70s Fashion: Where to buy

by SheKnows
Apr 4, 2011 at 12:43 a.m. ET
‘70s style is all about fringe, whether it’s on a purse or a necklace. This spring, look for fringe to make a comeback, appearing on dresses, leather jackets, jumpsuits, jewelry and accessories. Check out this '70s fringe style from H&M's spring 2011 magazine.

1 /5: ‘70s Accessories

1/5 :‘70s Accessories

In the ‘70s-inspired H&M spring 2011 magazine, model Jacquelyn Jablonski is styled with trendy, chic, ‘70s jewelry, including plenty of bangles and bracelets, long necklaces and large, dangly earrings.

2 /5: Ramy Brook ‘DB’ Halter Romper

2/5 :Ramy Brook ‘DB’ Halter Romper

Turn heads in this updated ‘70s romper by Ramy Brook ($325). The 2-ply silk crepe fabric hugs your body in all the right places for a sexy silhouette.

3 /5: Ramy Brook ‘Olivia’ Dress

3/5 :Ramy Brook ‘Olivia’ Dress

This feminine and airy chiffon ‘Olivia’ dress ($425) delivers chic ‘70s style. Pair it with strappy gold heels for a sexy and sophisticated evening look.

4 /5: Ramy Brook ‘Jenny’ Jumpsuit

4/5 :Ramy Brook ‘Jenny’ Jumpsuit

The ‘70s jumpsuit got a much-needed makeover thanks to this chic and feminine outfit ($495). The classic silk stretch charmeuse fabric of this jumpsuit has a ‘70s disco-inspired edge.

5 /5: Ramy Brook ‘SK Caftan’

5/5 :Ramy Brook ‘SK Caftan’

The feminine silk georgette fabric of this Ramy Brook ‘Caftan’ dress ($625) flows in dramatic ‘70s fashion. Pair it with simple gold jewelry and strappy heels for a groovy night on the town.