in turquoise

15/30 :Rihanna in turquoise

This bold color of turquoise proves Rihanna is not afraid of bold fashion statements.

16 /30: Rihanna in a maxi skirt

16/30 :Rihanna in a maxi skirt

Rihanna uses a goemetric print maxi skirt as a bathing suit cover-up.

17 /30: Rihanna in a maxi dress

17/30 :Rihanna in a maxi dress

Rihanna shows her tribal instinct in this maxi dress.

18 /30: Rihanna's red hair

18/30 :Rihanna's red hair

Red hair accentuates Rihanna's cut-out black maxi dress.

19 /30: Rihanna with nude pumps

19/30 :Rihanna with nude pumps

A simple white button down shirt paired with jeans and nude pumps shows off Rihanna's chic style.

20 /30: Rihanna in a baseball hat

20/30 :Rihanna in a baseball hat

Rihanna sports a baseball cap with her white dress.

21 /30: Rihanna in a LBD

21/30 :Rihanna in a LBD

Red hair compliments Rihanna's LBD.

22 /30: Rihanna in a white button down

22/30 :Rihanna in a white button down

Rihanna pairs a white button down shirt with black harem pants.

23 /30: Rihanna with a bob

23/30 :Rihanna with a bob

Rihanna makes a bold statement with her short red bob.

24 /30: Rihanna showing some leg

24/30 :Rihanna showing some leg

A deep side slit in Rihanna's maxi skirt allows her to show off her legs.

25 /30: Rihanna with a side braid

25/30 :Rihanna with a side braid

Rihanna wears a long side briad and aviator sunglasses.

26 /30: Rihanna in lace

26/30 :Rihanna in lace

A long side braid compliments Rihanna's black lace one shouldered dress.

27 /30: Rihanna in polka dots

27/30 :Rihanna in polka dots

Black polka dot dress with lace detail pairs perfectly with Rihanna's high bun.

28 /30: Rihanna in yellow flats

28/30 :Rihanna in yellow flats

Yellow flats add a splash of color to Rihanna's casual outfit.

29 /30: Rihanna in a gown

29/30 :Rihanna in a gown

Rihanna looks elegant in this black gown with a long train.

30 /30: Rihanna in a cocktail dress

30/30 :Rihanna in a cocktail dress

An animal print bag compliments Rihanna's red cocktail dress.