Sex and the City fashion scrapbook

by SheKnows
Sep 12, 2011 at 10:19 p.m. ET
We love this deep blue hue paired with Carrie's new Brunette do! (Photo cred: Splash)

1 /10: Neon orange maxi dress

1/10 :Neon orange maxi dress

Carrie always looked fashionable-- even when she was down in the dumps.

2 /10: Making the trench coat trendy again

2/10 :Making the trench coat trendy again

This classic Carrie Bardshaw outfit shows SATC didn't need to rely on the LBD for fashion sense. (Photo Cred: Wenn)

3 /10: New Year night look

3/10 :New Year night look

It wasn't the typical party dress, but was typical for SATC the experiement with fur looks later on. (photo cred: Splash)

4 /10: Pale pink and curls

4/10 :Pale pink and curls

SJP on set of the show in a stylish, flowing knee-length dress. (Photo cred: Splash)

5 /10: Head-to-toe neon

5/10 :Head-to-toe neon

Orange, pink, purple, and yellow. Carrie has the color bases covered. (Photo cred: Splash)

6 /10: The gals laugh in style

6/10 :The gals laugh in style

SATC was never afraid to experiement-- hence Carrie's floral dress and animal print pumps. (Photo cred: Wenn)

7 /10: Carrie labeled in love

7/10 :Carrie labeled in love

Carrie walking the streets in style to meet Mr. Big. (Photo cred: Wenn)

8 /10: Charlotte's preppy style

8/10 :Charlotte's preppy style

Charlotte dressed to impress in turquoise from head to toe. (Photo cred: Splash)

9 /10: Carrie in Furr

9/10 :Carrie in Furr

Another tool skirt and some pops of color serve Carrie right. (Photo cred: Wenn)

10 /10: Carrie at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

10/10 :Carrie at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Once again, Carrie pulls of a tool skirt for a memorable Sex and the City look.