Blonde hair

by SheKnows
Jun 26, 2009 at 7:12 p.m. ET
Renee Olstead stays natural with her blonde hair and lets it fall where it may for this look. Photo courtesy WENN

1 /246: Taylor Armstrong

1/246 :Taylor Armstrong

The layers of Taylor Armstrong's blonde hair are only matched by her big beautiful smile. Photo courtesy WENN

2 /246: Amelia Lilly

2/246 :Amelia Lilly

Amelia Lilly looks bright blonde and pretty with this platinum look. She adds just a bit of curl to the ends of her hair to add volume and sass to the look. Photo courtesy WENN.

3 /246: Amanda Holden

3/246 :Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden takes this cute bob hairstyle to a new level with bright blonde hair color and bangs up front for sass and sultry style. Photo courtesy WENN.

4 /246: Busy Phillips

4/246 :Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips braids her hair into this lovely updo hairstyle that shows off her bright red, full lips. Photo courtesy WENN.

5 /246: Adrienne Frantz

5/246 :Adrienne Frantz

Adrienne Frantz puts her blonde hair up in a simple ponytail and looks fun and flirty. Photo courtesy WENN

6 /246: Anna Chlumsky

6/246 :Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky looks dramatic with her curled blond hair swept to the side. Photo courtesy WENN

7 /246: Anna Chlumsky

7/246 :Anna Chlumsky

Anna Chlumsky pulls the bangs of her blond hair back to show off her beautiful smiling face. Photo courtesy WENN

8 /246: Abbey Clancy

8/246 :Abbey Clancy

Abbey Clancy flatters her face with this conservative blond hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

9 /246: Billie Piper

9/246 :Billie Piper

Billie Piper styles her blond hair with loose waves. Photo courtesy WENN

10 /246: Billi Mucklow

10/246 :Billi Mucklow

Billi Mucklow curls the ends of her long blond hair with big barrel curls. Photo courtesy WENN

11 /246: Chrissy Blair

11/246 :Chrissy Blair

Chrissy Blair curls the layers of her long blond hair for this simple hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

12 /246: Claire Holt

12/246 :Claire Holt

Claire Holt adds dark tips to her blond hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

13 /246: Courtney Rumbold

13/246 :Courtney Rumbold

Courtney Rumbold styles her outrageous blond hair into this high hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

14 /246: Daniela Hantuchova

14/246 :Daniela Hantuchova

Daniela Hantuchova styles her blond hair with layered curls. Photo courtesy WENN

15 /246: Doreen Steinert

15/246 :Doreen Steinert

Doreen Steinert styles her blond hair in a simple straight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

16 /246: Jenny Halpern

16/246 :Jenny Halpern

Jenny Halpern styles her light blond hair into a simple straight hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

17 /246: Judith Hoersch

17/246 :Judith Hoersch

Judith Hoersch twists her blonde hair back for this sweet hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

18 /246: Kimberley Wyatt

18/246 :Kimberley Wyatt

Kimberley Wyatt adds messy waves to her blond hairstyle. Photo courtesy WENN

19 /246: Kym Wilson