january jones celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 3:01 p.m. ET
January Jones's sweater is an interesting mix of stripe patterns.

1 /46: January Jones in stripes

1/46 :January Jones in stripes

January Jones sports a comfortable striped tank as she heads to yoga class.

2 /46: January Jones in t-shirt

2/46 :January Jones in t-shirt

January Jones goes for a casual look in her skinny jeans and layered blue t's.

3 /46: January Jones in Ray-Bans

3/46 :January Jones in Ray-Bans

January Jones tries to maintain her privacy in the park by wearing Ray-Bans.

4 /46: January Jones in booties

4/46 :January Jones in booties

January Jones wears a sheer pink top with black skinny jeans and booties.

5 /46: January Jones with pink lipgloss

5/46 :January Jones with pink lipgloss

January Jones takes her natural daytime look to the streets with pink lip gloss.

6 /46: January Jones in black tights

6/46 :January Jones in black tights

January Jones stays comfortable during her pregnancy with black tights.

7 /46: January Jones in a tank

7/46 :January Jones in a tank

January Jones wears a brightly colored tank to liven up her outfit.

8 /46: January Jones in jeans

8/46 :January Jones in jeans

January Jones stays fashionable during her preganacy with this cute oversized t-shirt and jeans.

9 /46: January Jones in cuffed jeans

9/46 :January Jones in cuffed jeans

January Jones keeps cool by cuffing her casual jeans on this warm summer day.

10 /46: January Jones in a fedora

10/46 :January Jones in a fedora

January Jones shades herself from the summer sun with this stylish fedroa.

11 /46: January Jones in a cardigan

11/46 :January Jones in a cardigan

Covering her long dress with a cardigan adds fall flavor to January Jones's outfit.

12 /46: January Jones with a high bun

12/46 :January Jones with a high bun

January Jones stays casual with her hair pulled high in a bun.

13 /46: January Jones in a loose top

13/46 :January Jones in a loose top

January Jones covers her baby bump with this loose fitting top that's perfect for summer.

14 /46: January Jones goes to yoga

14/46 :January Jones goes to yoga

January Jones proves to be a seriously stylish yoga fanatic in this soft pink and white tank.

15 /46: January Jones in boots

15/46 :January Jones in boots

Over-the-knee boots give any outfit a boost of style and January Jones shows hers off on this shopping trip.

16 /46: January Jones in a blouse

16/46 :January Jones in a blouse

A white see-through blouse paired with a black tank is a simple look for January Jones in the summer.

17 /46: January Jones in animal print

17/46 :January Jones in animal print

January Jones shows her flirty style with this short animal print dress.

18 /46: January Jones with a belt

18/46 :January Jones with a belt

Tying her belt high on her stomach helps January Jones proudly display her baby bump.

19 /46: January Jones in lace-up boots

19/46 :January Jones in lace-up boots

January Jones wears these cute lace-up boots to her favorite pastime, yoga.

20 /46: January Jones in a flowing skirt

20/46 :January Jones in a flowing skirt

January Jones looks comfortable in her flowing skirt and casual shirt on a breezy summer day.

21 /46: January Jones in a t-shirt

21/46 :January Jones in a t-shirt

January Jones adds a touch of style to the signature jeans and t-shirt look with a white fedora.

22 /46: January Jones in booties

22/46 :January Jones in booties

Lace up booties like the ones on January Jones are a perfect fit for any season.

23 /46: January Jones in sunglasses

23/46 :January Jones in sunglasses

January Jones looks plain cool in her oversized sunglasses.

24 /46: January Jones in purple

24/46 :January Jones in purple

January Jones wraps herself in this beautiful purple dress for a night out.

25 /46: January Jones with a handbag

25/46 :January Jones with a handbag

January Jones calls attention to her stylish handbag by wearing a simple black outfit.

26 /46: January Jones's traveling style

26/46 :January Jones's traveling style

Loose cardigans are a must for comfort and style during long travel days.

27 /46: January Jones in grey

27/46 :January Jones in grey

January Jones brightens up her grey outfit with her pretty smile.

28 /46: January Jones in Hermes

28/46 :January Jones in Hermes

An Hermes belt is the perfect accesory for January Jones's summer outfit.

29 /46: January Jones in pigtails

29/46 :January Jones in pigtails

Keeping a playful attitude, January Jones wears her hair in short pigtails.

30 /46: January Jones in glasses

30/46 :January Jones in glasses

January Jones wears some square glasses as her only accessory to the Lakers game.

31 /46: January Jones in white

31/46 :January Jones in white

Celebrating the summer with some friends, January Jones decides to wear all white and looks beautiful.

32 /46: January Jones in a nude top

32/46 :January Jones in a nude top

January Jones's nude top contrasts well with her black pants in this ensemble.

33 /46: January Jones with fringe

33/46 :January Jones with fringe

January Jones brings color to her wardrobe with her fun fringe purse.

34 /46: January Jones with curled ends

34/46 :January Jones with curled ends

January Jones adds some body to her hair by curling the ends.

35 /46: January Jones in textured tights

35/46 :January Jones in textured tights

January Jones breaks up her all black outfit with som textured grey tights.

36 /46: January Jones in layers

36/46 :January Jones in layers

January Jones enjoys layering for fall fashion.

37 /46: January Jones with teased hair

37/46 :January Jones with teased hair

Teasing her hair gives January Jones's blonde locks some volume.

38 /46: January Jones in a denim jacket

38/46 :January Jones in a denim jacket

January Jones tones down her elegent dress by adding a casual jean jacket.

39 /46: January Jones with an asymmetrical hairstyle

39/46 :January Jones with an asymmetrical hairstyle

January Jones picks a daring hairstyle with this asymmetrical updo.

40 /46: January Jones in navy

40/46 :January Jones in navy

The gold accent on January Jones's navy gown make it stand out in the crowd.

41 /46: January Jones in a turtleneck

41/46 :January Jones in a turtleneck

January Jones wears a soft purple turtleneck for comfort and warmth at the airport.

42 /46: January Jones in fur

42/46 :January Jones in fur

January Jones dreses up her jeans with a short fur coat.

43 /46: January Jones in plaid

43/46 :January Jones in plaid

January Jones picks plaid for a casual lunch with friends.

44 /46: January Jones in a bubble hem

44/46 :January Jones in a bubble hem

January Jones shows off the bubble hem of her green dress under her favorite fur coat.

45 /46: January Jones in a black blazer

45/46 :January Jones in a black blazer

January Jones looks edgy with her studded handbag and black blazer.

46 /46: January Jones's casual style

46/46 :January Jones's casual style

January Jones wears over-the-knee boots to dress up her otherwise casual style.