kristen stewart celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:24 p.m. ET
The geometric pattern on Kristen Stewart's red maxi work well with her eclectic style.

1 /59: Kristen Stewart with a high slit

1/59 :Kristen Stewart with a high slit

The high cut slit on Kristen Stewart's gown emphasizes her feminine side.

2 /59: Kristen Stewart in checkered sneakers

2/59 :Kristen Stewart in checkered sneakers

Kristen Stewart goes casual in her hoodie and jeans with checkered sneakers.

3 /59: Kristen Stewart in a micro mini

3/59 :Kristen Stewart in a micro mini

Kristen Stewart radiates sexiness in this one shoulder black micro mini dress.

4 /59: Kristen Stewart in blue shoes

4/59 :Kristen Stewart in blue shoes

Blue sneakers add color to Kristen Stewart's casual look.

5 /59: Kristen Stewart's hairstyle

5/59 :Kristen Stewart's hairstyle

Kristen Stewart adds volume to this pulled back hairstyle.

6 /59: Kristen Stewart in sheer fabric

6/59 :Kristen Stewart in sheer fabric

The sheer in-lays of Kristen Stewart's mini dress add an interesting concept.

7 /59: Kristen Stewart in suede pants

7/59 :Kristen Stewart in suede pants

Kristen Stewart channels her rocker style in this black cropped jacket and caramel suede pants.

8 /59: Kristen Stewart in skinny jeans

8/59 :Kristen Stewart in skinny jeans

Casual in skinny jeans and black top, Kristen Stewart is ready to go.

9 /59: Kristen Stewart in a black belt

9/59 :Kristen Stewart in a black belt

Kristen Stewart accents her black gown with a black leather belt.

10 /59: Kristen Stewart in polka dots

10/59 :Kristen Stewart in polka dots

Kristen Stewart showcases her silly side with this micro mini polka dot dress and checkered sneakers.

11 /59: Kristen Stewart in a bomber jacket

11/59 :Kristen Stewart in a bomber jacket

A yellow and grey bomber jacket pairs perfectly with Kristen Stewart's skinny jeans.

12 /59: Kristen Stewart in a cardigan

12/59 :Kristen Stewart in a cardigan

Casual chic describes Kristen Stewart's cuffed jeans and neutral cardigan outfit.

13 /59: Kristen Stewart with straight hair

13/59 :Kristen Stewart with straight hair

Straight hair and dramatic eyes brings out the best of Kristen Stewart's casual look.

14 /59: Kristen Stewart in low rise jeans

14/59 :Kristen Stewart in low rise jeans

Kristen Stewart shows some skin in her low rise jeans and front-tied t-shirt.

15 /59: Kristen Stewart's casual style