michelle obama celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. ET
Shiny nude lips contrast with Michelle Obama's smokey eye makeup.

1 /49: Michelle Obama in a denim dress

1/49 :Michelle Obama in a denim dress

This denim dress and flats gives Michelle Obama a look of classic casualness.

2 /49: Michelle Obama in a boat neckline

2/49 :Michelle Obama in a boat neckline

This boat neck dress brings out the glow of Michelle Obama's flawless skin.

3 /49: Michelle Obama in purple

3/49 :Michelle Obama in purple

Michelle Obama looks very chic in this purple dress with black trim.

4 /49: Michelle Obama in cropped sweater

4/49 :Michelle Obama in cropped sweater

A cropped black sweater is the perfect topper for Michelle Obama's black flared skirt dress.

5 /49: Michelle Obama in a cardigan

5/49 :Michelle Obama in a cardigan

Michelle Obama pairs a yellow cardigan with black capri pants for a casual chic look.

6 /49: Michelle Obama's sporty style

6/49 :Michelle Obama's sporty style

Black workout pants and a white zipped top brings out Michelle Obama's sporty style.

7 /49: Michelle Obama in a black dress

7/49 :Michelle Obama in a black dress

Michelle Obama is a vision of class in this black ruffle hemmed black dress.

8 /49: Michelle Obama with a bob

8/49 :Michelle Obama with a bob

A short bob hairstyle with a side part shows how versatile Michelle Obama can be.

9 /49: Michelle Obama in all purple

9/49 :Michelle Obama in all purple

This purple dress and matching coat are the perfect backdrop for Michelle Obama's beautiful brooch.

10 /49: Michelle Obama in a gown

10/49 :Michelle Obama in a gown

Michelle Obama shows exquisite style in her long black gown.

11 /49: Michelle Obama in a white coat

11/49 :Michelle Obama in a white coat

The double wide belt with gold buckles pairs beautifully with Michelle Obama's white coat.

12 /49: Michelle Obama in white gloves

12/49 :Michelle Obama in white gloves

Michelle Obama shows pure grace and elegance in this white gown and gloves.

13 /49: Michelle Obama in a lilac jacket

13/49 :Michelle Obama in a lilac jacket

Michelle Obama makes a daring statement by pairing her silver floral print dress and a lilac jacket.

14 /49: Michelle Obama's colorful style

14/49 :Michelle Obama's colorful style

Taking a chance with color, Michelle Obama pairs her purple dress with a long blue sweater jacket.

15 /49: Michelle Obama in a skirt

15/49 :Michelle Obama in a skirt

Michelle Obama's knee length dress shows her playful spirit.

16 /49: Michelle Obama's spring style

16/49 :Michelle Obama's spring style

This grey and yellow floral print dress shows Michelle Obama's spring fever.

17 /49: Michelle Obama in a pleated skirt

17/49 :Michelle Obama in a pleated skirt

Michelle Obama's silver pleated skirt pairs perfectly with her off-white vneck cardigan sweater.

18 /49: Michelle Obama with a floral scarf

18/49 :Michelle Obama with a floral scarf

Michelle Obama layers a beige jacket over a turquoise blouse and floral scarf.

19 /49: Michelle Obama in skinny jeans

19/49 :Michelle Obama in skinny jeans

By tucking her skinny jeans into tall boots, Michelle Obama proves she knows her fall fashion.

20 /49: Michelle Obama in orange

20/49 :Michelle Obama in orange

The consrast of Michelle Obama's pink and white shirt and orange skirt proves she is a front runner in fashion.

21 /49: Michelle Obama in a track jacket

21/49 :Michelle Obama in a track jacket

The purple track jacket that Michelle Obama wears compliments her beautiful skin tone.

22 /49: Michelle Obama in a taupe top

22/49 :Michelle Obama in a taupe top

Michelle Obama exudes sophistication in this silver metallic skirt and taupe top with detailed cuffs.

23 /49: Michelle Obama in a jeweld belt

23/49 :Michelle Obama in a jeweld belt

This multi-colored flared skirt and jeweled belt give Michelle Obama an air of grace.

24 /49: Michelle Obama in an LBD

24/49 :Michelle Obama in an LBD

Michelle Obama tops her LBD with a beautifully detailed jacket and tassel necklace for a sedated classy look.

25 /49: Michelle Obama in a turquoise cardigan

25/49 :Michelle Obama in a turquoise cardigan

This light turquoise dress and matching cardigan make Michelle Obama a breath of fresh air.

26 /49: Michelle Obama's floral skirt

26/49 :Michelle Obama's floral skirt

Michelle Obama's playful personality shows through in this floral print skirt.

27 /49: Michelle Obama with black leather belt

27/49 :Michelle Obama with black leather belt

The black leather belt of Michelle Obama's jacket gives definition to her all business look.

28 /49: Michelle Obama wearing perls

28/49 :Michelle Obama wearing perls

The pearl button accents on Michelle Obama's dress give us a peek at her feminine style.

29 /49: Michelle Obama in mixed patterns

29/49 :Michelle Obama in mixed patterns

Michelle Obama mixes patterns in this top and skirt to give us a look at her eclectic side.

30 /49: Michelle Obama in a t-shirt

30/49 :Michelle Obama in a t-shirt

Black skinny pants and a simple t-shirt with gathered sleeves make Michelle Obama's casual style look fun and youthful.

31 /49: Michelle Obama with an oversized bow

31/49 :Michelle Obama with an oversized bow

The oversized bow and banded waist of Michelle Obama's white shirt compliments her light red skirt.

32 /49: Michelle Obama's casual style

32/49 :Michelle Obama's casual style

Michelle Obama looks casual in this one shoulder black and white shirt and black slacks.

33 /49: Michelle Obama in green flats

33/49 :Michelle Obama in green flats

Green flats compliment Michelle Obama's black skirt and sweater set.

34 /49: Michelle Obama in violet

34/49 :Michelle Obama in violet

The classic look of Michelle Obama's violet coat is the perfect contrast for her ruffled scarf.

35 /49: Michelle Obama with a brooch

35/49 :Michelle Obama with a brooch

A simple flower brooch is the perfet accessory for Michelle Obama's grey draped shirt.

36 /49: Michelle Obama in a yellow dress

36/49 :Michelle Obama in a yellow dress

This chunky gold necklace adds a dramatic touch to Michelle Obama's yellow dress.

37 /49: Michelle Obama at the World Series

37/49 :Michelle Obama at the World Series

Michelle Obama shows her team spirit at the World Series.

38 /49: Michelle Obama's classic beauty

38/49 :Michelle Obama's classic beauty

This straight swept back bob hairstyle frames Michelle Obama's face giving us a look at her classic beauty.

39 /49: Michelle Obama in sequins

39/49 :Michelle Obama in sequins

Michelle Obama shines in this sequined black dress and shows us her party girl persona.

40 /49: Michelle Obama in argyle

40/49 :Michelle Obama in argyle

Michelle Obama layers her lilac tshirt with a three-quarter sleeve argyle sweater for a casual look.

41 /49: Michelle Obama in a tunic

41/49 :Michelle Obama in a tunic

This floral appliqued tunic paired with a silver studded belt shows off Michelle Obama's eclectic style.

42 /49: Michelle Obama in stripes

42/49 :Michelle Obama in stripes

Michelle Obama's striped skirt reveals a peek at her lace hem for a fun and flirty look.

43 /49: Michelle Obama's chic style

43/49 :Michelle Obama's chic style

A silver belt cinches the waist of Michelle Obama's white duster giving us a glimpse at how chic she is.

44 /49: Michelle Obama in burgundy

Image: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

44/49 :Michelle Obama in burgundy

The first lady keeps it classic in this burgundy wrap dress with animal print pumps.

45 /49: Michelle Obama fun in florals

Image: WENN.com

45/49 :Michelle Obama fun in florals

Michelle Obama keeps things fun with this multicolored floral print and lime green heels

46 /49: Michelle Obama in Jason Wu

Image: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

46/49 :Michelle Obama in Jason Wu

For the second Presidential Inaugural Ball , the first lady stunned in this custom red Jason Wu gown.

47 /49: Michelle Obama pretty in purple

Image: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

47/49 :Michelle Obama pretty in purple

The first lady looks radiant in a collared, button up purple dress.

48 /49: Michelle Obama blue and silver

Image: Jlnphotography/WENN.com

48/49 :Michelle Obama blue and silver

Michelle Obama sticks to her signature style with a chic a-line navy dress with silver floral detailing.

49 /49: Michelle Obama suit

Image: C.M. Wiggins/WENN.com

49/49 :Michelle Obama suit

The First Lady looks poised and polished in a pin stripped pantsuit during a speaking engagement.