mila kunis celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:32 p.m. ET
Mila Kunis's ultra-feminine nude dress has embellished appliques on the shoulders.

1 /50: Mila Kunis in black jacket

1/50 :Mila Kunis in black jacket

Mila Kunis pairs black skinny pants with a quilted black jacket.

2 /50: Mila Kunis with soft waves

2/50 :Mila Kunis with soft waves

Soft relaxed waves bring out Mila Kunis's gorgeous eyes.

3 /50: Mila Kunis in baseball hat

3/50 :Mila Kunis in baseball hat

Donning a baseball hat gives Mila Kunis a sense of anonymity.

4 /50: Mila Kunis in t-shirt

4/50 :Mila Kunis in t-shirt

A long sleeved striped t-shirt and jeans keeps Mila Kunis comfortable while traveling.

5 /50: Mila Kunis in a cardigan

5/50 :Mila Kunis in a cardigan

Mila Kunis layers this this casual look with a black scarf, grey cardigan and striped t-shirt.

6 /50: Mila Kunis in a LBD

6/50 :Mila Kunis in a LBD

Mila Kunis accents her LBD with a gold belt.

7 /50: Mila Kunis ombre hair

7/50 :Mila Kunis ombre hair

Ombre style brown hair color brings out Mila Kunis's beautiful eyes.

8 /50: Mila Kunis in a floral dress

8/50 :Mila Kunis in a floral dress

The solid black top and floral bottom of Mila Kunis's mini dress is a winning combination.

9 /50: Mila Kunis in polka dots

9/50 :Mila Kunis in polka dots

Polka dots and a tiered ruffle hem shows Mila Kunis dressy casual style.

10 /50: Mila Kunis casual fashion

10/50 :Mila Kunis casual fashion

Pairing a conservative cropped jacket and skinny jeans, Mila Kunis defines casual chic.

11 /50: Mila Kunis in platform heels

11/50 :Mila Kunis in platform heels

Brown stacked platform heels compliment Mila Kunis's stunning mini dress.

12 /50: Mila Kunis in white dress

12/50 :Mila Kunis in white dress

Blue, metallic heels are the perfect compliment to Mila Kunis's white flared dress.

13 /50: Mila Kunis in a headband

13/50 :Mila Kunis in a headband

Mila Kunis adds multiple headbands to her updo.

14 /50: Mila Kunis in red

14/50 :Mila Kunis in red

Mila Kunis is gorgous in this red, mid-length off-the-shoulder sheath.

15 /50: Mila Kunis smokey eye makeup

15/50 :Mila Kunis smokey eye makeup

Long waves bring out Mila Kunis's smokey eye makeup.

16 /50: Mila Kunis in patterns

16/50 :Mila Kunis in patterns

Multiple patterns make up Mila Kunis's button down dress.

17 /50: Mila Kunis in khakis

17/50 :Mila Kunis in khakis

Mila Kunis pairs a simple blue cropped blazer with khaki pants for a nautical style.

18 /50: Mila Kunis in a pantsuit

18/50 :Mila Kunis in a pantsuit

An off white pantsuit brings out Mila Kunis's classic beauty.

19 /50: Mila Kunis in a black gown

19/50 :Mila Kunis in a black gown

Mila Kunis goes shoeless in this black gown.

20 /50: Mila Kunis with side ponytail

20/50 :Mila Kunis with side ponytail

A side ponytail gives Mila Kunis an air of style and sophistication.

21 /50: Mila Kunis with an updo

21/50 :Mila Kunis with an updo

Mila Kunis radiates with grace in this beautiful updo hairstyle.

22 /50: Mila Kunis in lilac

22/50 :Mila Kunis in lilac

Mila Kunis exudes class in this lilac gown.

23 /50: Mila Kunis in a mini dress

23/50 :Mila Kunis in a mini dress

Pairing a black blazer with a strapless red mini dress, Mila Kunis looks casually chic.

24 /50: Mila Kunis with ringlets