kate bosworth celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:19 p.m. ET
Kate Bosworth pairs this summer dress with suede ankle boots for the perfect on-the-go look.

1 /35: Kate Bosworth's sophisticated style

1/35 :Kate Bosworth's sophisticated style

The sophistication of Kate Bosworth's updo illuminates her subtle beauty.

2 /35: Kate Bosworth with an open back dress

2/35 :Kate Bosworth with an open back dress

The open back on Kate Bosworth's classic dress adds an element of surprise.

3 /35: Kate Bosworth in a white tunic

3/35 :Kate Bosworth in a white tunic

The simplicity of Kate Bosworth's white tunic over denim proves that less is sometimes enough.

4 /35: Kate Bosworth in printed dress

4/35 :Kate Bosworth in printed dress

The vibrant print of Kate Bosworth's dress is a beautiful change from the LBD.

5 /35: Kate Bosworth with a crossbody purse

5/35 :Kate Bosworth with a crossbody purse

Kate Bosworth makes traveling easy with this classic crossbody black purse.

6 /35: Kate Bosworth with an updo

6/35 :Kate Bosworth with an updo

Kate Bosworth's unstructured updo contrasts with her classic dress.

7 /35: Kate Bosworth in pearls

7/35 :Kate Bosworth in pearls

The pearl embellished hem of Kate Bosworth's dress is the perfect finishing touch.

8 /35: Kate Bosworth's casual style

8/35 :Kate Bosworth's casual style

Kate Bosworth's style is casual and relaxed in her slouchy blouse and pants.

9 /35: Kate Bosworth in a blouse

9/35 :Kate Bosworth in a blouse

This perfect sheer summer print blouse shows off Kate Bosworth's colored ends.

10 /35: Kate Bosworth in boyfriend jeans

10/35 :Kate Bosworth in boyfriend jeans

Kate Bosworth's rolled up jeans create the 'boyfriend' look.

11 /35: Kate Bosworth in a sweater

11/35 :Kate Bosworth in a sweater

This long-sleeved black sweater is the perfect companion for Kate Bosworth's tan capri's.

12 /35: Kate Bosworth shows patriotism

12/35 :Kate Bosworth shows patriotism

Kate Bosworth's american flag t-shirt shows off her patriotism.

13 /35: Kate Bosworth in ankle boots

13/35 :Kate Bosworth in ankle boots

The black tights and ankle boots are the perfect pairing for Kate Bosworth's denim dress.

14 /35: Kate Bosworth in a peacoat

14/35 :Kate Bosworth in a peacoat

Kate Bosworth's short peacoat is the perfect length for her metallic striped skirt.

15 /35: Kate Bosworth in a studded skirt

15/35 :Kate Bosworth in a studded skirt

Kate Bosworth's magnificent studded skirt brings out her eclectic style.

16 /35: Kate Bosworth in a leather jacket

16/35 :Kate Bosworth in a leather jacket

Kate Bosworth's black leather jacket lends an edgy feel to this outfit.

17 /35: Kate Bosworth's hairstyle

17/35 :Kate Bosworth's hairstyle

This face-framing hairstyle brings out Kate Bosworth's beautiful eyes.

18 /35: Kate Bosworth in a white coat

18/35 :Kate Bosworth in a white coat

Kate Bosworth's white coat is classic and beautiful.

19 /35: Kate Bosworth in denim

19/35 :Kate Bosworth in denim

The shearling on the neck and hem of Kate Bosworth's denim jacket adds a touch of warmth.

20 /35: Kate Bosworth in a leather top

20/35 :Kate Bosworth in a leather top

The leather top and ankle strap heels show Kate Bosworth's rocker side.

21 /35: Kate Bosworth in a bomber jacket

21/35 :Kate Bosworth in a bomber jacket

Kate Bosworth's cropped bomber jacket compliments her conservative denim dress.

22 /35: Kate Bosworth in an angora sweater

22/35 :Kate Bosworth in an angora sweater

Kate Bosworth pairs heavy jeweled earrings with a soft angora sweater.

23 /35: Kate Bosworth with pink lips

23/35 :Kate Bosworth with pink lips

Kate Bosworth's pulled back hairstyle is the perfect way to show off pink lips.

24 /35: Kate Bosworth in casual gown

24/35 :Kate Bosworth in casual gown

The pockets of Kate Bosworth's gown are the perfect accessory for her casual style.

25 /35: Kate Bosworth's fall fashion

25/35 :Kate Bosworth's fall fashion

This rust colored blazer shows off Kate Bosworth's perfect fall style.

26 /35: Kate Bosworth in a gown

26/35 :Kate Bosworth in a gown

The sheer waist and hem on Kate Bosworth's black gown are sheer grace.

27 /35: Kate Bosworth in diamond earrings

27/35 :Kate Bosworth in diamond earrings

Kate Bosworth's beautiful diamond drop earrings show her elegant style.

28 /35: Kate Bosworth's preppy style

28/35 :Kate Bosworth's preppy style

The tucked in slouchy shirt and baggy pants show off Kate Bosworth's preppy side.

29 /35: Kate Bosworth in a pencil skirt

29/35 :Kate Bosworth in a pencil skirt

Kate Bosworth's pencil skirt and long sleeve blousey top are a winning style combination.

30 /35: Kate Bosworth in stripes

30/35 :Kate Bosworth in stripes

This striped top and casual capri's bring out Kate Bosworth's surfer girl style.

31 /35: Kate Bosworth in orange

31/35 :Kate Bosworth in orange

The black contrasting neckline on Kate Bosworth's orange dress is a subtle detail.

32 /35: Kate Bosworth in UGGs

32/35 :Kate Bosworth in UGGs

Kate Bosworth's tousled updo, UGGs, and jeans give her the all-American girl feel.

33 /35: Kate Bosworth in animal print

33/35 :Kate Bosworth in animal print

The animal print combind with chiffon give Kate Bosworth a fun yet sexy look.

34 /35: Kate Bosworth in a ponytail

34/35 :Kate Bosworth in a ponytail

Kate Bosworth's side swept ponytail highlights her bright red lips.

35 /35: Kate Bosworth in a turtleneck

35/35 :Kate Bosworth in a turtleneck

Kate Bosworth's classic turtleneck tunic allows her to be ready for anything.