anne hathaway celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 1:02 p.m. ET
Anne Hathaway dons some shades Elvis would definitely approve of.

1 /45: Anne Hathaway's sleek hairstyle

1/45 :Anne Hathaway's sleek hairstyle

Anne Hathaway keeps a sleek straight hairstyle for this event.

2 /45: Anne Hathaway in a trench coat

2/45 :Anne Hathaway in a trench coat

A trench coat like Anne Hathaway has is a great way to stay warm in the fall.

3 /45: Anne Hathaway in a low bun

3/45 :Anne Hathaway in a low bun

Anne Hathaway wears her hair in a low twisted bun for this classic look.

4 /45: Anne Hathaway shines

4/45 :Anne Hathaway shines

Anne Hathaway's dress outshine every other dress that night.

5 /45: Anne Hathaway in an overcoat

5/45 :Anne Hathaway in an overcoat

Anne Hathaway shows off her unique overcoat while out shopping.

6 /45: Anne Hathaway in flats

6/45 :Anne Hathaway in flats

Fun flats like Anne Hathaway is wearing give any outfit extra flare.

7 /45: Anne Hathaway's hairstyle

7/45 :Anne Hathaway's hairstyle

Anne Hathaway's hair looks beautiful and low-maintenance, a perfect combination.

8 /45: Anne Hathaway in textures

8/45 :Anne Hathaway in textures

Anne Hathaway wears a beautiful textured dress on the pink carpet.

9 /45: Anne Hathaway in a blazer

9/45 :Anne Hathaway in a blazer

Anne Hathaway's blazer really brings her outfit together in this photo.

10 /45: Anne Hathaway in mixed patterns

10/45 :Anne Hathaway in mixed patterns

Mixing patterns is a daring move, but Anne Hathaway pulls it off without a hitch.

11 /45: Anne Hathaway in stripes

11/45 :Anne Hathaway in stripes

A simple striped dress is all the comfort Anne Hathaway needs for her day of flying.

12 /45: Anne Hathaway in a green dress

12/45 :Anne Hathaway in a green dress

Anne Hathaway sparkles in her deep green dress.

13 /45: Anne Hathaway with short hair

13/45 :Anne Hathaway with short hair

Anne Hathaway lets her hair down to show off her shorter locks.

14 /45: Anne Hathaway in turquoise

14/45 :Anne Hathaway in turquoise

Turquoise jewelery is a key fashion accessory and Anne Hathaway shows us why.

15 /45: Anne Hathaway in a scarf

15/45 :Anne Hathaway in a scarf

To dress up a simple shirt and pants outfit, Anne Hathaway adds a light scarf.

16 /45: Anne Hathaway in an ivory dress

16/45 :Anne Hathaway in an ivory dress

Going for true princess look, Anne Hathaway shines in her ivory dress.

17 /45: Anne Hathaway with flowers in her hair

17/45 :Anne Hathaway with flowers in her hair

Adding a band of flowers to her hair gives Anne Hathaway a whimsical style.

18 /45: Anne Hathaway with red shoes

18/45 :Anne Hathaway with red shoes

Anne Hathaway shows a splash of color by mixing a white dress with bright red shoes.

19 /45: Anne Hathaway in a skinny belt

19/45 :Anne Hathaway in a skinny belt

Anne Hathaway's thin belt is barely noticeable, but it gives great detail to her ensemble.

20 /45: Anne Hathaway in lace

20/45 :Anne Hathaway in lace

The lace covering on Anne Hathaway's dress adds remarkable detail.

21 /45: Anne Hathaway in fringe

21/45 :Anne Hathaway in fringe

Anne Hathaway proves that fringe can be fun if it's done right.

22 /45: Anne Hathaway in glasses

22/45 :Anne Hathaway in glasses

Big glasses aren't just for hipsters anymore, Anne Hathaway has brought them to the blue carpet.

23 /45: Anne Hathaway's simple style

23/45 :Anne Hathaway's simple style

Anne Hathaway lets us know that sometimes simple is best when it comes to style.

24 /45: Anne Hathaway with highlights

24/45 :Anne Hathaway with highlights

Anne Hathaway shows off some new highlights for the summer.

25 /45: Anne Hathaway with fingerless gloves

25/45 :Anne Hathaway with fingerless gloves

Anne Hathaway uses fingerless gloves to keep her hands warm and usefull in the cold temperatures.

26 /45: Anne Hathaway mixes patterns

26/45 :Anne Hathaway mixes patterns

Anne Hathaway mixes patterns again with this high waisted pant and crop top combo.

27 /45: Anne Hathaway's simple hairstyle

27/45 :Anne Hathaway's simple hairstyle

Anne Hathaway's hairstyle shows us that simple can be beautiful.

28 /45: Anne Hathaway in sequins

28/45 :Anne Hathaway in sequins

Anne Hathaway shimmers in this sequined dress.

29 /45: Anne Hathaway in leather tights

29/45 :Anne Hathaway in leather tights

Opting for leather instead of cotton tights, Anne Hathaway adds edge to her style.

30 /45: Anne Hathaway in a sundress

30/45 :Anne Hathaway in a sundress

Anne Hathaway wears the perfect summer sundress for a day on the water.

31 /45: Anne Hathaway in a dress

31/45 :Anne Hathaway in a dress

Anne Hathaway keeps her accessories to a minimum so her dress can impress.

32 /45: Anne Hathaway in a mini dress

32/45 :Anne Hathaway in a mini dress

Anne Hathaway's mini dress works for both day and night.

33 /45: Anne Hathaway in boots

33/45 :Anne Hathaway in boots

Anne Hathaway keeps it simple with a flowing mini dress and boots for a day of meetings.

34 /45: Anne Hathaway in floral print

34/45 :Anne Hathaway in floral print

Anne Hathaway's floral print dress is perfect for any summer occasion.

35 /45: Anne Hathaway with bangs

35/45 :Anne Hathaway with bangs

Anne Hathaway dares to be different with her bangs and this hairstyle.

36 /45: Anne Hathaway lets her hair down

36/45 :Anne Hathaway lets her hair down

Anne Hathaway wears her hair down to keep with the elegance of her dress.

37 /45: Anne Hathaway wears different textures

37/45 :Anne Hathaway wears different textures

The different textures on Anne Hathaway's dress makes her stand out in a crowd.

38 /45: Anne Hathaway in a white dress

38/45 :Anne Hathaway in a white dress

Anne Hathaway looks fabulous in a fitted white dress.

39 /45: Anne Hathaway with a checkered scarf

39/45 :Anne Hathaway with a checkered scarf

Adding color to a warm wardrobe can be difficult in the winter, but Anne Hathaway finds the solution in a red checkered scarf.

40 /45: Anne Hathaway's flower accessory

40/45 :Anne Hathaway's flower accessory

A brightly colored flower can be a great accessory to a simple outfit like the one Anne Hathaway wears to the airport.

41 /45: Anne Hathaway in a single shoulder dress

41/45 :Anne Hathaway in a single shoulder dress

Baring one shoulder is a fashion favorite of designers and Anne Hathaway makes it look beautiful.

42 /45: Anne Hathaway in an evening gown

42/45 :Anne Hathaway in an evening gown

Every girl should wear an evening gown as beautiful as this one on Anne Hathaway at least once in her life.

43 /45: Anne Hathaway at a music festival

43/45 :Anne Hathaway at a music festival

Anne Hathaway stays cool at Coachella in a beautiful sundress.

44 /45: Anne Hathaway in white

Image: Apega/

44/45 :Anne Hathaway in white

Anne Hathaway looks stunning in this sleek, tube top dress with light red lips.

45 /45: Anna Hathaway's short hair

Image: FayesVision/

45/45 :Anna Hathaway's short hair

Anne Hathaway rocks her short locks and natural makeup!