93 Cool Nail Design Tutorials to Keep You Busy (& Polished) All Winter

by SheKnows
Oct 23, 2017 at 7:05 a.m. ET
93 Nail Design Tutorials, All in One Place
Image: Katra Toplak/EyeEm/Getty Images

Have you ever heard of cuffing season? It's when you grab a partner and hunker down for the frosty months of November, December, January and February. And there's a reason why exists: It's because winter is cold and boring AF, so there's nothing else to do but settle in with another human to keep you company.

But what do you do when cuffing season just doesn't sound that appealing this year? You keep yourself occupied by doing your nails, like, every single day. Seriously though, you can only read so many books by the fire — but settling down with a a grip of nail polish and harnessing your creativity never gets old. Plus, your Instagram will be popping after you post 90-plus days of fresh nail art. 

We've rounded up a collection of 93 of our favorite DIYs. Have a ball, baby.

Updated 10/23/2017.

1 /93: Will you accept this rose?

1/93 :Will you accept this rose?

Step up your Bachelor watching experience with this nail art design: "Will you accept this rose?"

2 /93: Pearls and polka dots

2/93 :Pearls and polka dots

Inspired by Chanel's Spring 2014 fashion line, unveiled at New York Fashion Week.

3 /93: Create the perfect star

3/93 :Create the perfect star

To save everyone major frustration, we've created a two-step tutorial for creating the perfect star on your nails.

4 /93: Create the perfect heart

4/93 :Create the perfect heart

Master the art of painting a perfect heart on your nails with our two-step technique.

5 /93: Create the perfect flower

5/93 :Create the perfect flower

No one's going to believe you did this intricate nail art yourself.

6 /93: Plumage nail art

6/93 :Plumage nail art

Want to try being the outdoorsy type without committing to the outdoors? Try these feather inspired nail designs.

7 /93: Classic plaid nail art

7/93 :Classic plaid nail art

Get your nails into the plaid trend that's taking over by following our easy tutorial.

8 /93: Starfish print nails

8/93 :Starfish print nails

Bring the marine life to you with this cute starfish nail design -- it's a great summer style.

9 /93: Mixed prints with cheetah flair

9/93 :Mixed prints with cheetah flair

The pink and brown patterns create a unique look with hints of cheetah. 

10 /93: Neon polka dot

10/93 :Neon polka dot

Yet another twist on the traditional French manicure, this neon and white nail design will pop.

11 /93: Chanel-inspired tweed and fur nails

11/93 :Chanel-inspired tweed and fur nails

Inspired by Chanel's 2013 collection, these nails add texture and trendy style to your nails.

12 /93: Christopher Kane-inspired nails

12/93 :Christopher Kane-inspired nails

Feathers and texture are the must have fall trends for clothes, so why not add them to your nail art?

13 /93: Gilded gold leaf daubed nail art

13/93 :Gilded gold leaf daubed nail art

Get your glam rock on with these awesome nails inspired by Diane Van Furstenberg Fall 2013!

14 /93: Rebecca Minkoff inspired nail art

14/93 :Rebecca Minkoff inspired nail art

We loved Rebecca Minkoff at New York Fashion Week so much that we decided to wear her design on our nails!

15 /93: Feathered ombre nails inspired by Chanel

15/93 :Feathered ombre nails inspired by Chanel

Go boho chic with these feathered ombre nails inspired by Chanel.

16 /93: Ornate Valentino nail art

16/93 :Ornate Valentino nail art

Valentino's spring 2014 collection never looked so good (when you rock it on your nails).

17 /93: Prada-inspired tortoise shell print nails

17/93 :Prada-inspired tortoise shell print nails

Fall is the time for florals, that's why we love this Prada-inspired nail art

18 /93: Tribal-inspired nail art

18/93 :Tribal-inspired nail art

Try some tribal-inspired nail art for something new. Our easy tutorial can be done by everyone.

19 /93: Mermaid scales nail art

19/93 :Mermaid scales nail art

If you want playful nail art with plenty of brilliant color, this mermaid scales design is for you.

20 /93: Splatter nails

20/93 :Splatter nails

Up for a Splatter Nails challenge?!

21 /93: Fish tail French manicure

21/93 :Fish tail French manicure

This is the fun, summertime version of the classic French manicure, and we can't get enough.

22 /93: Glitter and glitz nail design

22/93 :Glitter and glitz nail design

Get in touch with your girly side and use glitter polish for this look to achieve the glitter gradient nail effect.

23 /93: Coral reef printed nails

23/93 :Coral reef printed nails

Bring the bright colors of the ocean to your nail art. Follow this easy how-to guide for color reef printed nails.

24 /93: Highlighter yellow nails

24/93 :Highlighter yellow nails

A subtle background really makes the bright yellow polka dots come alive.

25 /93: Citrus nail design

25/93 :Citrus nail design

Give yourself a little tropical getaway (or remind yourself where you'd rather be) with this citrus inspired nail design

26 /93: Peach nails with a sliver of pink

26/93 :Peach nails with a sliver of pink

The two-toned pink combination is flirty and fun for summer.

27 /93: A pretty in red and pink nail design

27/93 :A pretty in red and pink nail design

A pretty in red and pink nail design tutorial : Red, pink and chic.

28 /93: Popsicle inspired nail art

28/93 :Popsicle inspired nail art

Brighten up your nails with these sweet summertime colors

29 /93: Skeleton Halloween nail design

29/93 :Skeleton Halloween nail design

A touch of Halloween fun without getting too creepy.

30 /93: Blood splattered nail design

30/93 :Blood splattered nail design

Get in the Halloween spirit with this blood curling nail design.

31 /93: Bloody drip nails

31/93 :Bloody drip nails

Get festive with these gory nails. They're a perfect accent to any Halloween costume.

32 /93: Bloody prints nail design

32/93 :Bloody prints nail design

Well, this is awesomely unsettling, just in time for Halloween.

33 /93: Glow in the dark eyes nail design

33/93 :Glow in the dark eyes nail design

Spook-tacular Halloween nail art that's also surprisingly easy.

34 /93: Onyx feline nails

34/93 :Onyx feline nails

Inspired by Charlotte Olympia's wildly popular feline flats, these halloween-appropriate nails slay.

35 /93: Mummy wrapped nail design

35/93 :Mummy wrapped nail design

This mummy inspired nail design is a must for Halloween.

36 /93: Frankenstein nails

36/93 :Frankenstein nails

Channel your inner Frankenstein with this fun Halloween nail design.

37 /93: Ghost nails

37/93 :Ghost nails

The adorably ghoulish nail art you never knew you needed.

38 /93: Glow-in-the-dark Halloween inspired nails

38/93 :Glow-in-the-dark Halloween inspired nails

Turn any nail polish into a glow-in-the-dark design using our easy-to-follow tutorial. It's a perfect look for Halloween.

39 /93: Candy corn nail design

39/93 :Candy corn nail design

Stay in the fall spirit with candy corn nail art.

40 /93: Abstract fall leaves nail art

40/93 :Abstract fall leaves nail art

Take a twist on traditional with an abstract fall leaves nail design.

41 /93: Peeking pumpkin nail art

41/93 :Peeking pumpkin nail art

Before you head to Thanksgiving dinner, take our peeking pumpkin nail art tutorial and try it yourself!

42 /93: Pumkin patch nail design

42/93 :Pumkin patch nail design

For the girl who just can't get enough pumpkin spice (and we don't blame you).

43 /93: Winter wonderland nail art

43/93 :Winter wonderland nail art

Be festive for any holiday party this year with a little winter wonderland on your nails.

44 /93: Candy cane nail design

44/93 :Candy cane nail design

Take one of your favorite holiday treats and transfer the sweet stripes onto nails for a festive and chic design.

45 /93: Neon manicure

45/93 :Neon manicure

Twist up your normal french manicure with trying this new nail design using neon colors. 

46 /93: Ombre nail art

46/93 :Ombre nail art

Use your favorite nail colors to create this trendy and fun ombre design.

47 /93: Cookie party nails

47/93 :Cookie party nails

Add a little sweetness to your day with these cute sugar cookie inspired nails.

48 /93: Polka dot nail design

48/93 :Polka dot nail design

You can save money on those expensive nail strips and do this chic design on your own.

49 /93: Nail polish remixes

49/93 :Nail polish remixes

Have you ever had the perfect outfit planned, but can't seem to get the right nail polish to match? 

50 /93: Melting ice cream nail design

50/93 :Melting ice cream nail design

Indulge in never-ending ice cream when you paint your nails with this cute melting ice cream nail design.

51 /93: Zebra print nails

51/93 :Zebra print nails

These include a hot pink coat using a black nail pen for the designs.

52 /93: Glitter galore

52/93 :Glitter galore

You can always glitter up any nail color in order to put a sparkly twist on your nail designs.

53 /93: Team USA

53/93 :Team USA

Go for the Gold with team USA's colors vibrantly showing for a new nail design.

54 /93: Summer sports

54/93 :Summer sports

Love every type of sport there is? Well, now you can sport all of them with this fun nail design!

55 /93: Olympic Rings

55/93 :Olympic Rings

Ring in your favorite Olympian with the symbolic rings nail design

56 /93: Olympic Torch

56/93 :Olympic Torch

Fire it up with the Olympic Torch on your nails. Sport the golden glow nail design for everyone to see! 

57 /93: Bronze, silver and gold

57/93 :Bronze, silver and gold

Sport all the winners' colors with this tri-colored nail design,

58 /93: Amazing red, white and blue nails

58/93 :Amazing red, white and blue nails

Show your patriotism any day of the year with these amazing red, white, and blue nail designs.

59 /93: Chevron tape mani

59/93 :Chevron tape mani

This clean-cut nail design is sure to grab the attention from many, many admirers.

60 /93: Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl nail art

60/93 :Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl nail art

Baltimore Ravens nail art tutorial: The only true way to show your team spirit.

61 /93: San Francisco 49ers nail art

61/93 :San Francisco 49ers nail art

Show your support for the San Francisco 49ers with this sweet nail design.

62 /93: Dallas Cowboys nail art

62/93 :Dallas Cowboys nail art

Cheer on your Cowboys with this cute nail art. It's a great way to liven up any game day outfit.

63 /93: San Diego Chargers nail art

63/93 :San Diego Chargers nail art

Look super cute as you cheer on the San Diego Super Chargers with this nail design.

64 /93: Denver Broncos nail art

64/93 :Denver Broncos nail art

Nail art for any true Broncos fan. Add some team spirit to your nails with our easy-to-follow directions.

65 /93: Seahawks nail art

65/93 :Seahawks nail art

Decorate your spirit fingers with this Seattle Seahawks inspired nail art.

66 /93: Chicago Bears nail art

66/93 :Chicago Bears nail art

Show some game-winning spirit for Da Bears with this nail art.

67 /93: New England Patriots nail art

67/93 :New England Patriots nail art

Show your support for Tom Brady and the Patriots with this spirited nail art.

68 /93: Bengals nail art

68/93 :Bengals nail art

Show your spirit stripes when the Cincinnati Bengals play with this cute nail design.

69 /93: Colts football nail art

69/93 :Colts football nail art

Just when you thought your Colts obsession couldn't get any cuter.

70 /93: Green Bay Packers nail art

70/93 :Green Bay Packers nail art

For the girl who bleeds green and yellow any time of year.

71 /93: Anti Valentine's Day nail art

71/93 :Anti Valentine's Day nail art

Beyonce's not the only one looking out for all the single ladies.

72 /93: Love birds nail design

72/93 :Love birds nail design

Craft a romantic scene on your nails with this love bird silhouette and sunset design.

73 /93: Kermit's Kollar nail design

73/93 :Kermit's Kollar nail design

Inspired by Disney's Muppets Most Wanted, here's a tutorial to get the perfect Kermit's Kollar nail design.

74 /93: Kermit loves Piggy

74/93 :Kermit loves Piggy

The original America's sweetheart couple, Kermit and Piggy have nail art dedicated to them now. 

75 /93: Interpol 'stache design

75/93 :Interpol 'stache design

Make all your neighborhood hipsters jealous with a cute mustache design on your nails.

76 /93: Mega Moles Muppets nail art

76/93 :Mega Moles Muppets nail art

Inspired by the Muppets Most Wanted movie, OPI released eight wild and wacky colors.

77 /93: OPI's sheer tint tutorials

77/93 :OPI's sheer tint tutorials

OPI's sheer tints can add texture, dimension, and good old-fashion fun to your nail art.

78 /93: Speckeled egg-inspired nail art

78/93 :Speckeled egg-inspired nail art

Show off your good mood with this sparkly speckled nail designs.

79 /93: Pastel striped nail art

79/93 :Pastel striped nail art

Nothing says spring time like bright pastels. Learn how to create this fun nail art in super simple tutorial?.

80 /93: Moroccan pattern dotted design

80/93 :Moroccan pattern dotted design

Create a traditional Moroccan design on your nails to trasnport you to a sweet summer vacation.

81 /93: Water spotted nail art

81/93 :Water spotted nail art

Water spotted nails is a simple and soothing nail design that you just have to try. 

82 /93: Super chic neutral nail art

82/93 :Super chic neutral nail art

Check out some of the neutral nail art we designed.

83 /93: A new way to ombre your nails

83/93 :A new way to ombre your nails

Ombre isn't just a beauty trend for your hair! Add some ombre art to your nails using ?this tutorial.

84 /93: Cuticle tattoo trend

84/93 :Cuticle tattoo trend

The newest trend is to extend your nail art to your cuticles.

85 /93: Easy-peasy polka dot designs

85/93 :Easy-peasy polka dot designs

Polka dots are cute and fun -- and also super simple.

86 /93: At-home French manicures made easy

86/93 :At-home French manicures made easy

You can now get the look of a classic French manicure without leaving your couch. 

87 /93: Fun, pretty polish designs

87/93 :Fun, pretty polish designs

Soak up the last moments of summer with this pretty polish design.

88 /93: Stiletto nail DIY design

88/93 :Stiletto nail DIY design

Add length and chic style to your nails with a DIY stiletto tutorial — no acrylic required!

89 /93: Tiny tacos nail art

89/93 :Tiny tacos nail art

Now every day can be Taco Tuesday, and thank God for that.

90 /93: Simple glitter polish tutorial

90/93 :Simple glitter polish tutorial

In this DIY tutorial? you'll learn the easiest way to get glitter polish. Hint: it's all about peeling off the base coat.

91 /93: Pink camo for breast cancer awareness

91/93 :Pink camo for breast cancer awareness

Show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month by giving your nails a pink camo makeover

92 /93: DIY nail art stickers

92/93 :DIY nail art stickers

This is the easiest and most personal way to design your nail art — by designing your own nail stickers.

93 /93: Reverse manicure trend

93/93 :Reverse manicure trend

Nail art isn't just for the top of your nails anymore. The hottest new trend is to paint under your nails.