lady gaga celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:26 p.m. ET
Lady Gaga accessorizes her lemon yellow dress with gold platform heels.

1 /52: Lady Gaga in a geometric jacket

1/52 :Lady Gaga in a geometric jacket

Lady Gaga's geometric jacket compliments her wide brimmed black hat.

2 /52: Lady Gaga in a hat

2/52 :Lady Gaga in a hat

Lady Gaga pulls her green and pink dress together with a pink hat.

3 /52: Lady Gaga in a pantsuit

3/52 :Lady Gaga in a pantsuit

Lady Gaga's blue pantsuit is accentuated by an oversized neck ruffle.

4 /52: Lady Gaga in a pearl necklace

4/52 :Lady Gaga in a pearl necklace

Lady Gaga looks lovely in her white embellished top and pearl necklace.

5 /52: Lady Gaga in mini shorts

5/52 :Lady Gaga in mini shorts

Mini shorts and fish net stockings offset the conservative look of Lady Gaga's cropped jacket.

6 /52: Lady Gaga in a halter top

6/52 :Lady Gaga in a halter top

Black shorts and navy blue halter top proves that Lady Gaga does have a conservative side.

7 /52: Lady Gaga with a ruffle hem

7/52 :Lady Gaga with a ruffle hem

Lady Gaga pairs a pink top with a black mini skirt with ruffle hem.

8 /52: Lady Gaga in a metallic top

8/52 :Lady Gaga in a metallic top

Lady Gaga incorporates her hair piece into her metallic top.

9 /52: Lady Gaga in a maxi dress

9/52 :Lady Gaga in a maxi dress

Lady Gaga's reptile print maxi dress shows off her cat-eye make-up.

10 /52: Lady Gaga in black and orange

10/52 :Lady Gaga in black and orange

Lady Gaga proves that orange and black go well together all year through.

11 /52: Lady Gaga in a multi colored dress

11/52 :Lady Gaga in a multi colored dress

This multi colored dress shows off Lady Gaga's multi colored highlights.

12 /52: Lady Gaga in a pancho

12/52 :Lady Gaga in a pancho

Lady Gaga takes the poncho to whole new level by adding a hoop underneath.

13 /52: Lady Gaga in a hat

13/52 :Lady Gaga in a hat

Lady Gaga's saucer shaped red hat goes well with the black geometric pattern of her dress.

14 /52: Lady Gaga's weave vest

14/52 :Lady Gaga's weave vest

Lady Gaga extends incorporates her hair weave in to her vest.

15 /52: Lady Gaga in green jacket

15/52 :Lady Gaga in green jacket

This kelly green jacket and pants is paired with Lady Gaga's signature stacked heeled stilettos.

16 /52: Lady Gaga's updo

16/52 :Lady Gaga's updo

Lady Gaga's updo allows the full effect of her lace top to come through.

17 /52: Lady Gaga in sequined bra

17/52 :Lady Gaga in sequined bra

Lady Gaga covers her sequined bra with a tuxedo style jacket and pants.

18 /52: Lady Gaga at baseball game

18/52 :Lady Gaga at baseball game

Lady Gaga shows her team spirit in a NY Giants baseball hat.

19 /52: Lady Gaga in maxi skirt

19/52 :Lady Gaga in maxi skirt

This multi layered maxi skirt is enhanced by Lady Gaga's bra top.

20 /52: Lady Gaga in booties

20/52 :Lady Gaga in booties

Lady Gag's extreme high heeled booties are proportioned to her puffy sleeves.

21 /52: Lady Gaga in mock turtle neck

21/52 :Lady Gaga in mock turtle neck

Lady Gaga pairs micro mini shorts with a conservative mock turtleneck shirt.

22 /52: Lady Gaga in reptile print

22/52 :Lady Gaga in reptile print

This yellow and black reptile print dress shows Lady Gaga's classic style.

23 /52: Lady Gaga in one shoulder dress

23/52 :Lady Gaga in one shoulder dress

The one shoulder black dress with a bold yellow design shows Lady Gaga's artsy personality.

24 /52: Lady Gaga in LBD

24/52 :Lady Gaga in LBD

Even Lady Gaga wears a LBD.

25 /52: Lady Gaga's rocker style

25/52 :Lady Gaga's rocker style

The leather inserts of Lady Gaga's jacket gives her outfit a rocker vibe.

26 /52: Lady Gaga from head to toe

26/52 :Lady Gaga from head to toe

Lady Gaga takes herringbone from head to toe.

27 /52: Lady Gaga in leather vest

27/52 :Lady Gaga in leather vest

Lady Gaga offets the soft lace of this dress with a black leather vest.

28 /52: Lady Gaga with deep vneck

28/52 :Lady Gaga with deep vneck

The deep v of Lady Gaga's black maxi dress shows off her assests.

29 /52: Lady Gaga's studded style

29/52 :Lady Gaga's studded style

Lady Gaga uses strategically placed studs to give this blue suit an edgy feel.

30 /52: Lady Gaga animal print dress

30/52 :Lady Gaga animal print dress

Lady Gaga accents her animal print dress with red gloves and shoes.

31 /52: Lady Gaga with fanny pack

31/52 :Lady Gaga with fanny pack

The Chanel fanny pack gives Lady Gaga's leather skirt a bit of a classic look.

32 /52: Lady Gaga gets complicated

32/52 :Lady Gaga gets complicated

Lady Gaga channels her dominatrix style in this complicated outfit.

33 /52: Lady Gaga in multiple textures

33/52 :Lady Gaga in multiple textures

In this multi textured ensemble, Lady Gaga shows off her diverse personality.

34 /52: Lady Gaga in stockings

34/52 :Lady Gaga in stockings

Ripped stockings are a must with Lady Gaga's studded mini skirt.

35 /52: Lady Gaga in lace veil

35/52 :Lady Gaga in lace veil

Lady Gaga uses a beautiful lace veil to accent her dress.

36 /52: Lady Gaga's black and blonde hairstyle

36/52 :Lady Gaga's black and blonde hairstyle

Black and blonde hair pairs perfectly with Lady Gaga's black and white gown.

37 /52: Lady Gaga in harem pants

37/52 :Lady Gaga in harem pants

Lady Gaga brings back the "Genie In A Bottle" look with these exaggerated harem pants.

38 /52: Lady Gaga in green coat

38/52 :Lady Gaga in green coat

This stylish green leather coat matches Lady Gaga's green hair.

39 /52: Lady Gaga in red gown

39/52 :Lady Gaga in red gown

Lady Gaga adds more color to her red gown with a blue and black blazer.

40 /52: Lady Gaga in lace leggings

40/52 :Lady Gaga in lace leggings

Lace leggings paired with a black tuxedo jacket makes Lady Gaga's unusual heels look fantastic.

41 /52: Lady Gaga's self promo

41/52 :Lady Gaga's self promo

Lady Gaga promotes her own image on the hip of this mini dress.

42 /52: Lady Gaga's outrageous style

42/52 :Lady Gaga's outrageous style

This one legged multi colored mixed textured outfit shows how outrageous Lady Gaga can be.

43 /52: Lady Gaga in black leather

43/52 :Lady Gaga in black leather

Lady Gaga adds a black leather jacket to a black bra and panty.

44 /52: Lady Gaga in a choker

44/52 :Lady Gaga in a choker

The choker style necklace Lady Gaga pairs with her black dress draws the eyes away from her misplaced earrings.

45 /52: Lady Gaga floral dress

Image: Will Alexander/

45/52 :Lady Gaga floral dress

Gaga gets into spring with this pastel yellow floral dress, sky-high heels and flower adorned hat

46 /52: Lady Gaga gets animated


46/52 :Lady Gaga gets animated

Lady Gaga greets fans in an over sized pink and blue ensemble.

47 /52: Lady Gaga in animal print


47/52 :Lady Gaga in animal print

The singer shows off her wild side in this structured leopard print jacket and lace up boots.

48 /52: Lady Gaga in white


48/52 :Lady Gaga in white

Lady Gaga goes over the top in this white fur coat and matching skirt in Paris.

49 /52: Lady Gaga killer accessories

Image: Will Alexander/

49/52 :Lady Gaga killer accessories

Lady Gaga shines with a star shaped head piece while leaving Harrods in London.

50 /52: Lady Gaga sheer and fishnets


50/52 :Lady Gaga sheer and fishnets

Mama monster takes the pants-less route with this sheer ensemble, sky high boots and floor length, studded coat.

51 /52: Lady Gaga killer accessories


51/52 :Lady Gaga killer accessories

In true Gaga fashion, the singer takes her accessories to the next level with claw-like rings and a matching cuff.

52 /52: Lady Gaga sky high hat

Image: Will Alexander/

52/52 :Lady Gaga sky high hat

Gaga goes the extra mile in this over the top top-hat and sequin jacket.