lea michele celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:28 p.m. ET
Lea Michele's deep v on this chiffon embellished gown shows her sexy side.

1 /56: Lea Michele in sequins

1/56 :Lea Michele in sequins

Lea Michele shines in this nude colored sequined gown.

2 /56: Lea Michele in UGGs

2/56 :Lea Michele in UGGs

Lea Michele proves that casual can look good in her slouchy sweater and UGGs.

3 /56: Lea Michele with heavy bangs

3/56 :Lea Michele with heavy bangs

A heavy bang creates the perfect backdrop for Lea Michele's dramatic eey.

4 /56: Lea Michele in lace

4/56 :Lea Michele in lace

Wearing a lacy micro mini, Lea Michele shows her feminine beauty.

5 /56: Lea Michele in a floppy hat

5/56 :Lea Michele in a floppy hat

Lea Michele pairs over the knee boots with a floppy hat to highlight her casual side.

6 /56: Lea Michele in a black dress

6/56 :Lea Michele in a black dress

Lace overlay on her black dress creates a peek-a-boo style for Lea Michele.

7 /56: Lea Michele in a t-shirt

7/56 :Lea Michele in a t-shirt

Casual in her white t-shirt and jeans, Lea Michele exudes confidence.

8 /56: Lea Michele in biker boots

8/56 :Lea Michele in biker boots

Multi-buckled biker boots complete Lea Michele's rocker style.

9 /56: Lea Michele in silver sandals

9/56 :Lea Michele in silver sandals

Lea Michele shows her sweetness in this white mini dress with strappy silver sandals.

10 /56: Lea Michele in red

10/56 :Lea Michele in red

A long red gown with detailed sleeves is just what Lea Michele needs to create a sophisticated look.

11 /56: Lea Michele in a skirt

11/56 :Lea Michele in a skirt

A subdued black sweater and floral print flared skirt channels Lea Michele's 1960's look.

12 /56: Lea Michele in a black sweater

12/56 :Lea Michele in a black sweater

Lea Michele's red lips are the perfect accent for her black sweater.

13 /56: Lea Michele in a cocktail dress

13/56 :Lea Michele in a cocktail dress

The lace detail on Lea Michele's short cocktail dress allows her electic side to show through.

14 /56: Lea Michele in capris

14/56 :Lea Michele in capris

A cropped black jacket and black capris keep Lea Michele casual and dressy.

15 /56: Lea Michele's draw string dress

15/56 :Lea Michele's draw string dress

This draw string waist dress proves that Lea Michele can be comfortable and chic.

16 /56: Lea Michele in red

16/56 :Lea Michele in red

The scalloped back of Lea Michele's red dress showcases her elegant style.

17 /56: Lea Michele with a flared hemline

17/56 :Lea Michele with a flared hemline

Lea Michele is simply gorgeous in this long red gown with flared hemline.

18 /56: Lea Michele in a cardigan

18/56 :Lea Michele in a cardigan

A long multi colored cardigan brings out Lea Michele's adventurous style.

19 /56: Lea Michele in flats

19/56 :Lea Michele in flats

Lea Michele channels Audrey Hepburn in this white fur stole and flats.

20 /56: Lea Michele in shorts

20/56 :Lea Michele in shorts

Lea Michele is sexy and gorgeous in her short black shorts and cut out jacket.

21 /56: Lea Michele's nautical style

21/56 :Lea Michele's nautical style

A belted navy blue peacoat over a short white skirt gives Lea Michele a nautical look.

22 /56: Lea Michele in a cap

22/56 :Lea Michele in a cap

A ponytail and red cropped cap with a full skirt brings out Lea Michele's 1960s style.

23 /56: Lea Michele in turquoise

23/56 :Lea Michele in turquoise

Lea Michele's simple turquoise chiffon dress showcases her feminine beauty.

24 /56: Lea Michele in skinny jeans

24/56 :Lea Michele in skinny jeans

A v-neck sweater with bell sleeves and skinny jeans is exactly what Lea Michele needs to be comfortable and dressy.

25 /56: Lea Michele's layered look

25/56 :Lea Michele's layered look

Lea Michele makes casual look great in her layered sweater and skinny jeans.

26 /56: Lea Michele's casual style

26/56 :Lea Michele's casual style

A brown cardigan over a detailed black dress brings out Lea Michele's comfortable chic look.

27 /56: Lea Michele in a peacoat

27/56 :Lea Michele in a peacoat

Lea Michele pairs a leather peacoat over skinny jeans and black boots for this awesome casual look.

28 /56: Lea Michele in sunglasses

28/56 :Lea Michele in sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses and a slicked back ponytail lend Lea Michele a sense of mystery.

29 /56: Lea Michele in a sequined gown

29/56 :Lea Michele in a sequined gown

Lea Michele shines in this blue and black sequined gown for an amazing look.

30 /56: Lea Michele in lace and ruffle

30/56 :Lea Michele in lace and ruffle

The lace and ruffle on Lea Michele's gorgeous gown are pure elegance.

31 /56: Lea Michele with soft waves

31/56 :Lea Michele with soft waves

Long soft waves highlight Lea Michele's bright red look to bring out the vamp in her.

32 /56: Lea Michele with a side ponytail

32/56 :Lea Michele with a side ponytail

A side ponytail is the perfect hairstyle for Lea Michele's lace gown.

33 /56: Lea Michele in black boots

33/56 :Lea Michele in black boots

Lea Michele tucks her jeans in black boots for an on-the-go casual look.

34 /56: Lea Michele's hairstyle

34/56 :Lea Michele's hairstyle

A side part and loose wavy curls compliment Lea Michele's innocent look.

35 /56: Lea Michele in a white gown

35/56 :Lea Michele in a white gown

Lea Michele accents her long white embellished gown with a shiny silver blet.

36 /56: Lea Michele in pink

36/56 :Lea Michele in pink

The extreme ruffled detail on Lea Michele's pink gown bring feminine to a new level.

37 /56: Lea Michele in an updo

37/56 :Lea Michele in an updo

Lea Michele's loose updo shows off her playful personality.

38 /56: Lea Michele in a tea length gown

38/56 :Lea Michele in a tea length gown

Lea Michele's white tea length gown looks incredible with her bangs.

39 /56: Lea Michele in a ruffled hem

39/56 :Lea Michele in a ruffled hem

Lea Michele is the picture of youth and sweetness in this ruffle hemmed white dress.

40 /56: Lea Michele in nude flats

40/56 :Lea Michele in nude flats

Pairing nude flats with a velvet long sleeve top and flared skirt Lea Michele is pure class.

41 /56: Lea Michele in black pumps

41/56 :Lea Michele in black pumps

This floral print mini dress and black pumps highlight Lea Michele's diverse style.

42 /56: Lea Michele in a gown

42/56 :Lea Michele in a gown

Lea Michele is absolutely stunning in this long off-white sleeveless gown.

43 /56: Lea Michele with dramatic eyelashes

43/56 :Lea Michele with dramatic eyelashes

False eyelashes add a sense of drama to Lea Michele's bangs and long waves hairstyle.

44 /56: Lea Michele in floral print

44/56 :Lea Michele in floral print

This simple blue and black floral mini dress shows off Lea Michele's fresh style.

45 /56: Lea Michele in a floral top

45/56 :Lea Michele in a floral top

Lea Michele keeps it simple in her shorts and floral top.

46 /56: Lea Michele with pink lips

Image: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com

46/56 :Lea Michele with pink lips

The glee star makes a daring choice with bright pink lips.

47 /56: Lea Michele in Marchesa

Image: Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com

47/56 :Lea Michele in Marchesa

Lea Michele goes metallic with this sheer and embellished Marchesa gown.

48 /56: Lea Michele at David Letterman

Image: Mr. Blue/WENN.com

48/56 :Lea Michele at David Letterman

Lea Michele rocks a form fitting white dress and nude heels outside of The Late Show with David Letterman.

49 /56: Lea Michele royal blue

Image: WENN.com

49/56 :Lea Michele royal blue

Lea Michele looks high class chic in this off-the-shoulder royal blue gown at the Glamour Women of the Year awards.

50 /56: lea michele with a side braid

Image: Brian To/WENN.com

50/56 :lea michele with a side braid

Lea Michele keeps things fun with a messy side braid and blunt bangs.

51 /56: Lea Michele wavy hair

Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

51/56 :Lea Michele wavy hair

The Glee starlet adds some volume to the red carpet with big bombshell wavy hair.

52 /56: Lea Michele nude gown

Image: Apega/WENN.com

52/56 :Lea Michele nude gown

Lea Michele mixes sensible with sexy in this nude colored gown at the 2013 Miss Golden Globe Awards.

53 /56: Lea Michele casual look

Image: JFXimages/WENN.com

53/56 :Lea Michele casual look

The Glee star looks cute and casual in a plaid button up, leather boots and leggings.

54 /56: Lea Michele neon dress

Image: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

54/56 :Lea Michele neon dress

The Glee starlett shines in a neon pink sequined dress at the 2013 People's Choice Awards.

55 /56: Lea Michele casual look

Image: Michael Wright/WENN.com

55/56 :Lea Michele casual look

Lea Michele looks poised yet casual in skinny jeans, a blazer and sky high heels.

56 /56: Lea Michele updo

Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

56/56 :Lea Michele updo

Lea Michele goes for simple elegance with a messy up-do and smokey eyes.