heidi klum celeb style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 2:59 p.m. ET
Image: LJT Images/WENN.com
Heidi Klum looks stunning in a white, one shoulder dress with gold jewels.

1 /47: Heidi Klum in gladiator sandals

1/47 :Heidi Klum in gladiator sandals

Heidi Klum wears a unique pair of gladiator sandles for her daytime errands.

2 /47: Heidi Klum in a jeweld gown

2/47 :Heidi Klum in a jeweld gown

Heidi Klum looks elegant and timeless in this jeweled gown.

3 /47: Heidi Klum in animal print

3/47 :Heidi Klum in animal print

Heidi Klum's dress manages to stay playful even with it's conservative cut with the animal print.

4 /47: Heidi Klum in a scarf

4/47 :Heidi Klum in a scarf

Heidi Klum wraps herself in a scarf and a knit cap to keep the cold at bay.

5 /47: Heidi Klum in sneakers

5/47 :Heidi Klum in sneakers

Heidi Klum keeps her style fresh with a pair of high-top sneakers.

6 /47: Heidi Klum in patterned pants

6/47 :Heidi Klum in patterned pants

Heidi Klum wears a plain top to neutralize the crazy pattern on her pants.

7 /47: Heidi Klum in a flowing dress

7/47 :Heidi Klum in a flowing dress

Heidi chooses a flowing black dress to wear on a day out with her husband.

8 /47: Heidi Klum in a messy bun

8/47 :Heidi Klum in a messy bun

Heidi Klum stays simple with a messy bun hairstyle in the morning.

9 /47: Heidi Klum with highlights

9/47 :Heidi Klum with highlights

Heidi Klum smile shines as bright as her blone highlights.

10 /47: Heidi Klum in a black dress

10/47 :Heidi Klum in a black dress

The unique design on Heidi Klum's black dress adds color and fun.

11 /47: Heidi Klum in mixed patterns

11/47 :Heidi Klum in mixed patterns

Heidi Klum mixes patterns flawlessly in this outfit.

12 /47: Heidi Klum in black boots

12/47 :Heidi Klum in black boots

Heidi Klum wears simple black boots to contrast this busy floral top.

13 /47: Heidi Klum in black leather

13/47 :Heidi Klum in black leather

Heidi Klum shows us that wearing a black leather vest is a stylish way to add an edgy twist to any dress.

14 /47: Heidi Klum in a pony

14/47 :Heidi Klum in a pony

Heidi Klum goes for the classic look with this ponytail.

15 /47: Heidi Klum in tights

15/47 :Heidi Klum in tights

Heidi Klum shows off her playful side with leopard print tights.

16 /47: Heidi Klum in a black outfit

16/47 :Heidi Klum in a black outfit

Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress adds a flirty flare to Heidi Klum's all black outfit.

17 /47: Heidi Klum in a dog sweater

17/47 :Heidi Klum in a dog sweater

Heidi Klum plays with her style by wearing a silly dog sweater.

18 /47: Heidi Klum in chocolate brown booties

18/47 :Heidi Klum in chocolate brown booties

Proving that she is still a style icon, Heidi Klum wears chocolate brown booties with her dog sweater.

19 /47: Heidi Klum in high curls

19/47 :Heidi Klum in high curls

High curls give Heidi Klum's hair volume all over.

20 /47: Heidi Klum in an asymmetrical hairstyle

20/47 :Heidi Klum in an asymmetrical hairstyle

The asymmetry of Heidi Klum's hairstyle gives her a fresh new look.

21 /47: Heidi Klum's airport style

21/47 :Heidi Klum's airport style

Heidi Klum layers herself in black at the airport.

22 /47: Heidi Klum in an updo

22/47 :Heidi Klum in an updo

The fullness of this dress contrasts nicely with Heidi Klum's sleek updo.

23 /47: Heidi Klum in a textured top

23/47 :Heidi Klum in a textured top

Heidi Klum covers her textured top with this clean blazer.

24 /47: Heidi Klum in a summer dress

24/47 :Heidi Klum in a summer dress

The embroidered detail of Heidi Klum's black summer dress adds a unique quality.

25 /47: Heidi Klum's southern style

25/47 :Heidi Klum's southern style

Heidi Klum channels a southern gentleman with this embroidered button up top.

26 /47: Heidi Klum in a nude top

26/47 :Heidi Klum in a nude top

Heidi Klum's nude cowl neck top pairs nicely with her tan pants.

27 /47: Heidi Klum in a pencil skirt

27/47 :Heidi Klum in a pencil skirt

This classic leather pencil skirt adds an edgy vibe to Heidi Klum's look.

28 /47: Heidi Klum in an asymmetrical skirt

28/47 :Heidi Klum in an asymmetrical skirt

The sheer asymmetrical skirt shows off Heidi Klum's best assets.

29 /47: Heidi Klum in a jumpsuit

29/47 :Heidi Klum in a jumpsuit

The leather belt accents Heidi Klum's one piece jumpsuit perfectly.

30 /47: Heidi Klum in dramatic makeup

30/47 :Heidi Klum in dramatic makeup

Heidi Klum dramatic eye makeup contrasts her simple hairstyle.

31 /47: Heidi Klum in a metallic dress

31/47 :Heidi Klum in a metallic dress

The metallic dress gets a feminie flare with a cinched waist and looks fabulous on Heidi Klum.

32 /47: Heidi Klum in a v-neck

32/47 :Heidi Klum in a v-neck

Heidi Klum adds elegance to simple black jeans with a deep v-neck top.

33 /47: Heidi Klum in a fringe scarf

33/47 :Heidi Klum in a fringe scarf

The fringe scarf adds a playful element to Heidi Klum's casual style.

34 /47: Heidi Klum's beach style

34/47 :Heidi Klum's beach style

Beach style is as simple as black and white for Heidi Klum.

35 /47: Heidi Klum's daytime style

35/47 :Heidi Klum's daytime style

Different animal prints make up Heidi Klum's daytime dress.

36 /47: Heidi Klum in a maxi dress

36/47 :Heidi Klum in a maxi dress

The maxi layered dress makes Heidi Klum stylish and comfortable.

37 /47: Heidi Klum in sunglasses

37/47 :Heidi Klum in sunglasses

Heidi Klum accessorizes her all black outfit with a fringe necklace and oversized sunglasses.

38 /47: Heidi Klum in a plain white to

38/47 :Heidi Klum in a plain white to

Heidi Klum contrasts her plain white tee with a daring design on her pants.

39 /47: Heidi Klum in a sheer top

39/47 :Heidi Klum in a sheer top

Heidi Klum stays cool and stylish in this sheer summer top.

40 /47: Heidi Klum's sporty style

40/47 :Heidi Klum's sporty style

Heidi Klum looks raidiant even in work out gear.

41 /47: Heidi Klum in capris

41/47 :Heidi Klum in capris

Heidi Klum stays stylish even on a run with her stripped tight capris.

42 /47: Heidi Klum in a sundress

42/47 :Heidi Klum in a sundress

A summer staple, this sundress looks perfect on Heidi Klum.

43 /47: Heidi Klum in baby blue jeans

43/47 :Heidi Klum in baby blue jeans

Heidi Klum adds some bright color to her day with these baby blue jeans.

44 /47: Heidi Klum layers up

44/47 :Heidi Klum layers up

Heidi Klum follows the layered fashion while going for a jog in the city.

45 /47: Heidi Klum's high-waisted skirt

45/47 :Heidi Klum's high-waisted skirt

This high-waisted skirt accentuates Heidi Klum's slim waist.

46 /47: Heidi Klum's dark lips

Image: WENN.com

46/47 :Heidi Klum's dark lips

Heidi Klum wears a deep red lip color and large, cat-eyed sunglasses during a trip to the grocery store.

47 /47: Heidi Klum rocks the ponytail

Image: Brian To/WENN.com

47/47 :Heidi Klum rocks the ponytail

Heidi Klum wears a sleek ponytail while wearing a black gown with silver accents.