Best of Summer Sunglasses

by SheKnows
May 6, 2009 at 9:09 p.m. ET
These pearly sunglasses from Oliver Peoples feature gradient polarized lenses and sophisticated style. You can purchase these pretty sunglasses from Cusp for $390. They come in Tahitian pearl/silver or pink pearl/spice brown.

1 /49: Oliver Peoples Talya Sunglasses.

1/49 :Oliver Peoples Talya Sunglasses.

These retro sunglasses are reminiscent of Jackie O. The large oversized frames surround the smoky lenses. These Oliver Peoples sunglasses are priced at $390 at Net-a-porter.

2 /49: Balenciaga Semi Cateye Sunglasses

2/49 :Balenciaga Semi Cateye Sunglasses

These pink sunglasses from Balenciaga feature semi-winged tips for a cateye look. You can get these beautiful designer sunglasses from Neiman Marcus for $385.

3 /49: Bottega Veneta Woven Print Sunglasses

3/49 :Bottega Veneta Woven Print Sunglasses

Bottega Veneta is famous for their woven leather handbags and they have carried over that look into these gorgeous sunglasses. These luxurious shades feature woven panels on the sides to accent the gold frames. These Bottega Veneta sunglasses are $560 at Net-a-porter.

4 /49: Bvlgari Jeweled Sunglasses

4/49 :Bvlgari Jeweled Sunglasses

These limited edition sunglasses from Bvlgari are highlighted by enamel and crystal embellishments at the temples. These pretty sunglasses are priced at $715 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

5 /49: Carrera Champion Sunglasses

5/49 :Carrera Champion Sunglasses

Sporty yet chic, these sunglasses from Carrera come in six different colors. Each pair offers 100% UV protection and comes in hard case. You can get these Carrera Champion sunglasses at Shopbop for $150.

6 /49: Carrera Endurance Sunglasses

6/49 :Carrera Endurance Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses get a whole new look when they are dressed up with pink trim. These sunglasses add a fresh flavor to your summer wardrobe. You can purchase these Carrera sunglasses at Net-a-porter for $150.

7 /49: Carrera Safari Sunglasses

7/49 :Carrera Safari Sunglasses

You don't need to be heading to the jungle to wear these safari sunglasses. You'll look great from the city streets to the tropical beaches in these shades. You can get the Carrera safari sunglasses at Shopbop for $160.

8 /49: Chloe Heloise Sunglasses

8/49 :Chloe Heloise Sunglasses

These glamorous oversized sunglasses are perfect for poolside, or anytime you want to look chic. You can find these black square frame sunglasses by Chloe at Net-a-porter for $375.

9 /49: Chloe Mimosa Square Sunglasses

9/49 :Chloe Mimosa Square Sunglasses

These simple yet chic sunglasses are perfect for a day at the pool or the beach. They come in several colors and are priced at $330. You can find these Chloe square sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue.

10 /49: David Yuman Buckle Sunglasses

10/49 :David Yuman Buckle Sunglasses

From the David Yurman Buckle Collection, these black onyx sunglasses have sterling silver buckles at the temples. These sexy, sophisticated sunglasses are available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $650.

11 /49: Dior Rhinestone Shield Sunglasses

11/49 :Dior Rhinestone Shield Sunglasses

These glamorous sunglasses are perfect for a cruise or exotic vacation. These Dior shield sunglasses come in rose gold or black plastic. Priced at $480 at Neiman Marcus, they feature the Dior logo at the temple and glitzy rhinestone detailing.

12 /49: Dior Shield Sunglasses

12/49 :Dior Shield Sunglasses

These rimless sunglasses from Dior feature intricate edging and a modern shield design. They come in your choice of tortoise or black, and they are priced at $295 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

13 /49: Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses

13/49 :Dita Supa Dupa Sunglasses

Do you love that Hollywood look? Grab a pair of these giant oversized shades from Dita Sunglasses. The Supa Dupa sunglases feature brown ombre frames and gradient lenses. You can order these sunglasses from Shopbop for $225.

14 /49: Dolce & Gabbana Stone Detail Sunglasses

14/49 :Dolce & Gabbana Stone Detail Sunglasses

These shiny black sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana really stand out with the red and silver stone detailing at the temples. These beautiful sunglasses offer 100% UV protection and are available at Neiman Marcus for $400.

15 /49: Dolce & Gabbana Thick Arm Sunglasses

15/49 :Dolce & Gabbana Thick Arm Sunglasses

These sunglasses offer a unique look with their thick arms and high end styling. You can get these Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses from Neiman Marcus for $350.

16 /49: Emilio Pucci Blue Print Sunglasses

16/49 :Emilio Pucci Blue Print Sunglasses

These bright blue sunglasses from Emilio Pucci feature a signature Pucci print on the arms. These Emilio Pucci sunglasses are available right now at Neiman Marcus for $325.

17 /49: Emilio Pucci Crystal Embellished Sunglasses

17/49 :Emilio Pucci Crystal Embellished Sunglasses

Dazzle them with these sparkling sunglasses from Emilio Pucci. These oval oversized sunglasses feature crystal detailing and smoke lenses for a glitzy Hollywood look. These sunglasses are available at Net-a-porter for $860.

18 /49: Emilio Pucci Pink Metal Sunglasses

18/49 :Emilio Pucci Pink Metal Sunglasses

Flirty, feminine and fun, these pink sunglasses will add a touch of retro glamour to your look. You can find these Emilio Pucci sunglasses at Net-a-porter for $395.

19 /49: Fendi Metal Shield Sunglassses

19/49 :Fendi Metal Shield Sunglassses

These silvertone Fendi sunglasses offer a very modern look. You can get these shield sunglasses for $450 from Neiman Marcus. They have the Fendi logo at the temple and offer 100% UV protection.

20 /49: Fendi Rose Sunglasses

20/49 :Fendi Rose Sunglasses

These square sunglasses from Fendi are accented with pretty rose embellishments. These feminine sunglasses are priced at $350 and you can purchase them at Saks Fifth Avenue.

21 /49: Giorgio Armani Sculpted Sunglasses

21/49 :Giorgio Armani Sculpted Sunglasses

These Giorgio Armani sunglasses feature plastic frames with a metallic inlay logo. They come in two color combinations -- marbled brown frames with dark brown lenses or black frames with dark gray lenses. Priced at $250, these designer sunglasses can be purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

22 /49: Gucci Bling Sunglasses

22/49 :Gucci Bling Sunglasses

These high-end sunglasses from Gucci are absolutely stunning. They feature Havana brown frames and a goldtone double gancini bit detail at the temple. You can get these Gucci bling sunglasses at Neiman Marcus for $475.

23 /49: Gucci Flora Sunglasses

23/49 :Gucci Flora Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses are always a trendy choice. These sunglasses are highlighted by the floral print along the arms. You can get these beautiful rectangle frame sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue for $295.

24 /49: Jimmy Choo Rays Sunglasses

24/49 :Jimmy Choo Rays Sunglasses

Jimmy Choo isn't just about handbags and shoes, they offer a gorgeous selection of sunglasses too. These Jimmy Choo sunglasses feature golden stars at the temples and purple lenses. You can find these sunglasses at Neiman Marcus for $295.

25 /49: Juicy Couture Moss Sunglasses

25/49 :Juicy Couture Moss Sunglasses

These two-tone sunglasses from Juicy Couture are flirty, fun choice. The cutout heart detail at the temple is a nice touch. You can get these Juicy Couture sunglasses for under $100 from Shopbop.

26 /49: Juicy Couture Playful Sunglasses

26/49 :Juicy Couture Playful Sunglasses

These square oversized sunglasses have a cutout heart detail at the temple. What really stands out is the fabulous turquoise color. These Juicy Couture sunglasses are available at Shopbop for just $98.

27 /49: Lanvin Alber Look Sunglasses

27/49 :Lanvin Alber Look Sunglasses

If you are a fan of the sunglasses from the 70s, you will love these Lanvin shades. These hip sunglasses feature tortoise frames and amber lenses for a retro style that you'll adore. You can find these Lanvin sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue for $290.

28 /49: Marc by Marc Jacobs Rimless Sunglasses

28/49 :Marc by Marc Jacobs Rimless Sunglasses

These rimless sunglasses are a cool choice for summertime. With orange and chocolate brown frames, they will add something a little different to your look. You can get these Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses at Cusp for $120.

29 /49: Marc by Marc Jacobs Shield Sunglasses

29/49 :Marc by Marc Jacobs Shield Sunglasses

These black shield sunglasses are simple and chic. You can get these stylish Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses right now at Cusp for under $100.

30 /49: Marc by Marc Jacobs Vintage Sunglasses

30/49 :Marc by Marc Jacobs Vintage Sunglasses

These vintage sunglasses feature plum colored frames and grey gradient lenses. For the beach, poolside or anytime, these Marc by Marc Jacobs will be a pretty addition to your summer wardrobe. Price at under $100, these sunglasses are available at Cusp.

31 /49: Marc Jacobs Dot Sunglasses

31/49 :Marc Jacobs Dot Sunglasses

For something a little bit funky, you can always count on Marc Jacobs. Check out these square sunglasses from the Marc Jacobs collection. They have yellow and white dots on the arms for a different look. You can get these sunglasses for $295 at Neiman Marcus.

32 /49: Marc Jacobs Metal Frame Sunglasses

32/49 :Marc Jacobs Metal Frame Sunglasses

These contour sunglasses feature a sophisticated style that will add some glamour to any outfit. Whether you are wearing these on an exotic cruise or to a backyard barbecue, you will always look chic. You can find these Marc Jacobs sunglasses at Shopbop for $300.

33 /49: Michael Kors Amalfi Sunglasses

33/49 :Michael Kors Amalfi Sunglasses

These large square sunglasses from Michael Kors will really stand out in a crowd. They feature an embedded chain logo all along the arms. Priced at $285, you can get them in your choice of two colors at Saks Fifth Avenue.

34 /49: Michael Kors Orange Rimless Sunglasses

34/49 :Michael Kors Orange Rimless Sunglasses

Michael Kors makes a beautiful collection on sunglasses which includes these rimless shades. These modern sunglasses feature purple rimless gradient lenses contrasted with bright orange arms. You can find these Michael Kors sunglasses at Neiman Marcus for $225.

35 /49: Miu Miu Oversized Sunglasses

35/49 :Miu Miu Oversized Sunglasses

These ultra chic oversized sunglasses from Miu Miu come in either violet or black. These glamorous Hollywood-style sunglasses are a beautiful choice this season. You can find these sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue for just $195.

36 /49: Nina Ricci Jackie Sunglasses

36/49 :Nina Ricci Jackie Sunglasses

Bold and beautiful, these Nina Ricci Jackie sunglasses are sure to garner some attention. The bright orange color and oversized Hollywood style make these sunglasses a gorgeous choice for summer. You can order these Nina Ricci sunglasses from Neiman Marcus for $295.

37 /49: Oliver Goldsmith 1969 Sunglasses

37/49 :Oliver Goldsmith 1969 Sunglasses

For a retro look, pick up a pair of these Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses. In the same shape that put the line on the map in the 60s, these gorgeous sunglasses are still popular today. You can get these retro-chic sunglasses at Saks Fifth Avenue for $370.

38 /49: Oliver Peoples Sabina Sunglasses

38/49 :Oliver Peoples Sabina Sunglasses

All eyes will be on you when you wear these gorgeous Oliver Peoples sunglasses to the beach or pool. These oversized sunglasses features a clear pink frame and rosy lenses. Priced at $375 from Shopbop, these Oliver Peoples sunglasses are pretty choice for summer.

39 /49: Prada Shield Sunglasses

39/49 :Prada Shield Sunglasses

Shield sunglasses are a hot trend right now. These come in either tortoise or black frames. You can find these gorgeous Prada sunglasses at Neiman Marcus for $310.

40 /49: Prada Wavy Arm Sunglasses

40/49 :Prada Wavy Arm Sunglasses

The wavy arms on these Prada sunglasses give them a unique flavor. These designer sunglasses have round lenses that are suitable for most face shapes. Available at Neiman Marcus for $245, these Prada sunglasses are a hot choice for summertime.

41 /49: Ray Ban Red Wayfarer Sunglasses

41/49 :Ray Ban Red Wayfarer Sunglasses

Add a blast of color to your look with these classic wayfarer sunglasses in red. You can get these Ray Ban sunglasses for just $139 from Cusp.

42 /49: Ray Ban Retro Cat Sunglasses

42/49 :Ray Ban Retro Cat Sunglasses

Retro fashions are all the rage right now. Add this pair of retro Ray Ban sunglasses to your summer wardrobe for some old school flavor. You can find these red and black cat sunglasses at Cusp for $129.

43 /49: Ray-Ban Wayfayer Sunglasses

43/49 :Ray-Ban Wayfayer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Wayfayers will always be in style. This pair of the iconic sunglasses is dressed up with a tortoise shell. You can get these classic Ray-Ban sunglasses at Net-a-porter for just $140.

44 /49: Roberto Cavalli Metal Aviator Sunglasses

44/49 :Roberto Cavalli Metal Aviator Sunglasses

These metal aviators are a classic style that you will be able to wear year in and year out. The gold framed aviator sunglasses have brown lenses and rope detail arms. You can get these Roberto Cavalli sunglasses at Net-a-porter for $415.

45 /49: Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

45/49 :Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

Sleek and sophisticated, these Tom Ford aviator sunglasses will never go out of style. You can find these sunglasses in your choice of brown or green lenses. Priced at $430 at Saks Fifth Avenue, these sunglasses are an investment you'll be able to wear year in and year out.

46 /49: Roberto Cavalli Wrap Sunglasses

46/49 :Roberto Cavalli Wrap Sunglasses

These luxurious sunglasses feature black frames that are highlighted by leopard print on the arms. If you are looking for something a little wild, these Roberto Cavalli wrap sunglasses are definitely it. You can order these sunglasses now at Neiman Marcus for $495.

47 /49: Tom Ford Brown Oversized Sunglasses

47/49 :Tom Ford Brown Oversized Sunglasses

These brown sunglasses from Tom Ford are a high glamour option for summer. They have transparent brown frames and goldtone hinges. These oversized sunglasses are available from Net-a-porter for $425.

48 /49: Valentino Braided Temple Sunglasses

48/49 :Valentino Braided Temple Sunglasses

Valentino makes gorgeous evening gowns and stunning sunglasses too. These chic oversized sunglasses feature braided temple details. They come in your choice of brown or black. Priced at $295, these Valentino sunglasses are now at Saks Fifth Avenue.

49 /49: Yves Saint Laurent Oversized Sunglasses

49/49 :Yves Saint Laurent Oversized Sunglasses

These plastic framed sunglasses from Yves Saint Laurent feature crystal details at the temples for some extra sparkle. Available at Shopbop for $275, these oversized sunglasses come with a case, storage pouch and cleaning cloth.