natalie portman celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:35 p.m. ET
Staying cool for Natalie Portman means a bulky black coat with fur trim.

1 /48: Natalie Portman in a wool coat

1/48 :Natalie Portman in a wool coat

Natalie Portman keeps it simple in this black wool coat and dark Ray-Bans.

2 /48: Natlie Portman's pregnant style

2/48 :Natlie Portman's pregnant style

Showing off her big baby bump, Natalie Portman wears stripes and black leggings.

3 /48: Natalie Portman in a peasant top

3/48 :Natalie Portman in a peasant top

Wearing a blue peasant top and black leggings gives Natalie Portman a cool casual look.

4 /48: Natalie Portman in metallic pumps

4/48 :Natalie Portman in metallic pumps

Natalie Portman accessorizes her blue dress with red metallic pumps.

5 /48: Natalie Portman's natural style

5/48 :Natalie Portman's natural style

Natalie Portman wears a long sleeve t-shirt and loose bun to pull off this natural look.

6 /48: Natalie Portman in a cropped sweater

6/48 :Natalie Portman in a cropped sweater

Wearing a yellow cropped sweater over a multi colored dress keeps Natalie Portman comfortable.

7 /48: Natalie Portman in tassle earrings

7/48 :Natalie Portman in tassle earrings

Natalie Portman radiates in these beautiful tassle earrings and side swept hairstyle.

8 /48: Natalie Portman in a flowing gown

8/48 :Natalie Portman in a flowing gown

Natalie Portman proves that pregnant is a style in this gorgeous flowing gown.

9 /48: Natalie Portman in nude heels

9/48 :Natalie Portman in nude heels

Nude heels finish off Natalie Portman's yellow and tan dress.

10 /48: Natalie Portman in a cape

10/48 :Natalie Portman in a cape

A layered cape and long sleeve hoodie keeps Natalie Portman warm and casual.

11 /48: Natalie Portman's sunkissed style

11/48 :Natalie Portman's sunkissed style

Soft, long curls and blonde highlights give Natalie Portman a sunkissed glow.

12 /48: Natalie Portman in stripes

12/48 :Natalie Portman in stripes

A striped dress covered by a black coat give Natalie Portman a fun business look.

13 /48: Natalie Portman in a babydoll top

13/48 :Natalie Portman in a babydoll top

Natalie Portman keeps her look fresh and simple in a babydoll top and skinny jeans.

14 /48: Natalie Portman's radiant style

14/48 :Natalie Portman's radiant style

A radiant smile is Natalie Portman's best accessory.

15 /48: Natalie Portman in a Grecian gown

15/48 :Natalie Portman in a Grecian gown

Natalie Portman channels her inner goddess in this white Grecian gown.

16 /48: Natalie Portman with straight hair

16/48 :Natalie Portman with straight hair

Natalie Portman goes with a straight hairstyle for a fresh look.

17 /48: Natalie Portman in elegant earrings

17/48 :Natalie Portman in elegant earrings

The embellishments on Natalie Portman's gown complients her earrings perfectly for a stunning finishing touch.

18 /48: Natalie Portman in black

18/48 :Natalie Portman in black

Natalie Portman shows grace and class in this black gown with gold accents.

19 /48: Natalie Portman with dramatic makeup

19/48 :Natalie Portman with dramatic makeup

Natalie Portman adds false eyelashes for a dramatic eye.

20 /48: Natalie Portman in pale pink

20/48 :Natalie Portman in pale pink

Natalie Portman looks gorgeous in this pale pink gown with red shoes and clutch.

21 /48: Natalie Portman's regal style

21/48 :Natalie Portman's regal style

The regal look of this white gown highlights Natalie Portman's grace.

22 /48: Natalie Portman with a red collar

22/48 :Natalie Portman with a red collar

Natalie Portman's red contrasting collar on her tan and black gown adds a sense of whimsy.

23 /48: Natalie Portman with soft curls

23/48 :Natalie Portman with soft curls

Long soft curls give Natalie Portman a romantic air.

24 /48: Natalie Portman with a studded collar

24/48 :Natalie Portman with a studded collar

Natalie Portman's side part and severe bun highlight her studded collar.

25 /48: Natalie Portman in a studded dress

25/48 :Natalie Portman in a studded dress

The gold studded collar and cuffs on Natalie Portman's mini dress give her an edgy style.

26 /48: Natalie Portman in a black gown