olivia wilde celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:36 p.m. ET
The triangular bodice cut out lends Olivia Wilde a rocker edge to her LBD.

1 /56: Olivia Wilde in a peacoat

1/56 :Olivia Wilde in a peacoat

Olivia Wilde covers her black and white silk dress with a mock peacoat.

2 /56: Olivia Wilde in lace

2/56 :Olivia Wilde in lace

The lace overlay on Olivia Wilde's floral print dress shows off her feminine side.

3 /56: Olivia Wilde with ponytail

3/56 :Olivia Wilde with ponytail

Olivia Wilde's stylish ponytail accentuates her almond blue eyes.

4 /56: Olivia Wilde in maxi coat

4/56 :Olivia Wilde in maxi coat

This stunning blue maxi coat gives Olivia Wilde an aire of class and sophistication.

5 /56: Olivia Wilde with side swept bangs

5/56 :Olivia Wilde with side swept bangs

The side swept bang on Olivia Wilde is a nice accent to the classic bun.

6 /56: Olivia Wilde with nude lips

6/56 :Olivia Wilde with nude lips

Olivia Wilde's soft waves and nude lips bring out her cat-eye makeup.

7 /56: Olivia Wilde in a bun

7/56 :Olivia Wilde in a bun

Olivia Wilde pulls her hair back into an unstructured bun to create the perfect finishing touch.

8 /56: Olivia Wilde's casual style

8/56 :Olivia Wilde's casual style

Olivia Wilde keeps it casual with jeans and sneakers.

9 /56: Olivia Wilde in booties

9/56 :Olivia Wilde in booties

Pairing a button down maxi dress with suede booties allows Olivia Wilde to achieve a casual chic look.

10 /56: Olivia Wilde in platforms

10/56 :Olivia Wilde in platforms

Olivia Wilde accessorizes her black and cream color gown with pink platforms.

11 /56: Olivia Wilde's hairstyle

11/56 :Olivia Wilde's hairstyle

The wispy dendrils on Olivia Wilde's pulled back hairstyle gives her a classy look.

12 /56: Olivia Wilde in red

12/56 :Olivia Wilde in red

Pairing a red dress with snakeskin platforms shows Olivia Wilde knows her fashion.

13 /56: Olivia Wilde in detailed dress

13/56 :Olivia Wilde in detailed dress

The long soft waves that Olivia Wilde wears draws attention to the back detail of her gown.

14 /56: Olivia Wilde in maxi skirt

14/56 :Olivia Wilde in maxi skirt

Pairing a black leather jacket with a cotton maxi skirt keeps Olivia Wilde comfortable and casual.

15 /56: Olivia Wilde in white wrap

15/56 :Olivia Wilde in white wrap

A long white wrap compliments Olivia Wilde's maroon tea length dress.

16 /56: Olivia Wilde in grey dress

16/56 :Olivia Wilde in grey dress

Olivia Wilde pairs a grey dress with brown boots.

17 /56: Olivia Wilde holds pink clutch

17/56 :Olivia Wilde holds pink clutch

Olivia Wilde accents her LBD with a pale pink clutch and over the knee black boots.

18 /56: Olivia Wilde in sunglasses

18/56 :Olivia Wilde in sunglasses

Wearing oversized sunglasses, Olivia Wilde can be anonymous.

19 /56: Olivia Wilde in plaid

19/56 :Olivia Wilde in plaid

Olivia Wilde's plaid coat with a patterned hem is a perfect companion to her plain blue dress.

20 /56: Olivia Wilde with red lips

20/56 :Olivia Wilde with red lips

Olivia Wilde spotlights her dramatatic red lips with a pulled back bun.

21 /56: Olivia Wilde in white frock

21/56 :Olivia Wilde in white frock

The lace down the front of Olivia Wilde's dress gives added detail to a plain white frock.

22 /56: Olivia Wilde in blazer

22/56 :Olivia Wilde in blazer

A black blazer with jeans and a fringed oversized bag makes Olivia Wilde's neighborhood walk look fantastic.

23 /56: Olivia Wilde in leather jacket

23/56 :Olivia Wilde in leather jacket

Pairing a soft maxi skirt with a leather jacket highlights Olivia Wilde's many styles.

24 /56: Olivia Wilde in white

24/56 :Olivia Wilde in white

The impressive gold brocade detail on Olivia Wilde's stunning white dress brings out her inner goddess.

25 /56: Olivia Wilde with an updo

25/56 :Olivia Wilde with an updo

Olivia Wilde's classic updo is perfect for showing off the detailed neckline of her gorgeous white gown.

26 /56: Olivia Wilde in blue plaid

26/56 :Olivia Wilde in blue plaid

A blue plaid button down over a t-shirt channels Olivia Wilde's inner rocker style.

27 /56: Olivia Wilde in jeans

27/56 :Olivia Wilde in jeans

Olivia Wilde looks refreshingly casual in her t-shirt and jeans.

28 /56: Olivia Wilde with fringe bag

28/56 :Olivia Wilde with fringe bag

A fringe bag completes Olivia Wilde's casual look of jeans and neck scarf.

29 /56: Olivia Wilde in scarf

29/56 :Olivia Wilde in scarf

A floral maxi skirt paired with a neck scarf provides a comfortable appearance for Olivia Wilde.

30 /56: Olivia Wilde with necktie

30/56 :Olivia Wilde with necktie

This white chiffon necktie is a surprising addition to Olivia Wilde's classic polka dot black gown.

31 /56: Olivia Wilde's elegant style

31/56 :Olivia Wilde's elegant style

Showing off her sheer side panels and sleeves in this black gown, Olivia Wilde exudes confidence and class.

32 /56: Olivia Wilde in a LBD and heels

32/56 :Olivia Wilde in a LBD and heels

Olivia Wilde's classic LBD and stacked black platform heels showcases her classic style.

33 /56: Olivia Wilde with sunglasses

33/56 :Olivia Wilde with sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are a nice compliment to Olivia Wilde's printed scarf.

34 /56: Olivia wilde with gold accents

34/56 :Olivia wilde with gold accents

The gold and black fringed detail adds a fun detail to Olivia Wilde's black gown.

35 /56: Olivia Wilde in red dress

35/56 :Olivia Wilde in red dress

A beautiful red straight dress paired with satin red platform heels makes Olivia Wilde a winner on the red carpet.

36 /56: Olivia Wilde with straight hair

36/56 :Olivia Wilde with straight hair

Olivai Wilde creates a dramatic look with her straight hair and bang combo.

37 /56: Olivia Wilde in lace bodice

37/56 :Olivia Wilde in lace bodice

The lace bodice on Olivia Wilde's black gown gives her a Victorian vibe.

38 /56: Olivia Wilde in off the shoulder tshirt

38/56 :Olivia Wilde in off the shoulder tshirt

An off the shoulder t-shirt coupled with cuffed jeans gives Olivia Wilde a youthful look.

39 /56: Olivia Wilde makeup free

39/56 :Olivia Wilde makeup free

A makeup free Olivia Wilde enjoys her day at the beach in a maxi white skirt with eyelet hem.

40 /56: Olivia Wilde in belted dress

40/56 :Olivia Wilde in belted dress

An embellished belted dress unites playful and serious on Olivia Wilde's dress.

41 /56: Olivia Wilde with long beach waves

41/56 :Olivia Wilde with long beach waves

Long beach waves create the perfect ponytail for Olivia Wilde's hairstyle.

42 /56: Olivia Wilde with straight bangs

42/56 :Olivia Wilde with straight bangs

Olivia Wilde dons long wavy locks with her straight bangs.

43 /56: Olivia Wilde with oversized sunglasses

43/56 :Olivia Wilde with oversized sunglasses

White oversized sunglasses paired with a maxi red flowing skirt and black blazer shows Olivia Wilde's extremely cool style.

44 /56: Olivia Wilde in black skirt

44/56 :Olivia Wilde in black skirt

Olivia Wilde's black skirt and white v-neck top are highlighted with bright red lips.

45 /56: Olivia Wilde goes blonde

Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

45/56 :Olivia Wilde goes blonde

Olivia Wilde ditched her signature dark locks in favor of a fun, light look

46 /56: Olivia Wilde at David Letterman

Image: HRC/ WENN.com

46/56 :Olivia Wilde at David Letterman

Olivia keeps it casual with a tiger print t-shirt under a black blazer while outside The Late Show with David Letterman

47 /56: Olivia Wilde at a premiere

Image: PNP/ WENN.com

47/56 :Olivia Wilde at a premiere

Olivia Wilde takes a fashion risk with a plunging neckline at the New York premiere of Django Unchained

48 /56: Olivia Wilde in leather

Image: WENN.com

48/56 :Olivia Wilde in leather

The starlet shows off her edgy side in this leather jacket and pants combo with studded ruby heels

49 /56: Olivia Wilde in sweater

Image: Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

49/56 :Olivia Wilde in sweater

Olivia Wilde shows her softer side in this cozy sweater and pencil skirt, with fun bowed pumps

50 /56: Olivia Wilde coral coat

Image: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

50/56 :Olivia Wilde coral coat

The actress keeps warm in a gorgeous coral colored coat.

51 /56: Olivia Wilde in blue

Image: Andres Otero/WENN.com

51/56 :Olivia Wilde in blue

Olivia Wilde takes a risk in a bright blue a-line dress.

52 /56: Olivia Wilde loose waves

Image: WENN.com

52/56 :Olivia Wilde loose waves

Olivia Wilde sports loose, natural looking waves.

53 /56: Olivia Wilde lace dress

Image: Kyle Blair/WENN.com

53/56 :Olivia Wilde lace dress

The TV star looks elegant in a black lace mermaid gown.

54 /56: Olivia Wilde backless dress

Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

54/56 :Olivia Wilde backless dress

The young starlett takes a daring turn with this backless dress at The Incredible Burt Wonderstone premiere in L.A.

55 /56: Olivia Wilde edgy casual

Image: WENN.com

55/56 :Olivia Wilde edgy casual

Olivia Wilde goes super casual with a fun edge with her leather jacket on the red carpet.

56 /56: Olivia Wilde floral dress

Image: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com

56/56 :Olivia Wilde floral dress

Olivia Wilde goes for a sweet, modest look at the Whitney Museum Art party.