kate hudson celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:21 p.m. ET
Kate Hudson glows in this simple yellow gown.

1 /50: Kate Hudson in copper shoes

1/50 :Kate Hudson in copper shoes

Kate Hudson shines in this metallic gold dress and copper shoes.

2 /50: Kate Hudson in a sweater

2/50 :Kate Hudson in a sweater

Kate Hudson pairs a neutral sweater with bright red skinny jeans.

3 /50: Kate Hudson in brown boots

3/50 :Kate Hudson in brown boots

Tucked in jeans with brown boots gives Kate Hudson a simple casual look.

4 /50: Kate Hudson's fall fashion

4/50 :Kate Hudson's fall fashion

A front tied sweater and slouchy boots keep Kate Hudson warm and stylish.

5 /50: Kate Hudson in peep-toed boots

5/50 :Kate Hudson in peep-toed boots

Animal print mini and ankle peep-toe boots puts some fun in Kate Hudson's style.

6 /50: Kate Hudson with deep v sweater

6/50 :Kate Hudson with deep v sweater

Kate Hudson's deep v sweater dress make her a very fashionable mom.

7 /50: Kate Hudson with frilly hem

7/50 :Kate Hudson with frilly hem

Kate Hudson's frilly hem on her black gown accentuates her pregnancy glow.

8 /50: Kate Hudson in gold

8/50 :Kate Hudson in gold

This gold, diamond-embellished gown, shows Kate Hudson has style for two.

9 /50: Kate Hudson in striped scarf

9/50 :Kate Hudson in striped scarf

Kate Hudson pairs a classic stripe scarf with a grey sweater.

10 /50: Kate Hudson updo

10/50 :Kate Hudson updo

Kate Hudson's side-swept updo give her an elegant flair.

11 /50: Kate Hudson in cardigan

11/50 :Kate Hudson in cardigan

A simple tan cardigan over a summer dress allows Kate Hudson to be comfortable and fashionable.

12 /50: Kate Hudson with big waves hairstyle

12/50 :Kate Hudson with big waves hairstyle

Kate Hudson's big waves give her hairstyle a bouncy look.

13 /50: Kate Hudson in printed dress

13/50 :Kate Hudson in printed dress

Kate Hudson's geometric print dress makes casual look fun.

14 /50: Kate Hudson's maternity style

14/50 :Kate Hudson's maternity style

This flowing blue maternity dress makes Kate Hudson glow.

15 /50: Kate Hudson in cropped jacket

15/50 :Kate Hudson in cropped jacket

A leather cropped jacket is the perfect accessory for Kate Hudson.

16 /50: Kate Hudson in a turtleneck

16/50 :Kate Hudson in a turtleneck

Kate Hudson pairs a cowl turtleneck top with a black leather cropped jacket.

17 /50: Kate Hudson in fur

17/50 :Kate Hudson in fur

The black fur trim on Kate Hudson's army green peacoat is casual chic.

18 /50: Kate Hudson in patterns

18/50 :Kate Hudson in patterns

Kate Hudson tops her many patterns off with an embellished fedora.

19 /50: Kate Hudson in boots

19/50 :Kate Hudson in boots

Black fringed boots give style to Kate Hudson's plain grey coat.

20 /50: Kate Hudson in a metallic gown

20/50 :Kate Hudson in a metallic gown

This one shoulder grey metallic gown gives Kate Hudson a statuesque look.

21 /50: Kate Hudson in a scarf

21/50 :Kate Hudson in a scarf

A fringed scarf and oversized sunglasses give Kate Hudson a fashionable casual style.

22 /50: Kate Hudson in stilletos

22/50 :Kate Hudson in stilletos

Stilettos and cuffed jeans are always a hit on Kate Hudson.

23 /50: Kate Hudson in an updo

23/50 :Kate Hudson in an updo

Kate Hudson sweeps back her hair to show off the deep v of her gown.

24 /50: Kate Hudson in gold gown

24/50 :Kate Hudson in gold gown

Kate Hudson's stacked platform stilettos are a perfect match for her beautiful gown.

25 /50: Kate Hudson in striped pants

25/50 :Kate Hudson in striped pants

Striped pants and a black blazer give Kate Hudson a shot at her playful side.

26 /50: Kate Hudson in a tshirt

26/50 :Kate Hudson in a tshirt

Kate Hudson pairs her tuxedo pants with a casual t-shirt.

27 /50: Kate Hudson in a visor

27/50 :Kate Hudson in a visor

Kate Hudson's wide brimmed floppy visor protect her from harmful sun rays.

28 /50: Kate Hudson in booties

28/50 :Kate Hudson in booties

Pairing a simple white dress with suede ankle bootlets, keeps Kate Hudson stylish around town.

29 /50: Kate Hudson in ripped jeans

29/50 :Kate Hudson in ripped jeans

Ripped jeans and a white tunic shows how good casual can look on Kate Hudson.

30 /50: Kate Hudson as a California girl

30/50 :Kate Hudson as a California girl

Kate Hudson's messy updo adds an element of her California roots.

31 /50: Kate Hudson with teased hair

31/50 :Kate Hudson with teased hair

Kate Hudson adds volume to her hairstyle by teasing the crown of her head.

32 /50: Kate Hudson in boho dress

32/50 :Kate Hudson in boho dress

Kate Hudson channels her hippie style in this boho dress.

33 /50: Kate Hudson in a mini dress

33/50 :Kate Hudson in a mini dress

Kate Hudson looks like the picture of happiness in this white mini dress.

34 /50: Kate Hudson in herem pants

34/50 :Kate Hudson in herem pants

Harem pants with a cropped top give Kate Hudson a simple, yet fashionable, style.

35 /50: Kate Hudson in a LBD

35/50 :Kate Hudson in a LBD

Kate Hudson's LBD with front tie sash shows her elegant style.

36 /50: Kate Hudson in a tuxedo jacket

36/50 :Kate Hudson in a tuxedo jacket

Kate Hudson delights her fans with this cropped tuxedo jacket and black harem pants.

37 /50: Kate Hudson in sweatpants

37/50 :Kate Hudson in sweatpants

Kate Hudson's red plaid shirt and rolled up sweatpants, give her a confident casual look.

38 /50: Kate Hudson in a tunic

38/50 :Kate Hudson in a tunic

Kate Hudson's deep v babydoll tunic shows off her California chic style.

39 /50: Kate Hudson in a v-neck

39/50 :Kate Hudson in a v-neck

A striped skirt with a v-neck cowl tank top lets Kate Hudson show her conservative side.

40 /50: Kate Hudson in a vest

40/50 :Kate Hudson in a vest

Striped crop pants paired with a structured vest proves Kate Hudson can make opposites attract.

41 /50: Kate Hudson in camo

41/50 :Kate Hudson in camo

Kate Hudson makes this camo dress both feminine and fun.

42 /50: Kate Hudson in a maxi dress

42/50 :Kate Hudson in a maxi dress

This drop waist maxi dress with gladiator sandals allows Kate Hudson to bring the beach to the streets.

43 /50: Kate Hudson's eclectic style

43/50 :Kate Hudson's eclectic style

Kate Hudson mixes patterns to show off her eclectic style.

44 /50: Kate Hudson in a pantsuit

44/50 :Kate Hudson in a pantsuit

Kate Hudson is a vision in her off white pantsuit.

45 /50: Kate Hudson in a wrap

45/50 :Kate Hudson in a wrap

A bubble hemmed wrap gives Kate Hudson a strong sense of style.

46 /50: Kate Hudson in leather boots

46/50 :Kate Hudson in leather boots

The star keeps warm and casual while out in London.

47 /50: Kate Hudson in a suit

47/50 :Kate Hudson in a suit

Kate Hudson looks chic and put together in a white suit with a camel colored top.

48 /50: Kate Hudson with loose waves

48/50 :Kate Hudson with loose waves

Kate Hudson rocks soft, natural looking waves.

49 /50: Kate Hudson sequin gown

49/50 :Kate Hudson sequin gown

Kate sparkles on the red carpet in this body hugging sequin gown.

50 /50: Kate Hudson up-do

50/50 :Kate Hudson up-do