jennifer hudson celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:13 p.m. ET
This geometric print dress makes Jennifer Hudson look like a million bucks.

1 /45: Jennifer Hudson with blonde highlights

1/45 :Jennifer Hudson with blonde highlights

Jennifer Hudson adds some blonde highlights to illuminate her bangs.

2 /45: Jennifer Hudson in blue leggings

2/45 :Jennifer Hudson in blue leggings

Jennifer Hudson's striking blue leggings add a pop of color to her casual outfit.

3 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a LBD

3/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a LBD

Jennifer Hudson shines in her LBD.

4 /45: Jennifer Hudson with highlight

4/45 :Jennifer Hudson with highlight

Jennifer Hudson adds light brown tips to her black hair for some added warmth.

5 /45: Jennifer Hudson with a belt

5/45 :Jennifer Hudson with a belt

The patent leather belt accentuates Jennifer Hudson's waistline.

6 /45: Jennifer Hudson in silver shoes

6/45 :Jennifer Hudson in silver shoes

This red mini and silver shoes show Jennifer Hudson's unique style.

7 /45: Jennifer Hudson in big curls

7/45 :Jennifer Hudson in big curls

Jennifer Hudson sweeps her hair to the side in big curls.

8 /45: Jennifer Hudson with bangs

8/45 :Jennifer Hudson with bangs

Jennifer Hudson shows off her bangs and long wavy curls.

9 /45: Jennifer Hudson in black and white

9/45 :Jennifer Hudson in black and white

Jennifer Hudson goes for a simple black and white combination as she takes the stage.

10 /45: Jennifer Hudson in denim

10/45 :Jennifer Hudson in denim

This denim mini dress compliments Jennifer Hudson's long legs.

11 /45: Jennifer Hudson in sheer sleeves

11/45 :Jennifer Hudson in sheer sleeves

The sheer insets on the sleeves of Jennifer Hudson's dress give the top a peasant feel.

12 /45: Jennifer Hudson in grey

12/45 :Jennifer Hudson in grey

Jennifer Hudson covers up in a grey hooded wrap.

13 /45: Jennifer Hudson in metallic colors

13/45 :Jennifer Hudson in metallic colors

The metallic threads in Jennifer Hudson's skirt add a touch of contrast.

14 /45: Jennifer Hudson in an evening gown

14/45 :Jennifer Hudson in an evening gown

Jennifer Hudson chooses a full evening gown for this red carpet event.

15 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a babydoll dress

15/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a babydoll dress

Jennifer Hudson take her mini-babydoll dress to the streets of NYC.

16 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a jumpsuit

16/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a jumpsuit

Jennifer Hudson wears a dark green jumpsuit for a casual night on the town.

17 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a samlon dress

17/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a samlon dress

This form fitting salmon dress shows off all of Jennifer Hudson's fabulous curves.

18 /45: Jennifer Hudson in flats

18/45 :Jennifer Hudson in flats

Jennifer Hudson wears flats with this long dress for a comfortable look.

19 /45: Jennifer Hudson in large curls

19/45 :Jennifer Hudson in large curls

Jennifer Hudson frames her face with large curls.

20 /45: Jennifer Hudson in stripes

20/45 :Jennifer Hudson in stripes

Jennifer Hudson layers a striped shirt and black skirt with black tights to achieve this look.

21 /45: Jennifer Hudson wears a fedora

21/45 :Jennifer Hudson wears a fedora

Jennifer Hudson wears a fedora to add a youthful edge to her look.

22 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a black dress

22/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a black dress

Jennifer Hudson wears a mid-length form fitting black dress to this awards show.

23 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a mini dress

23/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a mini dress

Jennifer Hudson looks radiant in this striped mini dress.

24 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a leather blazer

24/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a leather blazer

Jennifer Hudson covers her black dress with a leather blazer for a bit of edge.

25 /45: Jennifer Hudson in metallic pumps

25/45 :Jennifer Hudson in metallic pumps

Jennifer Hudson pairs metallic pumps with shorts to accentuate her long legs.

26 /45: Jennifer Hudson in blue eye makeup

26/45 :Jennifer Hudson in blue eye makeup

Jennifer Hudson adds a splash of electric blue to eye makeup to brighten her outfit.

27 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a side braid

27/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a side braid

Jennifer Hudson wears her hair in a side braid for a quick and easy look.

28 /45: Jennifer Hudson in tights

28/45 :Jennifer Hudson in tights

Jennifer Hudson wears tights under her shorts to bring a fall look to a summer style.

29 /45: Jennifer Hudson in long sleeves

29/45 :Jennifer Hudson in long sleeves

The vertical lines on this long sleeve dress elongates Jennifer Hudson's body.

30 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a peasant top

30/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a peasant top

Jennifer Hudson's pulled back bangs accentuate her peasant top.

31 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a knit cap

31/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a knit cap

Wearing a knit cap keeps Jennifer Hudson warm and stylish in the winter months.

32 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a maxi sweater

32/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a maxi sweater

Jennifer Hudson covers up with a maxi knit sweater.

33 /45: Jennifer Hudson's casual style

33/45 :Jennifer Hudson's casual style

Pairing a black blazer with regular blue jeans dress up Jennifer Hudson's casual style.

34 /45: Jennifer Hudson's winter style

34/45 :Jennifer Hudson's winter style

Jennifer Hudson stays warm in the winter with a buble knit jacket.

35 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a halter

35/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a halter

This orange halter dress shows off Jennifer Hudson's slim shoulders.

36 /45: Jennifer Hudson's asymmetrical hairstyle

36/45 :Jennifer Hudson's asymmetrical hairstyle

This asymmetric updo shows off Jennifer Hudson's elegant features.

37 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a v-neck

37/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a v-neck

Jennifer Hudson looks spectacular in this purple v-neck dress.

38 /45: Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys

38/45 :Jennifer Hudson at the Grammys

This bi-level hem makes Jennifer Hudson stand out at the Grammy Awards.

39 /45: Jennifer Hudson with diamond earrings

39/45 :Jennifer Hudson with diamond earrings

The rosette diamond earrings pair nicely with Jennifer Hudson's black dress.

40 /45: Jennifer Hudson's sheer neckline

40/45 :Jennifer Hudson's sheer neckline

The sheer neckline of Jennifer Hudson's black dress adds an individual touch.

41 /45: Jennifer Hudson's airport style

41/45 :Jennifer Hudson's airport style

Jennifer Hudson layers herself in comfortable clothes for a day at the airport.

42 /45: Jennifer Hudson's wrap dress

42/45 :Jennifer Hudson's wrap dress

This red wrap dress highlights Jennifer Hudson's personal style.

43 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a one-piece

43/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a one-piece

This blue one-piece jumpsuit stands out against Jennifer Hudson's black booties.

44 /45: Jennifer Hudson with a cuff

44/45 :Jennifer Hudson with a cuff

Jennifer Hudson's bold cuff adds an artsy element to her black dress.

45 /45: Jennifer Hudson in a grey dress

45/45 :Jennifer Hudson in a grey dress

This front-tie grey dress shows the simple elegance of Jennifer Hudson.