emma watson celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 2:55 p.m. ET
The details of Emma Watson's dress are what make it truly beautiful.

1 /37: Emma Watson in an evening gown

1/37 :Emma Watson in an evening gown

Emam Watson's dress contrasts a tight corset top with a full flowing gown for dramatic effect.

2 /37: Emma Watson in plaid

2/37 :Emma Watson in plaid

Emma Watson goes mad for plaid.

3 /37: Emma Watson in skinny jeans

3/37 :Emma Watson in skinny jeans

Emma Watson pairs skinny jeans and flats to achieve this style.

4 /37: Emma Watson in a gown

4/37 :Emma Watson in a gown

Emma Watson steals the show in this dramatic gown.

5 /37: Emma Watson's college style

5/37 :Emma Watson's college style

Emma Watson perfects her college student style.

6 /37: Emma Watson's asymmetrical dress

6/37 :Emma Watson's asymmetrical dress

When in doubt, wear asymmetrical dresses like Emma Watson for some unique style.

7 /37: Emma Watson's sleek hairstyle

7/37 :Emma Watson's sleek hairstyle

Emma Watson sleeks back her short hair for a confident look on the red carpet.

8 /37: Emma Watson in strapless dress

8/37 :Emma Watson in strapless dress

Emma Watson bares her shoulders in this beautiful dress.

9 /37: Emma Watson frames her face

9/37 :Emma Watson frames her face

Emma Stone keeps her bangs to the side to frame her pretty face.

10 /37: Emma Watson's airport style

10/37 :Emma Watson's airport style

Emma Watson wears her fashionable fedora even at the airport.

11 /37: Emma Watson in a blazer

11/37 :Emma Watson in a blazer

Emma Watson covers her shoulders with an all while blazer and adds a youthful style to the dress.

12 /37: Emma Watson in a trench coat

12/37 :Emma Watson in a trench coat

Emma Watson shows that a trench coat is a fashion must-have for the winter.

13 /37: Emma Watson in a LBD

13/37 :Emma Watson in a LBD

Emma Watson covers her LBD in texture for a stylish flare.

14 /37: Emma Watson in a dress

14/37 :Emma Watson in a dress

Emma Watson looks gorgeous in this cream colored dress.

15 /37: Emma Watson in an embellished dress

15/37 :Emma Watson in an embellished dress

Emma Watson displays the embellishment on her dress for everyone to admire.

16 /37: Emma Watson with braids

16/37 :Emma Watson with braids

Emma Watson adds braids to her short hairstyle.

17 /37: Emma Watson's sport style

17/37 :Emma Watson's sport style

Fitness minded Emma Watson looks sporty and cute while on a hike.

18 /37: Emma Watson in a black jacket

18/37 :Emma Watson in a black jacket

Emma Watson adds some edge to her outfit with this black jacket.

19 /37: Emma Watson in sneakers

19/37 :Emma Watson in sneakers

Emma Watson shows that sneakers can be stylish too.

20 /37: Emma Watson in jeans

20/37 :Emma Watson in jeans

Emma Watson braves the cold winds with a jeans and t-shirt combination.

21 /37: Emma Watson in heels

21/37 :Emma Watson in heels

Emma Watson shows off her stylish heels while walking through the streets.

22 /37: Emma Watson in a fedora

22/37 :Emma Watson in a fedora

Emma Watson dons one of her fashion accessory, the fedora.

23 /37: Emma Watson with a tie

23/37 :Emma Watson with a tie

Adding a tie to her frilly dress gives Emma Watson a masculine edge.

24 /37: Emma Watson's red carpet style

24/37 :Emma Watson's red carpet style

Emma Watson debuts her shorn locks on the red carpet.

25 /37: Emma Watson in a cut-out dres

25/37 :Emma Watson in a cut-out dres

Delicately placed cut-outs on a dress like Emma Watson is wearing can be sexy and classy.

26 /37: Emma Watson's elegant style

26/37 :Emma Watson's elegant style

Emma Watson wears this evening gown perfectly.

27 /37: Emma Watson with short bangs

27/37 :Emma Watson with short bangs

Emma Watson's short bangs add a feminine touch to her short hairstyle.

28 /37: Emma Watson in flowing fabric

28/37 :Emma Watson in flowing fabric

The movement of the fabric is what makes Emma Watson's dress beautiful.

29 /37: Emma Watson in a form fitting dress

29/37 :Emma Watson in a form fitting dress

A form-fitting dress, like this one on Emma Watson, is essential to any fashionista.

30 /37: Emma Watson with bright lips

30/37 :Emma Watson with bright lips

Emma Watson contrasts her dark dress with a bright red lipstick.

31 /37: Emma Watson's winter style

31/37 :Emma Watson's winter style

A favorite fashion accessory for Emma Watson in the winter is a trench coat.

32 /37: Emma Watson in an overcoat

32/37 :Emma Watson in an overcoat

This double-breasted overcoat is all class on Emma Watson.

33 /37: Emma Watson in a vest

33/37 :Emma Watson in a vest

A stylish vest like the one Emma Watson wears is a perfect fashion choice for fall.

34 /37: Emma Watson in studded sleeves

34/37 :Emma Watson in studded sleeves

Emma Watson adds some young style to her coat with studded sleeves.

35 /37: Emma Watson in a long dress

35/37 :Emma Watson in a long dress

Emma Watson wears a long black dress and proves plain can be pretty.

36 /37: Emma Watson's black dress

36/37 :Emma Watson's black dress

Emma Watson shows off the back of her beautiful black dress.

37 /37: Emma Watson with a flower clip

37/37 :Emma Watson with a flower clip

Emma Watson adds diversity to her short hair with a flower clip.