kristen stewart celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:24 p.m. ET
The geometric pattern on Kristen Stewart's red maxi work well with her eclectic style.

1 /59: Kristen Stewart with a high slit

1/59 :Kristen Stewart with a high slit

The high cut slit on Kristen Stewart's gown emphasizes her feminine side.

2 /59: Kristen Stewart in checkered sneakers

2/59 :Kristen Stewart in checkered sneakers

Kristen Stewart goes casual in her hoodie and jeans with checkered sneakers.

3 /59: Kristen Stewart in a micro mini

3/59 :Kristen Stewart in a micro mini

Kristen Stewart radiates sexiness in this one shoulder black micro mini dress.

4 /59: Kristen Stewart in blue shoes

4/59 :Kristen Stewart in blue shoes

Blue sneakers add color to Kristen Stewart's casual look.

5 /59: Kristen Stewart's hairstyle

5/59 :Kristen Stewart's hairstyle

Kristen Stewart adds volume to this pulled back hairstyle.

6 /59: Kristen Stewart in sheer fabric

6/59 :Kristen Stewart in sheer fabric

The sheer in-lays of Kristen Stewart's mini dress add an interesting concept.

7 /59: Kristen Stewart in suede pants

7/59 :Kristen Stewart in suede pants

Kristen Stewart channels her rocker style in this black cropped jacket and caramel suede pants.

8 /59: Kristen Stewart in skinny jeans

8/59 :Kristen Stewart in skinny jeans

Casual in skinny jeans and black top, Kristen Stewart is ready to go.

9 /59: Kristen Stewart in a black belt

9/59 :Kristen Stewart in a black belt

Kristen Stewart accents her black gown with a black leather belt.

10 /59: Kristen Stewart in polka dots

10/59 :Kristen Stewart in polka dots

Kristen Stewart showcases her silly side with this micro mini polka dot dress and checkered sneakers.

11 /59: Kristen Stewart in a bomber jacket

11/59 :Kristen Stewart in a bomber jacket

A yellow and grey bomber jacket pairs perfectly with Kristen Stewart's skinny jeans.

12 /59: Kristen Stewart in a cardigan

12/59 :Kristen Stewart in a cardigan

Casual chic describes Kristen Stewart's cuffed jeans and neutral cardigan outfit.

13 /59: Kristen Stewart with straight hair

13/59 :Kristen Stewart with straight hair

Straight hair and dramatic eyes brings out the best of Kristen Stewart's casual look.

14 /59: Kristen Stewart in low rise jeans

14/59 :Kristen Stewart in low rise jeans

Kristen Stewart shows some skin in her low rise jeans and front-tied t-shirt.

15 /59: Kristen Stewart's casual style

15/59 :Kristen Stewart's casual style

Skinny jeans and sneakers pair nicely with Kristen Stewart's back-tied t-shirt

16 /59: Kristen Stewart in cuffed jeans

16/59 :Kristen Stewart in cuffed jeans

Cuffed skinny jeans and black open-toed stilletos are the perfect combination for Kristen Stewart's casual evening look.

17 /59: Kristen Stewart in a mini dress

17/59 :Kristen Stewart in a mini dress

Kristen Stewart shines in this silver micro mini dress.

18 /59: Kristen Stewart with dramatic makeup

18/59 :Kristen Stewart with dramatic makeup

The volume created by the side sweep of Kristen Stewart's luxurious hair compliments her dramatic eye makeup.

19 /59: Kristen Stewart in safety pins

19/59 :Kristen Stewart in safety pins

The safety pins on Kristen Stewart's red dress are an unexpected detail.

20 /59: Kristen Stewart's updo

20/59 :Kristen Stewart's updo

Kristen Stewart wears an updo to emphasize her smokey eyes.

21 /59: Kristen Stewart in a beanie

21/59 :Kristen Stewart in a beanie

Sunglasses and a beanie keep Kristen Stewart looking youthful.

22 /59: Kristen Stewart in lace

22/59 :Kristen Stewart in lace

This one shoulder lace mini dress is accentuated with Kristen Stewart's red lipstick.

23 /59: Kristen Stewart's auburn hair

23/59 :Kristen Stewart's auburn hair

With light auburn hair, Kristen Stewart pairs a leather bomber jacket and jeans.

24 /59: Kristen Stewart in layers

24/59 :Kristen Stewart in layers

Kristen Stewart's layered look with jeans channels her rocker vibe.

25 /59: Kristen Stewart in plaid

25/59 :Kristen Stewart in plaid

A plaid shirt over a white tshirt with skinny jeans keeps Kristen Stewart casually cool.

26 /59: Kristen Stewart in black skinny jeans

26/59 :Kristen Stewart in black skinny jeans

Kristen Stewart wears black skinny jeans ad a cropped tshirt for a nighttime casual look.

27 /59: Kristen Stewart in long sleeves

27/59 :Kristen Stewart in long sleeves

A long sleeved black mico mini dress shows off two of Kristen Stewart's assets.

28 /59: Kristen Stewart in white

28/59 :Kristen Stewart in white

Kristen Stewart looks very chic in this white tank dress.

29 /59: Kristen Stewart in a tube dress

29/59 :Kristen Stewart in a tube dress

Kristen Stewart wears an embellished tube dress for the red carpet.

30 /59: Kristen Stewart in a slouch beanie

30/59 :Kristen Stewart in a slouch beanie

Kristen Stewart rocks out in a slouch beanie and skinny jeans with a tied up t-shirt.

31 /59: Kristen Stewart's classic beauty

31/59 :Kristen Stewart's classic beauty

A classic updo highlights Kristen Stewart's classic beauty.

32 /59: Kristen Stewart in a one sleeved dress

32/59 :Kristen Stewart in a one sleeved dress

Kristen Stewart exudes confidence in this one sleeved white dress.

33 /59: Kristen Stewart in silver stripes

33/59 :Kristen Stewart in silver stripes

Kristen Stewart micro mini black dress is detailed with silver stripes.

34 /59: Kristen Stewart in cargo jeans

34/59 :Kristen Stewart in cargo jeans

Kristen Stewart combines a white and grey hoodie with her skinny cargo jeans.

35 /59: Kristen Stewart with zipper detail

35/59 :Kristen Stewart with zipper detail

Zippers add detail to Kristen Stewart's black and blue mini dress.

36 /59: Kristen Stewart with an updo

36/59 :Kristen Stewart with an updo

Kristen Stewart wears an updo to show off the large flowers on her black dress.

37 /59: Kristen Stewart in a LBD

37/59 :Kristen Stewart in a LBD

Kristen Stewart wears her LBD with a playful confidence.

38 /59: Kristen Stewart with a messy ponytail

38/59 :Kristen Stewart with a messy ponytail

Kristen Stewart's messy ponytail shows off her beautiful green eyes.

39 /59: Kristen Stewart in silver and gold

39/59 :Kristen Stewart in silver and gold

Pairing silver and gold in a mini dress shows Kristen Stewart's versatility.

40 /59: Kristen Stewart in bleached jeans

40/59 :Kristen Stewart in bleached jeans

Kristen Stewart pairs bleached skinny jeans with black sneakers.

41 /59: Kristen Stewart in oversized sunglasses

41/59 :Kristen Stewart in oversized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses and a black hoodie are Kristen Stewart's signature style.

42 /59: Kristen Stewart in a yellow mini skirt

42/59 :Kristen Stewart in a yellow mini skirt

Kristen Stewart pairs a yellow mini skirt with a dark grey t-shirt for a contrasting color look.

43 /59: Kristen Stewart with teased hair

43/59 :Kristen Stewart with teased hair

Kristen Stewart creates volume for her ponytail by teasing the top.

44 /59: Kristen Stewart sweater dress

Image: Patrick Hoffmann/

44/59 :Kristen Stewart sweater dress

The Twilight starlet stays warm and chic with this red and black knee length sweater dress and black belt.

45 /59: Kristen Stewart blue lace

Image: Adriana M. Barraza/

45/59 :Kristen Stewart blue lace

Kristen Stewart rocks the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards in this long sleeved blue lace dress and matching heels.

46 /59: Kristen Stewart at the Snow White premiere

Image: Lia Toby/

46/59 :Kristen Stewart at the Snow White premiere

Kristen brings an edgy look in this sheer and lace Marchesa gown at the world premiere for her film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

47 /59: Kristen Stewart in printed pants

Image: Lia Toby/

47/59 :Kristen Stewart in printed pants

Kristen ups her casual look with a pair of fun, printed pants.

48 /59: Kristen Stewart in red

Image: Lia Toby/

48/59 :Kristen Stewart in red

The actress stops the show in this gorgeous siren red, low cut gown and matching red lips.

49 /59: Kristen Stewart buttoned up


49/59 :Kristen Stewart buttoned up

The Twilight starlet looks prim and proper in a white collared blouse, black blazer and pleated skirt.

50 /59: Kristen Stewart at the Movie Awards

Image: Brian To/

50/59 :Kristen Stewart at the Movie Awards

Kristen Stewart shows off her colorful side at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

51 /59: Kristen Stewart beaded ensemble

51/59 :Kristen Stewart beaded ensemble

Switching up her usual style, the Twilight actress stuns in a matching beaded bustier and pencil skirt.

52 /59: Kristen Stewart in florals

Image: Ian Wilson/

52/59 :Kristen Stewart in florals

Kristen Stewart arrives at the TIFF premiere of her film On the Road in a floral printed dress.

53 /59: Kristen Stewart leather jacket


53/59 :Kristen Stewart leather jacket

The Snow White and the Huntsman star shows off her lemon yellow jacket at Paris Fashion Week.

54 /59: Kristen Stewart burgundy makeup

Image: FayesVision/

54/59 :Kristen Stewart burgundy makeup

The young a-lister goes dark with this vamp-inspired makeup look at a film premiere.

55 /59: Kristen Stewart sideswept hair


55/59 :Kristen Stewart sideswept hair

The Twilight Saga star tries a romantic look with loose, sideswept waves at the film's L.A. premiere.

56 /59: Kristen Stewart lace jumpsuit

Image: Daniel Deme/

56/59 :Kristen Stewart lace jumpsuit

Kristen Stewart makes a daring choice with this sheer a lace jump suit at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 premiere.

57 /59: Kristen Stewart

Image: Sean Thorton/

57/59 :Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart shows off her mile long legs in a leather mini and studded heels.

58 /59: Kristen Stewart neon dress

Image: Sean Thorton/

58/59 :Kristen Stewart neon dress

The Twilight starlett is hard to miss in this neon yellow short sleeved dress at the Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 premiere in Spain.

59 /59: Kristen Stewart black and white

Image: FayesVision/

59/59 :Kristen Stewart black and white

The young a-lister looks positively polished in this black and white lace gown.