jessica biel celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:16 p.m. ET
Jessica Biel wears a dramatic dress for the red carpet gala.

1 /43: Jessica Biel in drawstring

1/43 :Jessica Biel in drawstring

Jessica Biel looks comfortable in her drawstring pants and flats.

2 /43: Jessica Biel in a blazer

2/43 :Jessica Biel in a blazer

Jessica Biel mixes a black blazer and mini dress to achieve this look.

3 /43: Jessica Biel in a vest

3/43 :Jessica Biel in a vest

Jessica Biel wears a long vest to dress up her classic jeans and t-shirt look.

4 /43: Jessica Biel in nude heels

4/43 :Jessica Biel in nude heels

Jessica Biel wears nude heels to offset her black linen pants.

5 /43: Jessica Biel in a knit cap

5/43 :Jessica Biel in a knit cap

Knit caps are a style staple in the winter for Jessica Biel.

6 /43: Jessica Biel with long waves

6/43 :Jessica Biel with long waves

Jessica Biel wears her hair in long soft waves for this natural look.

7 /43: Jessica Biel with an oversized clutch

7/43 :Jessica Biel with an oversized clutch

Jessica Biel accessorizes her dress with baby blue heels and oversized clutch.

8 /43: Jessica Biel in a capelet

8/43 :Jessica Biel in a capelet

The capelet adds style and grace to Jessica Biels dress.

9 /43: Jessica Biel in red pants

9/43 :Jessica Biel in red pants

Jessica Biel stands out with her bright red pants.

10 /43: Jessica Biel in a cropped tank

10/43 :Jessica Biel in a cropped tank

Jessica Biel stays flirty and fun with this cropped tank and shorts.

11 /43: Jessica Biel in Ray-Bans

11/43 :Jessica Biel in Ray-Bans

Jessica Biel accessorizes her casual look with oversized Ray-Bans.

12 /43: Jessica Biel in velvet

12/43 :Jessica Biel in velvet

This velvet ensemble is a unique look for Jessica Biel.

13 /43: Jessica Biel's sport style

13/43 :Jessica Biel's sport style

Jessica Biel stays stylish and sporty while she races for charity.

14 /43: Jessica Biel in a gown

14/43 :Jessica Biel in a gown

This embellished two-toned gown shows off Jessica Biel individual style.

15 /43: Jessica Biel in bell-bottoms

15/43 :Jessica Biel in bell-bottoms

Wide bell-bottoms and off-white peacoat gives Jessica Biel a casual look.

16 /43: Jessica Biel in booties

16/43 :Jessica Biel in booties

The embellished heel on Jessica Biel's booties puts her a cut above the rest.

17 /43: Jessica Biel in sweats

17/43 :Jessica Biel in sweats

Jessica Biel makes sweat pants and a vest look good.

18 /43: Jessica Biel in stripes

18/43 :Jessica Biel in stripes

A striped tank adds flare to Jessica Biels daytime attire.

19 /43: Jessica Biel in big curls

19/43 :Jessica Biel in big curls

Jessica Biel wears her hair in big soft curls for this event.

20 /43: Jessica Biel in lace

20/43 :Jessica Biel in lace

This lace see-through top gives Jessica Biel an over-the-top sexy look.

21 /43: Jessica Biel with ombre hair

21/43 :Jessica Biel with ombre hair

Jessica Biel highlights her ombre hair color with loose strands.

22 /43: Jessica Biel with a bi-leve hemline

22/43 :Jessica Biel with a bi-leve hemline

The bi-level hemline of Jessica Biel's baby blue dress makes it stand out in the crowd.

23 /43: Jessica Biel in floral print

23/43 :Jessica Biel in floral print

Jessica Biel floral dress is accentuated by her oversized bag.

24 /43: Jessica Biel in flats

24/43 :Jessica Biel in flats

Jessica Biel goes for a classic combination of mini skirt and flats.

25 /43: Jessica Biel in stacked heels

25/43 :Jessica Biel in stacked heels

The black stacked heel matches nicely to the trim of Jessica Biel's dress.

26 /43: Jessica Biel with a crossbody bag

26/43 :Jessica Biel with a crossbody bag

Jessica Biel carries her daytime essentials in her crossbody bag.

27 /43: Jessica Biel in ripped jeans

27/43 :Jessica Biel in ripped jeans

Jessica Biel stays casual with her favorite pair of ripped jeans.

28 /43: Jessica Biel with a tote

28/43 :Jessica Biel with a tote

Jessica Biel adds a touch of color with her bright orange tote.

29 /43: Jessica Biel with fringe

29/43 :Jessica Biel with fringe

Jessica Biel wears fringed vest for a night out with friends.

30 /43: Jessica Biel with soft waves

30/43 :Jessica Biel with soft waves

Jessica Biel's soft waves compliment her soft makeup.

31 /43: Jessica Biel in high-waisted pants

31/43 :Jessica Biel in high-waisted pants

High-waisted cropped pants pair nicely with Jessica Biel's tan flats.

32 /43: Jessica Biel's layered look

32/43 :Jessica Biel's layered look

Jessica Biel goes for a casual stroll in this layered look.

33 /43: Jessica Biel's double breasted vest

33/43 :Jessica Biel's double breasted vest

Jessica Biel's double-breasted vest lends a different style to her classic black pants.

34 /43: Jessica Biel in red

34/43 :Jessica Biel in red

This beautiful red gown looks fabulous on Jessica Biel.

35 /43: Jessica Biel in a cardigan

35/43 :Jessica Biel in a cardigan

The ruffle shirt and cardigan sweater is a soft feminine look for Jessica Biel.

36 /43: Jessica Biel in a silk shirt

36/43 :Jessica Biel in a silk shirt

The soft look of Jessica Biel's blue silk shirt pairs nicely with her linen pants.

37 /43: Jessica Biel with a middle part

37/43 :Jessica Biel with a middle part

Jessica Biel uses soft waves and a middle part to achieve this classic hairstyle.

38 /43: Jessica Biel in a dress

38/43 :Jessica Biel in a dress

The lace inset of Jessica Biel's dress gives the illusion of bare skin.

39 /43: Jessica Biel in a studded jacket

39/43 :Jessica Biel in a studded jacket

The studs on Jessica Biel's leather jacket gives it an individual look.

40 /43: Jessica Biel in a denim jacket

40/43 :Jessica Biel in a denim jacket

Jessica Biel sports the classic denim jacket for this casual look.

41 /43: Jessica Biel with a cowl neck

41/43 :Jessica Biel with a cowl neck

The cowl neckline of Jessica Biel's gown elongates her neck.

42 /43: Jessica Biel in wedge boots

42/43 :Jessica Biel in wedge boots

Jessica Biel wears stunning wedge suede boots.

43 /43: Jessica Biel in blue

Image: Ivan Nikolov/

43/43 :Jessica Biel in blue

Jessica Biel looks gorgeous in this one-shoulder, blue dress with a gold and black waistband.