angelina jolie celebrity style

by SheKnows
Nov 25, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. ET
Angelina Jolie wears her hair naturally for his summer day in the sun.

1 /35: Angelina Jolie's asymmetrical dress

1/35 :Angelina Jolie's asymmetrical dress

Angelina Jolie looks wonderful in this asymmetrical dress.

2 /35: Angelina Jolie in a trench coat

2/35 :Angelina Jolie in a trench coat

Angelina Jolie wears an always-fashionable trench coat while out with her children.

3 /35: Angelina Jolie in all black

3/35 :Angelina Jolie in all black

Angelina Jolie finds a simple black outfit for her shopping spree.

4 /35: Angelina Jolie in a scarf

4/35 :Angelina Jolie in a scarf

Adding a blazer and scarf to her outfit makes Angelina Jolie look cool in the fall.

5 /35: Angelina Jolie in knee high boots

5/35 :Angelina Jolie in knee high boots

Knee high boots under a skirt gives an edge to Angelina Jolie's style.

6 /35: Angelina Jolie in a cropped cardigan

6/35 :Angelina Jolie in a cropped cardigan

High-waisted pants with a cropped cardigan is a great fashion choice for Angelina Jolie.

7 /35: Angelina Jolie in a LBD

7/35 :Angelina Jolie in a LBD

Angelina Jolie manages to look stunning in a LBD even while looking after two of her kids.

8 /35: Angelina Jolie in over-the-knee boots

8/35 :Angelina Jolie in over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots, like the ones Angelina Jolie is wearing here, are a fall fashion trend we really love.

9 /35: Angelina Jolie in sunglasses

9/35 :Angelina Jolie in sunglasses

The greatest fashion accessory of all is a great pair of sunglasses and Angelina Jolie wears them well.

10 /35: Angelina Jolie with soft curls

10/35 :Angelina Jolie with soft curls

Angelina Jolie chooses soft curls as a red carpet hairstyle.

11 /35: Angelina Jolie with straight hair

11/35 :Angelina Jolie with straight hair

Angelina Jolie keeps her hair simple and straight to let her beautiful gown show her style.

12 /35: Angelina Jolie in red

12/35 :Angelina Jolie in red

A lady in red never looked as lovely as Angelina Jolie.

13 /35: Angelina Jolie in a corset top

13/35 :Angelina Jolie in a corset top

Angelina Jolie's corset top is an everlasting fashion favorite.

14 /35: Angelina Jolie in stylish belt

14/35 :Angelina Jolie in stylish belt

Angelina Jolie accessorizes her black outfit with a stylish belt.

15 /35: Angelina Jolie in a ponytail

15/35 :Angelina Jolie in a ponytail

Angelina Jolie wears a simply ponytail to keep her look clean and classy.

16 /35: Angelina Jolie in an evening gown

16/35 :Angelina Jolie in an evening gown

Angelina Jolie shows a little leg in her evening gown.

17 /35: Angelina Jolie with bracelets

17/35 :Angelina Jolie with bracelets

Angelina Jolie shows that simple gold bracelets go well with any fashion.

18 /35: Angelina Jolie with teased hair

18/35 :Angelina Jolie with teased hair

Angelina Jolie teases her hair to add some volume.

19 /35: Angelina Jolie matches accessories

19/35 :Angelina Jolie matches accessories

Angelina Jolie adds some color to her summer dress with matching ring and bracelet.

20 /35: Angelina Jolie's airport style

20/35 :Angelina Jolie's airport style

Staying casual and comfortable is the most important thing for Angelina Jolie at the airport.

21 /35: Angelina Jolie with curled bangs

21/35 :Angelina Jolie with curled bangs

Curling your bangs gives them a fuller and adds a softness to your face, as seen here on Angelina Jolie.

22 /35: Angelina Jolie in a sparkly top

22/35 :Angelina Jolie in a sparkly top

Angelina Jolie dazzles the crowd with a sparkling top.

23 /35: Angelina Jolie with bright lips

23/35 :Angelina Jolie with bright lips

With an all black outfit, Angelina Jolie adds a splash of color on her world famous lips.

24 /35: Angelina Jolie in a half updo

24/35 :Angelina Jolie in a half updo

Angelina Jolie keeps her hair out of her face with a half up-do.

25 /35: Angelina Jolie's family in black coats

25/35 :Angelina Jolie's family in black coats

Like mother, like daughter. Angelina Jolie and her daughter both love long black trench coats.

26 /35: Angelina Jolie teases her hair

26/35 :Angelina Jolie teases her hair

Angelina Jolie adds height and body to her hair by teasing it at the crown of her head.

27 /35: Angelina Jolie with swooping bangs

27/35 :Angelina Jolie with swooping bangs

Angelina Jolie tries out the swooping bangs hairstyle.

28 /35: Angelina Jolie in a white dress

28/35 :Angelina Jolie in a white dress

Angelina Jolie adds sex appeal to a simple white dress by showing off her killer legs.

29 /35: Angelina Jolie in a floor length dress

29/35 :Angelina Jolie in a floor length dress

Angelina Jolie proves the beauty is in the details in this floor length dress.

30 /35: Angelina Jolie in loose dress

30/35 :Angelina Jolie in loose dress

For petite figures like Angelina Jolie, a loose fitting black dress like this looks great.

31 /35: Angelina Jolie in a blue dress

31/35 :Angelina Jolie in a blue dress

Angelina Jolie wears a tight blue dress to show off her fabulous figure.

32 /35: Angelina Jolie in an updo

32/35 :Angelina Jolie in an updo

In a rare hairstyle change, Angelina Jolie opts for an updo.

33 /35: Angelina Jolie in full bangs

33/35 :Angelina Jolie in full bangs

Angelina Jolie changes her hairstyle with the full curled bangs.

34 /35: Angelina Jolie wears red lips

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34/35 :Angelina Jolie wears red lips

Angelina Jolie adds a pop of color to her outfit with this vibrant red tint.

35 /35: Angelina Jolie in grey

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35/35 :Angelina Jolie in grey

Angelina Jolie wears an elegant grey dress with a matching belt.